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A wave of refugees crosses the U.S. border to seek asylum in Canada, leaving Desi Lydic to wonder if America has lost its status as the land of opportunity.
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I'm here on the border where people are . sneaking across desperate to escape a . country where they don't even feel safe . anymore but what if i told you that . country was america right this part's . america that's right last year over . 20,000 people illegally snuck out of . america and into canada. it started when trump began revoking. temporary protected status for hundreds. of thousands of immigrants the trump . administration has so far announced it . would also end this temporary status for . migrants from honduras nicaragua and . haiti all of this not to mention trump's . feelings about immigrants in general are . they isis is this a trojan horse has . prompted a new wave of refugees seeking . asylum in canada where their king in the . north prime minister jon snow is all . like you're safe at home now 90% of . asylum seekers are crossing along a . small section of the border about 25 . miles north of the town of plattsburgh . so i headed there to meet a local coyote . my contact told me to meet him here i . gave him the codename she wolf blitzer . are you daisy desi yep once we got our . bad tinder date out of the way i learned . that bill is a cab driver here in . plattsburgh and it's the cab drivers who . ferry the refugees to the border it's . gotten so busy that even party shuttles . have converted into migrant caravans. taking all these people right up to the . border of canada you know with . mayonnaise was a country . what the hell america is the country . where people sneak into right yes . because we had the american dream one . person well the american dream is still . there but you get do by the process the . way it's supposed to be done and now . should go for the us and for the canada . if i want somebody to come into my house . i want them to come through the front . door not to the back door that's what i . keep telling my husband yeah well there . you go except his birthday except his . birthday yeah we christmas in flag day . oh . i'll never forget slime day what were we . talking about the right you want them to . go through the front front door yeah . but these people can't go through the . front door because of a quirk in . canadian law if you cross at any . official border crossing your asylum . claim will be rejected faster than a . dick pic on linkedin. that's why asylum seekers are crossing. the us-canada border and an illegal . entry point on a dead-end road where . bill and i were headed wow this really . is like a bad tinder date we are turning . onto the rock sam road right here i mean . look at how beautiful this is . why would anyone want to leave this okay . not exactly this stretch of america we . at the end of this road is where they . cross is that toronto up there. no it's nothing wrong that's the . canadian his base before trump . this was wilderness but due to the flood . of immigrants at this illegal entry . point the canadians have built up a. permanent presence which includes the . world's largest bird house between 70 to . 80 asylum seekers arrive every day ready . to cross with everything they can carry . on the other side the canadian police . are standing their ground but then like . typical canadians they let him in anyway . i spoke with armstrong an asylum seeker. fleeing northeast nigeria where . terrorist groups like boko haram are . active well you must be stranger it's . terrible right now . it's too much for us to hear . from a total expression i wanted to grow . feel sick. to physical persecution recently but . armstrong was already in america. why not claim refugee status here. but what we do it is all right you need . a better life for ourselves a better . life i remember when people used to say . that about us you're hoping for a better . things in canada. today's mission opportunity we used to . be the land of that that's our brand . city on a hill land of the free is . canada taking our place as they watched . armstrong walk away i thought about all . we had been through these past 15 . seconds and i realized he wasn't just . going to canada he was breaking up with . america well we've just been dumped . there's one thing i know it's how to . handle being dumped know what yeah it's. not working out . i decided first before you decided to . him i spent all day trying to convince . people to stay any chance we can have a . do-over. what if oprah were president we're all . these people really choosing america's . boring cousin i don't think they're . coming back . maybe we should be reflecting or trying . to grow from this or we can just handle . it like any breakup seriously canada ah . look moeller's closing in we're gonna . change i hope you're happy together . only one person could pick me back up . which is because canada's younger than . us. we're so america we still got it going . on we are the bomb don't say things like . that bill yeah no it makes it seem like . we don't have it going on . [music]. [music]. you . .
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