I can't believe Carl ran away at the mall...
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We gotta find a good shoe shop around. here and then once you find a good shoe . shop then . [applause]. [music]. [music]. good morning guys. are you sleepy this morning we thought . it would be a little bit fun to have you . guys in on our morning routine and then . later we're gonna do some christmas . shopping and all that good stuff so . first thing we do is we wake up we kiss . ten times like this we could we call it . a rapid-fire kiss huh so you don't mean . you to take a census all right let's . really start everything. [applause]. [applause]. we're gonna go make some breakfast right . ass. [music]. [music]. no toaster blueberry muffins all right . now we're going to do the pancakes but . we're gonna make them waffles because we . have wok maker oh hey we're gonna eat . that - no song . what kind of blueberries are those never. in a can super fresh . [music]. all right last one perfect put him in . the oven. stay back can help me by telling you . where to place it . tell me good job at do not get inside . that oven like leaps in okay 15 to 20 . minutes . all right now come drop the chips now . [music]. carl gets so excited when we feed them . in the morning. fufu girls are you ready come on ready . let's time crawl time 1 2 3 4 . wow you can't see his face he's just . indulged in it i eat so fast . [music]. we think n-no burn yet . alright guys we're gonna eat all this . food now time to eat . [music]. it's probably call me up by how i would . talk . [music]. [music]. what's up guys what's up bam we are . christmas shopping today we are we're at . the mall right now shopping and every a . so excited to go christmas shopping . right everly yep oh yes we have a . special guest with us yeah we do this . guess is very small um and really fluffy . and white can you guess what it is . terry he's smelly karl he's coming . shopping for this we never take him out . cuz this is like a dog mall right well . and i'm kind of nervous because thrille . he's like not good at walking he's . awesome anyone and everyone wants to. walk him the whole time so he brought . his leash but this could like go really. wrong yeah so karl yet boy boy you have . to go bad it's christmas so we wanted to . bring a whole family so have you got a . big responsibility . karl today are you ready for this . [music]. here. karlis l. joe . all right baby we shot before your . sister and her fiance okay so yeah one . down oh don't watch this vlog our family . you rescue what we're getting you we . every think about that all right what's . gonna get here babe okay i keep carl . okay okay the boys will chill and the . girls a chill when i tell the vlog what . happen in there so she ain't get her mom . any pajamas but you didn't get who a lot . of pajamas yeah as hard as keeps . slipping off him cuz he's so small he . keeps slipping out of it come on carl . hey so now we need to get some shoes for . my dad so we gotta find a good shoe shop . around here and then once you find a . good shoe shop then i really . wait what do you mean y'all know where . he is so we for lost carl they looking . for back there i'm a bit of a look for . you guys know if you find them . [music]. i thought we lost carl no refused in . this corner oh my gosh . what was he doing i'm not even scared . that you would have ran away i'm scared . that you would have gotten stolen cuz . we've got stopped so many times i feel . like if someone saw this dog well just . think about we don't have a collar on . him that's we need to get a collar just . celebrate calls returned we got cinnamon . pretzel yeah every favorite it's so . funny when you see such a big guy with a . tiny little dog like these little girls . freaking out we're stopped wherever we . go with this dog. hey girl hey buddy we just had a girl . come up to us and her name is shin tall . some taller the chantell but she was so . cute and she just prayed over our family . and it was the sweetest thing ever and . it shouldn't all if you're watching this . we love you and thank you for a sweet . word shonto stoney erica it's late now . savannah's putting ivory to bed so i'm . gonna do the outro but before that i. wanted to give you guys a bunch of shout . outs cuz we're kind of on and off about . it and we skip a lot if you want a . shout-out follow us right down here on . instagram well i got pictures of every . post we pay attention to active people . and if you're active and we might shut . you out the first one goes to nawal five . six seven nine thank you followers on . instagram jalen marie one thank you . jalen you rock. number three goes to sarah pour hot hot . sarah para lauri . that's a nice last name shout out number . 4 goes to sean leo music i'm gonna check . out something with music i'm gonna watch . a piano video after this you guys rock . thank you for following us on instagram. liking our pics we'll try to always you . shoutouts to make sure you follow us and . we've got some fun vlogs coming up with . house tours christmas stuff so be sure . to stay tuned for the rest of the videos . this month we got some big surprises so . we love you guys thanks for watching our . vlogs and. yeah i guess i'll do the peace out . .
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