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Anthony Scaramucci joins the Trump administration as the White House communications director, so Trevor examines the former finance executive and media personality's past.

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It actually makes sense that this is . shock week because one of them just . popped up in the white house breaking . news tonight a new white house shake-up . president trump hired anthony scare . mooches white house communications . director president himself is always . going to be the president i was in the . oval office with him earlier today we . were talking about letting him be . himself let him express his whole . identity i think he's got some of the . best political instincts in the world . and perhaps in history whoa whoa back up . wait i'm sorry i'm sorry did this new . guy just basically say that trump is not . yet being himself that's what he said . not yet who watches donald trump at . least themselves man if only he could . come out of his shell ah now now for . some people scaramouche ii may seem like . a strange choice for white house. communications director because other . than appearing on fox business and in . every italian movie ever . he has no obvious communications . experience so the question is what is it . that trump's felt qualified scary . moochie for the job . i love the president but i love the . president and i'm very very loyal to the . president he's the most competitive . person i've ever met . okay i've seen this guy throw a dead . spiral through a tire i love the guy . i've seen him at madison square garden . with the top coat on he's standing in . the key and he's hitting foul shots and . swishing them okay he sinks three foot . putts . did you notice that scatter blue cheese . examples of trump were all kind of . solitary and sad practicing foul shots . in his coats not playing with anyone no . at three foot putts throwing a football . through a tire by himself . but the guy doesn't have friends i mean . at the very least why didn't he use his . kids or was there something there as . well eric i need you i want to throw a . football in the backyard . oh wow dad i'd love to go get me a tire. like throwing a football at a tire isn't . impressive it's something that they . literally show impotent men doing in . levitra commercial sometimes you need a . little help staying in the game ask your . doctor about new levitra . [applause]. you see the football is a metaphor for . his penis bouncing off the vagina so . anthony scaramouche ii is the new white . house communications chief and since . he's going to be around for at least a . month we might as well get to know him . in our latest installment of profiles in . tremendousness i am the most dedicated . people i have the best people meet . anthony scaramouche ii or as his friends . call him the mooch he grew up in a . blue-collar family on long island just a . free foot putts away from donald trump's . birthplace the mooch graduated from . harvard law school started a successful . hedge fund . oh and just like everyone else working . in the trump administration scaramouche . ii also spent seven years working at. goldman sachs which makes me think that . maybe trump's plan to crack down on wall . street is just to move wall street into . the white house you guys can catch it . you can put your bags over there next to . russia's go on so so scaramouche ii . joined the white house on friday and . he's already established what i hope . will be his signature move the mooch . sushi it saw me with him but i don't . want to waste this time and sit in the . oval office unnecessary . [music]. damn damn ab smooth that a fluke it also . seems like an overly familiar way to . treat the press i mean but it was it was . better than his original goodbye which . was just making out with each of them . individually as it's like peter . alexander you taste like almond hmm . so so we know we know that scaramouche e . has the style but his job is not just to . make nice with the press his job is to . communicate the white house's message as . clearly as possible and this weekend he . got off to a running starts . scaramouche in bundled the message when. he confirmed the president is exploring . the quote complete power to pardon . anyone swept up in the russia . investigation i'm in the oval office or . the president last week we're talking . about that he says he brought that up he . says but he doesn't have to be pardoned . there's nobody around him that has to be . pardoned those comments directly . contradict statements from the. president's personal lawyer pardons have . not been discussed and pardons are not . on the table i love this white house so . much you know most presidents would try. to get their team all on the same page . but trump has his team tried every page . he's like okay you tell them we didn't . talk about pardons you tell them we only . talked about bobby's uh you tell them i . died during the meeting and i'm gonna . tweet that i've never met any of you . guys all right whoa and . and that'll of these that wasn't even. the weekend's biggest mooch highlights . two days into his job we found out that . he couldn't even keep a secret for more . than five seconds somebody said to me . yesterday i won't tell you who that if . the russians actually hack this . situation and spilled out those those . emails you would have never seen it you . would have never had any evidence of . them i don't know who this anonymous . person is it said that if the russians . had actually done it we wouldn't have . been able to detect it but it is the . data that elisaveta was the president . wow gary mushi revealed his anonymous . source just to try win an argument with . jake tapper like if i were trump i'd be . a little worried about this right now . you don't want much going out there like . oh you think you know something about . collusion with the russians. well guess what big shot i watched the p . tape okay now who's the smart guy huh he . was peeing through a tie on the other . side of the room . it was like three feet away so that i . mean that was a slipper up those are . slippers but but but slip-ups aside . scaramouche she seems like a loyal . soldier although he wasn't always won in . fact during the early stages of the . presidential race he was very open about . what he really thought of donald trump i . think he's going to be president of you . can tell donald i said it's the queens . county bullies association you got to . cut it out now and stop all this crazy . rhetoric add anti-american it's very . very divisive he's going to be the . alienator in chief when he's running the . country the whole insecurity and the . bullying is not what you want in the . american press all right this is not the . guy the politicians don't want to go at . trump because he's got a big mouth and . he's afraid he's going to light them up . on fox news and all these other places . but i'm not a politician you're bringing . it the white house you reckon dude from . queens county bring it down bring it . donald bring it donald bring me a job . off of your cow would bring us some men . i will work for you so hard your son of . a bitch bring it donald bring it bring . it. we're here now okay now i will say this . in scare emojis defense he said those . things before he thought trump would win . right and and not only has he since . apologized to president trump for . speaking out against him he atoned by . offering from the ultimate sacrifice . president trump's new communications . director deleting all his old tweets . including ones that opposed some of the . president's positions on things like gun . control border walls and climate change . announcing it all with a message full . transparency. he writes past views evolved and . shouldn't be a distraction i'm not sure . how that works but that's not full . transparency full transparency i'm . deleting my old tweets so normal people. full transparency would be keeping the . tweets it's the same way donald jr . remember before you release these emails . right remember that incident just before . the new york times the d he did he was . like full transparency i told you first. i told you for a full transparency no . that's that's not full transparency what . if everyone defined transparency the. trump way like if a money launderer was . like full transparency i'm shredding all . my financial records shredding them all . you won't see a thing full transparency . you know at all people not the same . thing now now some people may think it's . odd for a man who believes in climate . change gun control and abortion rights . to go work for donald trump but in a way . do you think about he'd the perfect man . for the job who could represent donald . trump better than a guy willing to . abandon all of his previous positions if . it gets him into the white house who . better to do the job and. and you know the truth is once you stop. focusing on their policies or beliefs . you start to see that trump and scarer . moochie have more in common than you . think. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. congratulations you've been randomly . selected as a winner of free daily show . episode yes you to claim your prize . just watch full episodes with the daily . show feel free anytime with the comedy . central app or at the daily show calm . what a winner you are so much winning . .

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