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*savage arabic music*. *savage arabic music*. pillbox mode on. an huge hit!. who is more likely to. have the penis colored . who has the head of the penis round . who likes mangel's dick . who loves it . hello, god's criatures. rubius. we are here in the argentina's hotel, okey . where is the flag there's a very beatiful flag. "ahre boludo". i don't appear there. now we three appear. "buenos aires boludo". okey so we are stock in the hotel. and. we are going to do this thing called most likely to. where people is going to ask us questions. and we have to response. just like. who is proponse to. do the things you are going to ask okay. have you understand okay. first question. who of the three would eat a dick for a million dollar . and for less. (talking about rubius). no no no nooo, the two of you too mother fu**ers. what, me . well. for a million , won´t you eat a dick . well but who´s the most. ; here sthe. asdfgk. and for lesss! and for less. :v. one million!! x . i´ll eat your´s-i´ll eat yours etc. who´s most propense to dont take a bath for a week . *laghts* woha this one´s ``deep´´. me but if i get a shower twice a day!!. that´s true your right, that´s why xdd. well me cause i don´t go out usually and i dont care :¨t. you´re a sick of the cleaning. do you really thought that i didn´t got a shower in a week me ! that am a crazy of showers . i, i remembered it later. and why did you thought it, it´s because i am fat :c. -andd we start again. what does that have to do with this. in your house you´r a piggy. but im say it like, that you let your things evrey where. i know that no one is going to smell me, so i don´t care. but this huys live closer and they see each other. no no i like to take showers,i like to take showers. i don´t, thats it i said it :c. osmar ask us, who´s the funniest of us . well here is a problemm. it´s true u´r the funniest :d. nahh the three of us!. it´s just like evrything you say is funny. are you calling me clown >:v (spanish bad word). evrything i say´s bad for him. piggy and clown xd. for me the most funny thing is when you don´t get a shower. it´s funny just like: what . the two of us come on. alexby too xdxdxdd. woha this one is is a good one. who of you would kill each other for money . *laughts whaaaaattt ! !!. what have i done ! ! ;-;. hear me alexby you hate people. you´r allways saying:. people´s disgusting. hear me would you kill . you cold be so aviable to make a lot of things. but what are you saying ;-;. people´s gonna know you now xd. a piggy a clown. do you really guys think that i would kill some one for money . and me yes bus it´s because you are allways thinking about killing himans!! :c. come´on myself. if we continue like this asdfjk. another question, another yeahh. it´s getting hot here. too fast boyss :v -yeah we have here assasins clowns piggys. who´s most aviable to like womans with dick . why do you go with mine !! coz i got confused asdfjk. this has an explanation. yeah you have a problem but people already know it. who´s better on fifa . really tht´s eassy bv. well well don´tbelive you are that cool, okay don´t belive it. mangel hear me. but don´t belive it. get a shower mother fu**er. six times i got a shower today, six times. who´s aviable to make porn and leave yt . the two of uss haha!. what a dick xddd. i have a career there, i will. who´s less patient . what you say it´s me :l. well but patient. just like when. we are playing som game together and if some one fu**s it you say. : well boy that´s it. yeah but i am like *strange sigh*. but i am just like *funny sigh*. who´s most shy . woha this is difficult. - i don´t knoww. it depends on what time. yes but about what huh -i dont know in general i guess. who´s most aviable to die because an stupid reason . without doubts hahah. that´s the one yeah yeah it is!!. no doubt :,). who´s most aviable to leave it all because of love . am cruzy am cruuuzyyy i´ll leave it all 4 wemenss dd:. who´s most aviable to be arrested . be in jail or somthing like that. me why ahhahha. but him why because he goes crazy. yeah some time i am going to commit a crime. xdd. yeah yeah against humanity! hahah. who´s most aviable to. have a child faster :v. woha woha woahhhh. bu-but me why \:v/. boy c´me on my hair is shit in your videos!!. calm boi -in your fu**ing videos allways. sh-sh-shut up. that i´gonna destroy u. who´s most aviable to. leave a girl pregnant . meee ! ! !. i know this one. who of us would leave his friends because of his grilfriend . but. don´t fu** with me!! -c´me onnn. yeah boy yeah boyyy. well i say that the two of us. me, of course not, thats a fact. who would die first in a zombie attack. well come on. me not!!. 3, 2 , . are you sure . i don´t belive it. mangel lets see. hear me whoasdfjk. but hear you, here if we. if we have a zombie attack they would die firts and. i wish that to happend and to record it they would die first. no no i don´t think so. you would be that one man that goes for water. and you would say:there is no water in my room, this is shit this is shiiitt etc. well yeah thats true. almost i would have more hunger and i would want water too. i would be in my bed waiting 4 dead :v that´s why i would live more time. well i have a trick, i make that am dead *makes that he is dead*. who´s most aviable to laught in a serious moment . well i´ve got this one. yeah yeah yeah. yeah i think so :v. it use to happen to me i can´t deal with that. but it´s like; i laught to make the situation less unconfortable, but it just goes more unconfortable ;-;. who´s most aviable to turn gay . well well this week i think that it´s me guys. who of you would you think that will leave first yt aguante argentina boludo. what me ! ! -yeah yeah yeahh. really - yeah yeah yeahh. why why i am going to be the first one one leave it :c. yeah yeah . yeah :c. noohh come. me for example me. i upload a few videos but other thing is to leave yt. who´s aviable to forget the birthday of the other two . i didn´t saw nothing. huh . shit boyy. well well this one. i seem a a a bad friend here boy. i will try to make it better okay :´). but if you never gave me a gift d:. what are you saying that i never give you a gift !. no one of you gave me a gift never. :c. yeeeaaahhhhh. yeeeeaaaahhhh. oh god now i seem a bad friend ;_;. maybe i am realyzing that iam a terrible firend. who´s most aviable to make a painting . a painting . a painting -alexby alexby. alexby why -because he´s the only one that likes to painting. oh my it´s true that am a bad frien ;_____;. it´s true oh my. he´s gonna commite suicide hahha. and you ´re gonna leave yt before evryone. am gonna leave it to be a better firned xdddd. asdfjk. i am going to start of being a better firned. mangel. ur birth is the 26th of mayyy. yesh boyy. alexby. yours is the 21th of mayyyyyyy. yeahh that´s it!!! come on!!!. pexitaaa!!!. i dont have any idea. fu** youuuuuu!!!. ay looooffffff youuuuuuuuuuuu. little by little i ´ll start to be a better friendddd. it´s not necessary you already areee !!! yeahhh wohaaaa. *savage arabic music*. .

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