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Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)
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[music]. one of my favorite things to witness. while in traffic is when someone behind. me violently switches lanes in an . attempt to overtake me and those in . front of me but end up even farther back . than where they started because they . fail to understand that they were . already in the fastest-moving lane . granted i don't know their emergency but . otherwise it brings me this cynical . sense of joy . due to their misfortune am i an asshole. oh also when you're at a red light and . the car beside you is anticipating it. turning green. so it starts inching forward to get that. rolling start but then the lights like . let me hit him with that advance left . turn. and then they're just awkwardly stuck in . the middle of the intersection . ironically i can be guilty of this as . well like those moments when you're at . the checkout line and you switch to the . seemingly shorter one but then there's . some kind of price problem with a . freaking cucumber or something and then . the line you left has now advanced way. past where your original spot was so . then you're like screw this and you go . back but then the cucumber line becomes . free and now your lane is the one that . stuck because the person in front of you . can't get their debit card to work oh . boy i sure wish i had the ability to . reverse time and return to my original . spot in exchange for a bit of my life . span it's moments like this that remind . me how important patience is regardless . if you're christian or not or if you . practice any religion that articulates . its value patience is truly a virtue i . believe time is the most valuable . currency we have time is literally money . that's why we spend it we spend time at . school we spend time at work we spend . time with friends and family . my animators and i spend time working on . these videos and you guys spend time . watching them and i greatly appreciate . that but unlike actual tangible money we . can't exactly invest time expecting to. get more time back it's not something we . can put in our savings account and . withdraw when we're retired expecting to . live longer and experience what we. couldn't in the past wow that sounds . like it could be a good hypothetical hmm . we live in a time of immediacy and with . the exponential growth of technology . we're being nurtured to expect that . results meet our demands right away. if not instantly it's not a negative . thing i mean we have cars because we . can't all walk to work when it's a few. cities away we have cell phones because . we don't all have trained pigeons to . send letters with we have ovens and . microwaves because they ain't nobody got. time to always cook with a bonfire it's . all convenience if i have amazon prime . and it gives me the option to ship it . tomorrow for free or two days later for . free what do you think i'm gonna pick. yeah that's right same-day shipping . i want my thing today but dumb other . people in the world are unfortunate and. don't have access or can't afford these . conveniences yeah i know i understand . that and i'm not making a point to . undermine those people i'm just stating . where our current level of available . consumer technology is but we haven't. perfected convenience yet i don't think . we ever will we as a species are . insatiable and there will always be . something we believe we can do faster or . more efficiently and when we come across . those situations when we experience . delay that's when we start testing our . patience like i said time is expensive . and valuable and it's something we don't . exactly n but possess from the beginning . and slowly lose through the course of. our life a lot of things are out of our . control and as a result we lose some of . that given time and that's okay and . accepting that it is okay is what . patience is i believe patience is. developed through time ironically you . have to spend time to understand what. being patient means it's a product of . overcoming disappointment you learn to . teach yourself that when you've done all . you can in a situation and it's still. not going your way there's no point in . being angry or sad about it i mean . you'll feel a bit of stress initially . but you'll come to realize that the . outcome will be more or less the same . whether you're emotional or not the . traffic doesn't move quicker if you honk . your horn everyone is in a mutual . understanding that the point of getting . on the road is to get off of it . the cake won't bake faster if you set. the heat higher than it should be . you will just burn it and have to start . over if you're seated at the back of the . plane don't expect to get out first just . because you unbuckled your seatbelt . before the plane even landed this . applies our interactions with others as . well be patient with people we aren't . all always on the same page and you . can't expect everyone to have been . exposed to the same privileges as you . have you may have obvious advantages . over someone so maybe cut him some slack . and let them catch up you don't . contribute to anything when you stand . ahead of someone and trip them when . they're already behind not everything is . a competition. impatience only gives power to whatever . current problem you have you have the. thing causing you to be impatient and . that impatience fuels the thing and it . becomes an infinite cycle until you . decide to break it but how long are you . supposed to tolerate the way when has it . been too long you're probably asking . unfortunately that's up to you and your . judgment on a case-by-case basis there . really isn't a formula for it like time . plus empathy over seven multiplied by . ego i don't know it's more so for your . mental health if things need to get done . then so be it. if you're waiting for the bus but it's . an hour late then there's definitely a . problem or you looked at the schedule . wrong if you're waiting for your tinder . date and they haven't replied to your . text since breakfast either you got . stood up or you might want to report a . missing person. if you have a driver update and it says . it's gonna take a few minutes but it's . been six hours then that's way past . being a patience issue please don't turn . off your computer during installation . nope you're holding me hostage ain't . nobody got time yeah that's right i . restarted my computer when it told me . not to and it works perfectly okay now . this video has been brought to you by . crunchyroll the leading platform for . your anime needs . they got anime they got manga they got . drama well not not youtube drama though . like like actual dramas head on over to . crunchyroll. com slash comments link in. the description to receive a free . premium membership for 14 days with . premium you have access to add free . 1080p and subtitle episodes and no need . to be impatient because new episodes are . available as soon as one hour after . release in japan and the app is . available on nearly every device so be . it at home or on the go . yoga anime annual hands son i've really . only been grinding through dragon ball . super because childhood but i heard . studio triggers darling in the franks . frank's fox frank's is the hot show this . season definitely you gotta check that . out oh yeah card captures clear card is . also another dive into nostalgia what do . you guys recommend let me know in the . comments and who knows we might even . pick it for a watch along once again . that's corn sure will calm slash comics . link below and joy . [music]. .

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