Of Course Trump Wants to Throw Himself a Military Parade: The Daily Show

President Trump asked the Pentagon to throw him a Bastille Day-style military parade, which Trevor thinks is just the latest move in his quest to become a dictator.
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America doesn't need a big parade to . convince the world that it has a . military trust me the world knows . america has a military it's in their . country's right now if you if you really . want a parade just like every time . there's a drone strike just fly another . drone behind it playing marching music . you know just like pop up but uh pop up . the parade and although trump is really . excited about getting to play with the . army like they're his gi joes luckily . most people are adults. i say it's a fantastic waste of money to . amuse the president it's kind of cheesy . nothing shows weakness but frankly . that's the stupidest thing i've ever . heard we've got to also be cautious like . how were you spending we have a napoleon . in the making here i don't know it seems . like a waste of money damn you know it's . bad when even fox news thinks this is a . waste of money yeah they're like you . can't spend that much on a parade you . need to save it for sexual harassment . settlements come on but the reason the . reason a lot of people are against this . parade is not just because of the waste . of time and money it's because france . aside military parades have come to be . associated with authoritarian regimes . like north korea the soviet union and . china and now look a military parade on . its own doesn't mean that trump is gonna . be a dictator but it's when you look at . everything else. it's your spidey sense starts to tingle . yeah yeah like firing the fbi director . who was investigating his campaign . discrediting the electoral process by. claiming voter fraud and he just this . week joked that not clapping for him is . treason yeah i mean he even gave top . government jobs to his own kids and i . mean sure those are his smartest kids. but who's their competition. and let's be honest none of this took us . by surprise the whole time trump was . running for president he couldn't stop . talking about how much he admires strong . men around the world saddam hussein you . know what he did well. he killed terrorists he did that so good . i think i'd get along very well with . vladimir putin on the phone with . philippines president rodrigo duterte . president trump says quote i just wanted . to congratulate you because i am hearing . of the unbelievable job on the drug . problem what do you make of a north . korean leader obviously he's a pretty. smart cookie that's one way to describe . kim jong-un smart cookie . trump is so thirsty yeah i wouldn't be . shocked if he's on all these dictators . instagrams just commenting on every pic. great photo follow back nice abs like. for like come on sexy miss out father. back so in the world of authoritarians . many people are now asking where does . trump fit in i mean i know he aspires to . them but does he measure up well it just . so happens that over the weekend they . held the 51st annual oppressor awards . where the world's greatest dictators are . honored for their work now you've . probably never heard of these awards . because we made them up but still i was . asked to host them and that's not a gig . that you can turn down you literally . cannot turn it down they kidnapped me . and threw me in a trunk but here are . some of the highlights 51st . [music]. [applause]. president of the philippines is here . everybody what we go to talk to . everybody yeah . he's famous for killing drug users which . i guess is why he's not invited to seth . rogen's afterparty am i right said if . trump takes home an award tonight it'll . be the first thing he's ever won without . putin's help the nominees for best . oppression of political opponents are . president nicolas maduro venezuela for . using midnight raids to jail his. political adversaries prime minister hun . sen cambodia for dissolving this . country's main opposition party. president donald trump the united states . for demanding an investigation of a. political opponent and the oppressor . goes to nicolas maduro best performance . by a dictator in a propaganda video . gorban ghoulie bairdai mohamed all . state-run media donald trump sword dance . rodrigo duterte sings ikaw and the . winner is gorban buried there de la . comΓ©die the nominees for excellence in. delegitimizing the media are bashar . al-assad syria we're living in a fake . news you know as you know nicolas maduro . venezuela . this is the real fake he knows the post . truth earring donald trump the united . states just because the attack of fake . news and attacking our network i just . want to ask you sir i'm changing it from . fake news though doesn't that under. varying faked it i know but aren't you . amia press egos to donald trump . i go on computer fake news the level of . dishonesty where they'll take a story . that should be good i know good from bad . in fact sometimes i said oh this is . gonna be nice to reverse a wall ways and . they will purposely totally change it . like it's fake good news . i guess trump isn't quite there yet but . good news there's always next year . [music]. you. .
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