“NOBODY WANTS MY BREAD” — A Bad Lip Reading of Fergie

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Full-length version of Fergie's rousing rendition of the classic "Nobody Wants My Bread"
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*** you can turn these captions off using the cc button below. blah lo la lie. i bought some bread but i can't buy a kite. so i baked another pie, yes. but why did i put a lot of bugs in that pie . no woah, nuh-uh, doo-dah. this is t. m. i. but last night i pooped out glass. and then i done fell down one step. now how is that even possible . it's just one step!. uh huh, uh huh, uhhuhuhuhuhuhhu. i can't --. i -. yeah. i. nobody wants my. bread. nobody want's my bread . .
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