My Video Game Complaints ( HAND REVEAL!!!!!!)

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Video games are cool and I goddamn love them right, but they're not perfect. So in this video, I'm gonna go over some of my video game complaints.
Yes, I'm complaining about video games, despite how perfect they are. Next wee, I'll be complaining about boobs.
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Listen i know i made a video a little . while ago defending video game drive but . despite how much of arc another not . there are some things are do fine kind . of annoying about nothing big though . just a few civil complaints made me want . to throw my fucking controller through . the tv smoke complaints to take notes . game developers his more part 1 video of . things i don't like about video games. that i and everyone else enough wants to . see change asap fucking loading screens . man i didn't i hate loading screens . right and so do you love fucking load . the game already man i don't look at . this still image for half an hour right . this is not our gallery i want to play a . video game obviously some games . take the fucking place with their . loading screens man love for example . take the popular playstation 3 game . loading screen similar they are also . known as grand theft auto 5 online mode. that's it takes way too long to load man . and the game in general like this so . much waiting involved in that game . not only does the fucking game tonight . 20 minutes to store the first time you . get it right but i time this for me. clicking on this thing here on my ps . menu to finally being online and . actually playing online mode it takes my. ps . [music]. four-and-a-half minutes to load every . time i want to play . yeah and a half minutes man that's what . that's right along alright one-night . stands in the past where the bird was in . and out of my apartment door quicker. than that and it's so boring doing it to . all they give you doing those four and a . half minutes to keep you occupied is . this shitty little clutch of cartoons . fuck you rockstar it is your idea of . keeping me entertained this is . mind-numbingly boring at least have the . decency to play a random radio station. for some music. i'll give me a new mini game or . something it's ok even one of those see . screensavers for windows 95 or some born . not give me something man . seriously i hate loading screens right . but here the finger i do understand . about 15 years ago some shit right. didn't even really have loading screens . you're pressed the starburns boom you're . pretty much playing the game instantly. at the very blackjack away a few seconds . where are we taking this step backwards . having loading screens go from seconds . two fucking minutes . well it's because because people seem to. have really strong boners video game . graphics and it's such a three pills of . viagra strong bona right that they seem . to care more about the graphics unless . about how funny is. [music]. what the fuck is this that's not going . to a restaurant audience of food right . and caring less about having tastes and . more about how fucking smells . listen you dickhead news flash right i'm . paid good money for video games because . i want to have fun right now because i . want to see something visually stunning . if our wire to look at something . visually stunning i just have a look . between my legs so this is fun right . what the fuck do you care how it looks . it's a video give me your fucking . girlfriend how do this year for game . looks fucking amazing . revenues are lindsay lohan's ours how . fun a game is is the only thing you. should be focusing on graphics do not. make the game fun. well i trust me that's the exact same . approach or take two more videos but . they don't look the best dry but how my . videos look isn't the main focus on hey . watch this broad armor does this make . the video any more enjoyable. now if our kid doesn't does it just . stopped caring about graphics you see i . told you man coverage don't mean shit . all the rapids do is give you longer . loading times for example right the . space exploration game no man's sky at. times right it would have you weigh in . 15 minutes . even with this boost on it still says . out it'll take 15 minutes to even get . there. it took so long to get here i'm not even . didn't say 15 fucking minutes man . no one to ask for low rating on steam . know who the fuck wants to wait 15 . minutes in between levels a feeling that . you called the game no man's sky because . that's exactly who enjoyed the game. what that doesn't know i've heard it . over this shit when games have loading . screens not long enough for me to pass . bodily functions. you know you're going wrong somewhere. listen rappers do is fuck things up so . far graphics and any game developers who. don't give a fuck about drivers who've . are they get my respect so i'm gonna get . props to all the games that fuck . graphics i want to focus on making the . game front instead so props to megaman . nine for going back to their nes roots . property . legend of zelda for making winwaker kind . of start that they did prompt to notch . the og and possibly the grandfather of . the dark graphics all i wanna do is make . a game that's as fun as a pair of tits . to play with mentality right and most of . all i want to give props to the most . beloved game made of recent times. fucking undertale for now giving us . share about graphics but instead . choosing to focus on making a fucking . amazing game with an amazing soundtrack. instead as if fucking should be . and that's just some of my complaints . about video games. i'm not even done not have a part 2 . video as soon as well . listen right i want to end this video . but with a quick shout-out to my boys . over i luke radar calm their show my . channel tons of support for a few months. now right. i don't know them back for those of you . who don't know right luke razor company . that for less than twenty dollars a. month they'll send you a monthly crate . of the sexiest gamer geek and . pop-culture merchandise know to man . right to your door knob look at some of . this stuff from last month man . especially this which free wolf had . figure is so well made . if you can't think of what to get. everyone for christmas rock just get one . of these and just give them out to . everyone don't love you . if you go to do credit. com force that's . grade they'll hook you up with all this . sexiness for next month which has a . revolution theme as if they haven't been . cool enough already right. if you use code great at checkout you . get ten percent of your order. now this haven your money i love you . luke rate but isn't right . make sure you sign up by the 19th of . this month no you're gonna miss out me . lives in the description go grab us for . christmas now listen by the way right . i'm not uploaded in over two weeks right . but the reason for doing so is that are . just moved house another daughter that . fucking headache prison that's all done . now right now i'm back home our weekly . videos anyways right part 2 video coming . soon soon ma . [music]. .
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