Old Movies Used To Just Shoot Real Bullets At People

The way movie gunfights used to go down proves that sometimes, really, practical effects are not the way to go.
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Back in the old days a hollywood stunts . and special effects were real meaning . actors never did scenes with tennis. balls and pierce brosnan couldn't lazily . windsurf on the least believable tsunami . ever created but if you go back even . further . before even crudely basic special. effects and safety measures had been . invented you'll find movies that were so . real that they ranged from grossly . irresponsible to outright murderous for . instance actors used to get shot at . all the time in today's films shooting . effects are usually achieved with blanks . tiny explosives called squibs and if . that's too much trouble a dose of . computer magic but early hollywood . didn't have access to such fancy tools . so whenever you see a gunfight in. particularly old movie there's a solid . chance the people on screen are really . getting shot at now blanks existed but . blanks only make it look like a gun is . being fired to simulate a bullet hitting . a wall or window next to an actor . they simply paid a guy to shoot it like . for real even cannon fire all of the . cannon fire in 1915 s the birth of a. nation is actual artillery because the . pyrotechnics to fake it hadn't been . invented yet that movie infamously . glorifies the kkk but considering it . also shoots live cannons at them maybe . we should just call it a wash . legendarily insane director cecil b . demille disliked using blanks because he . thought live ammunition looked more. realistic and i guess you can't argue . with that for his 1915 film the captive . he wanted a scene wherein some soldiers . blast their way through a door with real . bullets because it would look rad as she . then for the next scene they were to . rush inside and continue the shootout . with blanks when i guess what happened. yep. somebody forgot to swap out their real . bullets and an actor guts being killed . even after squibs to simulate bullet. strikes were invented some movies still. insisted on live ammunition action . movies even ran ads boasting that they'd . used real bullets in their shootout . scenes the studios would hire marksmen . whose job it was to shoot around the . actors you know for safety in william . wellman 1931 gangster film the public . enemy very famous actor james cagney . nearly became an equally famous. manslaughter victim when his character. ducked around a corner an instant before . a hail of studio approved gunfire tore . it apart after nearly getting shot again . on the set of the movie taxi cab me . declared he wouldn't work with live ammo. ever again and help . found the screen actors guild which. among other things cemented actors . rights to not be literally shot at . during a production and nothing bad ever . happened to an actor again hey thanks . for watching that video if you want to . subscribe please hit the big c in the . middle if you want to watch another . video please click one of the links on . the right and if you want to get . notification from youtube every time we . have a new video click the little bell . icon and they will send you a . notification every time you put up a new . one . .
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