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[music]. what the hell you doin so now what is . that hummus it's disgusting . no it's hummus with some pine nuts a . little bit of virgin olive oil pine nuts . what is pine nuts i don't know they're . nuts they're they're good they're . protein. anyways that smells like a whole entire . asshole is actually really healthy and . it's a middle eastern thing and i don't . know why you're dissing it cuz it's . really good . mister i'm eating flaky and gross . doughnuts i've been sitting there for . ages actually i just bought this from . roust alright a powdered doughnut . it's called van de kamp's and it's from . holland and you know they healthy in . holland this is a hone doesn't miss . healthy you ever been to holland no . don't judge me if you ain't been . somewhere you've never been why are you . talking about don't judge me my body . look better than yours and that's a fact . why talking about my body now what do . you know is it like the you know that's . a touchy subject for me i'm trying to . eat healthy so i can better my body and . you're gonna go out and talk about my . body now eating healthy is not going . better your body do pilates and better . that body do pilates better that body . you fat you know that was rude and. uncalled for you know how i feel about . my body and how insecure i am about it . i apologize you're not fat you're . big-boned it i am i partnered with you . cuz i'm the best on the force okay . and i'm black so i can run faster i ask . you something yeah. have you cheated before. yeah you have yeah that she done the . police test that's how i got here . wait what wait you hated no no no that's . not yeah what what cheat are you talking . about about cheating on your girlfriend . or so jim a girlfriend yeah um okay . like like to find cheat on your . girlfriend in on my ex-boyfriend well my . boyfriend at the time and he's with . another girl in our bedroom and were you . on break. like not technically we were like . together but then i told him i won't . needed some space so there you go you . want break it's fair game when you want . break no what do you mean i wasn't a . full break we're still together i've. been with him for five years that's your . phone why would you why would you call a . break. so does it count as cheating i mean is . there's a lot of factors that i have to . put together before i can really like . you know convict the felon yeah but like . we're on a break you're not gonna go out . and have sex with all these girls right . like that's just not what you do i mean . you're dating you're not gonna i'm gonna . just go to the club when i tell you i. need space and go have sex with a random . slut at the club right you wouldn't do . that. that's cheating i would do that but . that's not cheating so based on . everything that you gave me your . boyfriend was not your boyfriend . therefore not guilty your honor . we were together for like five years . what wait a minute what do you mean not . guilty it's cheating . yeah cheating is cheating technically no . it's pretty ass i got take this phone . call you don't mind can i take that go . anything else no i don't have anything . that's just add to the freakin call yo . what up. no i'm chillin was gucci . just with another guy middle-eastern . food . okay who's she why do you look like what . what boy buddy look like sherman's . probably her brother . what kind of tattoo oh yeah man i saw . that's what i'm hit you back what would . it alright cool man . i'll talk to you later okay i'll talk to . you later bye i love you look if you if . you got any girl from me i'm done tinder . see i gotta get we got a code red five . six seven eight not a nice one she got a . hair and nail disappear own bills okay . so you got a life suggested she's a . cheetah kill him or kill everybody in . the building i can't believe he cheated . on me with your girlfriend well now she . wasn't really my girlfriend she's just a . girl i was talking to i told you is my . girlfriend make you feel bad about your . situation but i'm smashing like three to . four girls alright . you. .
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