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I'm sort of stealing this idea from. jaden animations wait no that's not . right. i'm not stealing it i'm plagiarizing it . jaden did a video talking about random . thoughts she had and you should all go . watch it and i thought hey i think . randomly sometimes so jaden is it all . right if i make a video about my random . thoughts i hope you say yes because i . just did what is happiness well it's a . chemical in your brain and how do you . get that chemical well it's just a . little something i like to call drugs i . think humans make fun of hairless . animals way too much we think that all . hairless animals are ugly just go to . google images and type in hairless . animal and you'll probably think the . animals you see there are ugly as well. but we all seem to forget that we're . here less animals - if anything other . animals should think that we're ugly so . i look at this phenomenon and i have a . theory i think we humans find things . covered in hair more cute we're more . attracted to things covered in hair and . that's why i'm a furry my dad never . taught me how to shave and one time i . cut myself shaving right above my lip . and for the rest of the day all i could . smell its blood i don't know why i . mentioned the dead part you know how . websites will ask you to type in a bunch . of misshapen letters to make sure you're . not a robot that's called a captcha and . some of those captchas are impossible . sometimes a look at a captionsync am i a . robot i just wanted to send some email i . didn't want to question my identity i . wasn't ready for an existential crisis . clubpenguin sorry that joke is dead just . like club penguin so here's the random . thought what if we lived in a robot . society and robots had to prove that . they weren't human to make a facebook . account i think their captcha would be . an optical illusion like to sign in to a . website it'll show two lines and say . prove you're not a human which line is . bigger optical illusions are like . captchas for people every time you paint. a room it gets a little bit smaller and . if it takes you one can of paint to . paint an entire room and the room gets . smaller by one can of paint you brought . a can of paint inside the room and you. never took it out every time you smell . something molecules from that thing gets . sucked up into your nose and that's how . you're able to smell it so that means . every time you smell something it gets a . tiny bit lighter do archaeologists have . lingo and jokes that only other . archaeologists will understand like . there's a whole other world of jokes . that i won't get to experience . because i'm not an archaeologist like . one day two archeologists could be . digging the hole and one says i'm not . finding anything and then the other guy . says well you know what they say in the . archaeology business and i don't know . what they say because i'm not an . archaeologist how about we look up jokes . for archaeologists why did robin hood . pull out of the archery contest he found . it in arrowing experience okay get that . one it just wasn't that funny . nor was it about archaeology or maybe it . was and i just don't get it we'll never . know where did caesar keep his armies up . his sleeve ease okay i had to get this . one explained to me but armies is. supposed to be your arm like your body . arm and your armies go up your sleeve. ease get it except julius caesar wore a . toga so we didn't even have sleeves and . you could just say this about anyone who . had an army where did hitler keep his . armies up its levees oh ha ha ha when . you ask someone what time it is. sometimes they'll say it's a quarter to . blink and first up i really hate that . way of telling time because now i have . to use math just to know what time it is . someone will say it's a quarter to eight . okay so a quarter to eight well a . quarter is 25 so eight minus 25 it's . like negative 13 right now we're using . time numbers so a quarter of 60 that's . like 10 minutes so 8 minus 60 over 4 . carry the 2 and oh it's 8 o'clock now we . usually only say it's a quarter 2 when . referring to whole numbers but i wish . people would use other times like hey . what time is it oh it's 1/4 day 37 did . you know that mosquitoes prefer type o . blood more than any other blood type. does that mean our blood tastes . different how can mosquitoes since what . blood type we are do mosquitoes think we . come in different flavors what if there . was a restaurant for mosquitoes and the . menus just had our blood types are there . mosquitoes snobs like one mosquito would . say oh i see you're drinking o-negative . of course you'd like that blood everyone . likes that blood i got that whole idea . from a conversation i had with jaden and . i said i was going to use in my random . thoughts video so i'm just stealing . everything from jaden you know what i . think would be a funny contradiction a . fedora with a tumblr logo on it whenever . you leave for a trip people will say . drive safe which is fine . i always appreciate safe driving tips . but when you go flying in an airplane . sometimes people will say . have a safe flight but i literally have . no control the plane flies safely or . none why are you telling me to fly safe . i should be the one telling the pilot . that hey i just wanted to say that a lot . of my friends are counting on you so you . better not screw this up . i appreciate the sentiment but how do i . fly unsafe maybe go on my phone before . we take off . now watch the safety video blow the . plane up why do people care so much . about fashion if i bought some really . nice clothes and i go to a party out of . everyone in that room i'm the only one . who can't see what i'm wearing unless i . look down the entire time i can go to a . party and be wearing just a bunch of . clown makeup and as long as there's no . mirrors around and everyone plays it . cool i would have no idea that i'm . wearing anything and also it doesn't . matter what i'm wearing because i look . good in everything i think this whole . youtube thing has given me a confidence . boost i wouldn't say it's an unhealthy . amount but it's giving me confidence . that i didn't have in high school my . parents bought me a pokemon shirt for . christmas and yeah i like pokemon but i . don't want the whole world to know that . and in high school i wouldn't have worn . any remotely geeky shirt but now i can . go outside and not even realize that i'm . wearing my pokemon shirt and when i do . realize i usually think huh that's . embarrassing and the odd ones out who . cares when my parents are my age they . already had a child and here i am . wearing a pokemon shirt you know how . different states in america will have . different names for certain things like . some states call it pop instead of soda . or how they call it a washroom instead . of a bathroom and apparently in rhode . island they call a water fountain of . bubbler and everywhere else is just . normal anyway once i heard that down . south there's a phrase for when it's . raining and the sun is still out and . that phrase is the devil meeting his . wife. oh isn't that so sweet that means anyone . can find happiness even the devil i love . it when we give the devil more innocent . and human characteristics and given how . few of times it rains in arizona i don't . get to use that phrase very often so . already when it's raining it's like it's . raining this day is going to be great . but then when the sun's out i get to say . look guys the devil's meaning his wife i . hope they're happy together . unfortunately i misheard what that . phrase was when i learned it it's not . the devil meeting his wife it's actually . the devil feeding . wife so i guess they're not happy . together i was so sad when i learned . what it actually was i don't know who . this devil's wife is but you need to . find a new man dude and to think i . almost thought of you as an alright guy . satan i looked at that saying on . wikipedia and in tennessee they say the . devil is kissing his wife so i guess and . kind of see the devil is romantic but . everywhere else he just can't stand her . and the worst variation i could find has . to be what they say in france in france . when it rains in the sun's out they say . the devil is beating his wife and . marrying his daughter . whoa france i'd expect that sort of . behavior from tennessee but not you . france why do you have to be so dramatic . to describe your weather i don't want to . even know what you call snowstorms so . anyway those are my random thoughts i . swear i don't do drugs . so how's everyone's day today mine's. pretty good i just uploaded a video hey . did you guys know that i'm going to . vidcon australia probably not because . i'm not on the website i just asked the . vidcon people if i could get a featured. creator pass and they were like yeah . sure and that's it i don't know if i . have any panels or anything but it's . going to be fun i'm totally going to be . putting some shrimp on the barbie this . video was a lot of fun to make it's nice . because i already came up with a lot of . those ideas beforehand but i didn't know . how to implement them into a video and . then jaden made a whole video dedicated . to random thoughts and i thought well . i'm going to do that and i actually got . a couple of other people to help color . because i felt bad having ginger pail do . all of it because he has his own youtube . channel and needs to be making his own . videos in the beginning of the video i . said that drugs are the only thing that . makes you happy . but that was a joke guys drugs don't. make you happy but seatbelts seatbelts . make you happy so you should wear them . .

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