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Get in a car. Take a drive in the snow.
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Gabi my different now that i have a . visible tattoo. this is your second tattoo but this one . is visible yeah . oh yeah we should clear that up but this . is my second tain't yeah . first step rate drop yeah drop top nope . jump drop top it's bad and bujji . so that's right yeah you're right but . that's not why you have a drop top no . that's not why you have that tattoo now . it's from the toe to the rain episode . yeah song from jersey boys. yeah from four seasons in jersey boys . that's how deep the cut is nobody said . anything about it who keep wanting . strangers to compliment me on it oh um i . mean do you want to just like go hang . out in the grove and like just hold your . mountains what do you think i've been . doing i've never heard i've never heard . any songs by the rolling stones or. prince never you've never not even like . walkin around a home depot he's never . heard rolling stone son or prince song . ever oh well the rolling stones most . famous song it's called toxic no it's . not mmm-hmm that's britney spears song i . don't know who that is . this week we have lauren malaysia do you . have to tell your friend if you have . feelings for them or can you just keep . it to yourself hmm . lock it up store it away throw away the . key am i right ladies that's just that's . what you want other people to do to you . i don't want to know if you have . feelings for me . yeah right keep it on the back burner . cuz she knows that her friend doesn't . like her back and she's not come gonna . make any move so what's the point of. telling him her feelings yeah i can see . your ear wax well no no no i actually . don't know the answer to this question . i'm not sure . cuz i feel like if it's eating you up . inside then maybe you like shouldn't be . friends with them i can't tell if if you . sang something to make yourself feel . better it's just self-serving because . you're putting your emotions on that . other person and like and like making . them uncomfortable for no reason . do you know any mean to absolve yourself . it seems like the right thing to do on . the surface but then you're like wait a . minute. you're just absolving yourself and . putting your problem on the soldiers . laura doesn't want to tell him she's . just wondering if that's like dishonest . not to well does it affect how she's . being friends with him. i don't know that no one no i'm not . friends with laurent i just got one . email i don't know the answer to this . one i think that you should stop being . friends with them and don't tell them . why i do know maybe because they think . about you for the rest of their life in . ten years they'll be like i love that . person oh my god i just figured out the . right answer ghosts um completely . dormant them make them realize how much . they miss and love you get married i . think maybe you're half right like you . should it's more than i thought yeah . like you should you can say i don't . think we can be friends anymore because . i have feelings for you and then be like . i'm gonna exit and then just let them. know why you're leaving you know i've . had to stop being friends with people . because they've had feelings for me and . i wish they'd just stop being friends . with me first me know that you liked . someone and then you were like i don't . want to be friends with this person you . know i do max yeah sometimes you're like . oh maybe a magical maybe our car will . get stuck in the snow and we'll like . magically fall in love or whatever do . you mean if you're like forced to hang . out yeah but like you know we live in la . though right i just mean that like don't . don't be friends with them with some . sort of notion of like maybe this will . change one day yes that is a problem . right that's yucky yucky yucky yeah i've . had friends who i think we're just . waiting for me to like break up with . other people or stuff. mm-hmm but i but i you knew . i got over it like you knew that like i . said something to you but i think you . never took me seriously so that sort of . worked out i also think that you like . everybody so it's like do you know what . i mean like some people like when they . like someone that really needs something . i don't think that's true for you is it . bad i don't get hung up like i'll like . someone and then if they're not into me . i'm like all right but you're over leaky . like 90% of the people you meet so it's . not like oh wow i'm saying i also get. over it very yes like i mean i never get . like hung up on someone who i haven't . like dated you know other than i was so . mad about. do you remember i was like that you got . hurt for like two months cuz she she . because she was dating someone else and . i was so mad yeah now she's dating you . yeah so thank god your car got stuck in . the snow this is quite its move this . part of this part oh why would it be all . the way up there know what your ex your . ux goes up there sometimes you get it . you gotta wash your hands you're right . you gotta watch her you this part oh . go wash your hands i don't want them on . my couch yes where was it gonna go . .
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