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Bra don't see anything i don't seem the type of light is on [music] hello but why is he always trying to do the most of these videos deserve everything on roads with ahead this big well and you need to see how big it is paul's thank you i can hear y'all so what are you doing here but what are you doing over there and you know i'm going to do dirty as behind is ok as we are first you are still my friends now you messing with the game each other hello can turn this thing on i'm trying to get the high score can i plan to get so high score then i just got the lowest floor my dad english defence what am i going to build your english task how do you fail english when you speak it oh is this show this is your friend bro bro well have you ever everybody calm heard of what bruh and you birdie dot-com what is it laughs i'm help you out and maybe any other college friends that you might have look you go to this website and you can literally hire professional nerds to help you write your english papers is fully confidential plagiarism free here [music] shit oh uh was good job welcome back a your creative right now okay to another installment of exposed sorry it is your hose with the rose i miss job barley now down so i know for these past installments of exposed i introduce some skills before the rose i may just want a little shorter for those of you for your boys doing too much but if you enjoy the longer skits let me know in the comments please number one number two i recently tweeted out saying i'm bringing back the polls and i asked you all for your suggestions and i have a list of most christian shows and at the end of this video there would be a pole card where you often vote on the exposed you want to see next but that being said you already know this thing goes you spoken i gross yeah are you alright hey les hey is this thing on god damn sorry about that char this boy big plato head call me by surprise like this has to be the nastiest looking cartoon i have ever seen but before i get on sit what do you mean hey is this thing on do you have already slapped that mike hey is this thing on but not anymore you can slap the life out there let's get going i need a better frame all of this nigga is still my lap look at him looking away no one need me foul sued i got a rose boy why do you look like it down a simpson wiz khalifa lovechild fake-ass little noisy bird how's everything on your face a different color it is it just me or do his eyes making blood drugs the owl like damn it's ok to blink cheez ki don't notice how out of all for these kids to go to school my men general is the only purple one is a nice races yet but damn they got him on his barney but shit i see you gerald he don't give a damn what city is talking about beyond her bag in these chicks some jump roping shoosh you need to leave made blind ass alone don't look at her so in weird you can tell me if she took your glasses off she would look like this do with longer play-doh funky as dreadlocks but with the glasses she looked like a in whoopi goldberg anime hate this place they moved way too smooth look how good to hit these moves spits loss no it's better just wanna be the reason why is this so lit right now go before school is only for students they get this crash on like every other cool as hell but then i look like a hairstyle is that big as christmas ornaments on your head in that outfit why do you have a 22 over your jeans stupid-ass can't tell if you want to do ballet or skateboard with them big-ass pink dc's on your feet do you remember elementary school why did all the white kids have either leg knees or dc's you'll kill me with them big-ass moon shoes but it is obvious general black with a big as pro club under his tea what is that they're riverdance way all charges see that happening now and what is she looking at man buddy gary oh ok in july six years old already checking out general cake little freaky as i know this next generation was awesome fast she barely learn how to use her cuckoo already trying to give it away the grooving on just hating a little bit of you do that was he dr. strange where is he coming from right now what why does this look like he climbing out of a dim like the wall is giving birth to him you want to be a gyno so bad are able seriously though if he can do something like this but can't fix his raggedy ass mike what is even learning at this school work like that this snake is so desperate for some more friends that he's playing twister by himself and probably still losing look at him back lonely and yeah you look guilty as hell and what is that in his hands i mean she we are the young ones yo sit the cranky it was after my time going up i remember pbs used to put out some quality educational content you're saying what is saying it like i really need to see what his parents look like shit do you'll notice that out of all these people why they only give general stupid as some teeth these fake-ass muppets he looked he looked like a disease tommy pickles my kid could not play with him him and seek with more later than sit as and gam grandma look at them big eyes glasses it if you need glasses that big just give up on site already it's not for you anymore and i know y'all see that citizen makes you broke brown and yellow breath boy here on his life skin too but miss suzy i know you're see susie sexy educated as please give me a detention i'll stand to class and clean all your chalkboards i know y'all got teeth but shit what them gums do i'm a freaky ass is fine with that i think you're on drugs the world is spinning what are you standing on lookout duck these continents look is that some damp angie is your mother was really standing on the globe i'm convinced this teacher put some in your milk box got here boy hell naw that's almost scared me look how glossiness man i bro is not to mention this gigantic ass magnifying glass what are you trying to see skin cells having dinner pitch i'm saying that the french kid and piss off wait a second almost regardless okay look yeah okay you remember earlier how i said gerald was about to bag these two chicks look at houses looking over at him like he's jealous look at that like you may even get invited sid let's be real you never had a chance you know what they say about them white girls once you go purple let's get you know if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs-up truly appreciate it not just saying that are your shout out to edge birdie for sponsoring this video appreciate job also shout out to my gaming channel around the keep shouting it out because it it's worth the shout out every time we always getting very very late on the channel right now is very intense we're playing the game going until dawn not going to take up all your time but here's a quick example of what we do over there wow very scary as hell that's a human one and she got a little bit of cake on head she got a little bit of cake on that back music picking up open it whoa oh my gosh every time i would my some bullshit happen give me fucking fake ass dr. phil here we go is he sitting down now did you just finish sucking him off and he's he's resting ok to jays god they're just big ass back to the shack ah oh yeah it gets real for your boy you shouted out to all that are currently watching right now to look love you're also really wants to make some merchandise yes so if you are a graphic designer and you feel like talent you got the skills and you want to work with me and create some dope for the easy gay community hit me and my email down below and we can make some stuff happen over talk or just ignore not display i'm not gonna do you like that but i do love you and i appreciate your time with these announcements and with that being said i love each and every one of you and i see you in the next video peace
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