Racist Superman | Rudy Mancuso, Alesso & King Bach

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Caption: [music]. thank you table for one. [music]. what are you doing you know what are you . doing here you doing did i say you could . speak first i want to speak for sometime . you don't tell me what to do i'm the . black superman i'm the only superman. hispanic superman is the only superman . we did only what superman like superman . one superman hispanics people like . hispanic people people love black . people's and that's not even a real . costume super one is unique who me . that's boot latinos it's our time we . don't have any in spanish super so do . that stuff in your own country don't . come over here abroad and start doing . that stuff you know what let me just . close out i don't feel like doing this . somehow would you order anyway tacos . sure you want to eat here they don't . have a watermelon on the menu oh haha i . don't even like watermelons not a funny . joke you don't like watermelon no i . don't know this outing you're like if i . pulled out a fresh watermelon right now . you wouldn't eat it you you got one . right right now yeah i think it is close . enough how much you gonna tip that's. that's a key 20% of course 20 are you . crazy. do like 20% is a standard no standard . we're in beverly hills how much would . you tell how much what would the . waitress it was she white ten percent 18 . percent i make you happy yeah we have . your permission yeah yeah yeah it was 80 . percent of $25. 00 18 percent of 25 carry . 2 1 x 15 . 450 . [music]. what do you want agent superman you guys . so stupid. agent superman smiles we're supposed to . fly and fight crime not do karate kicks . good funny it's not funny you're always . late you probably illegal . agent superman hard-working so cute so . handsome number one don't you understand . anything he's saying i don't understand . one word you come with subtitles . you like jackie chan when he was first. born i feel like i'm watching godzilla i . feel like i'm watching rush hour the bad . one hey not cool . jackie chan is amazing good actor listen . you probably can't eat here anyway . because they don't have chopsticks oh . that was good is your superman always . prepared oh my god wow don't you beat . your karate chop you a condom on earth . who said you can sit down yeah we . invited you know that operation supermen . do whatever he want i own this place. listen i don't have time for this all . right i want to get out of here what do . you say 18% one for 50 obviously is too . big i 18 percent 18 percent . [music]. hey little big medium-thick how are you . boys what's up jewish superman you know. just saving the world one day at a time . and giving out free bagels afterwards ha . wish there can only be one superman i . know i'm right here no i'm right here . i'm right here okay . relax this guy's so beautiful it's a . name there can only be one superman. that's me i'm the black superman are you . so angry all these those black superman . always goes i got child support i ain't . pay yet no way my scenario people who . love me exactly you know i always wanted . to say one thing let's jewish people . we've had a lot of persecution do the . word ghetto comes from the polish city. ghetto yeah but you don't live in one . that's true i live in a very nice . neighborhood hey you shut up everybody . listen to me and there's a lot of noise . and gear up and son now listen i don't . feel like doing this okay i want to . close out my pad i want to get out of . here where's my home okay let's see it . with you oh my god somebody's been . spending. telling the misawa second saying you . spent too much there's a place down the . street at the fort for half the convoys . would you tip tip anything i leave i . started from the desert now i'm a whore . my god . [music]. relax felix what are you doing here with . what day is this what are you oh my oh . you who are you. i'm middle eastern superman i'm not at . least and super middle eastern super we . don't need you for this no we already . have a middle eastern superman i know . but my people originally are from middle . earth with you americans you walk . straight line is panic i have there i . talk i've it's cut is much the charmix . the hell that is. superman you don't want to be here. anyway they don't have any like hookahs . or anything so you can't stop all it's . called shisha i don't care okay listen . guys there can only be one superman okay . that's me no it's clearly only me okay . guys early it's what the hell are you i . am friend superman supposed to affect us . llama just you in a moment for her you . should call me okay you don't mind just . putting your cigarette out we'd . appreciate it actually i do mind okay . yeah i don't know every time i look . somewhere there's another superman is. there any it's like to the right . [music]. excuse me swedish to permit switch . swedish overhead sweetie sweetie sweetie . soup swedish super sweetie superman . sweet sweet sweet . yo hey can you please turn the music . down a little bit please. thanks these guys they're everywhere the . swedish superman i'm getting sick of . this guy have listened to me and number . one what's up guys . well are you sorry i'm late bro stop . apologize okay listen i think you're . just a little too nice this is nice yep . dude i'm gonna go play some puck stop . being so nice i can't show you nice well . doc come on stats yeah i love hip-hop . music how missus delicious mazel tov . appreciate your shirt is there a loved . pokemon . see you later guys guys i have an idea . what do we all have in common . diggs kryptonite we're all allergic to . kryptonite i'm gonna line up some shots . some kryptonite shots we're all gonna . take them last man standing is superman. this challenge i think i'm ready . kryptonite shots please okay guys let's. do this. marco thor boys hey get the best . superman win there's a lock i'm black . i'm at the best meet win let me win . oh there's some expensive stuff where . i'm not pain . excuse me can i get a menu please yeah . thank you . [music]. .

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