SML Movie The Monster – SupermarioLogan SML Movie

SML Movie The Monster - SupermarioLogan SML Movie
[music]. so mario where's jeffy he's supposed to . be getting ready for bed all right i'm . all right for boom you ready for bed . yep did you brush your teeth no well . then go brush your teeth chubby bunny. rabbits don't have to brush their teeth . yeah go brush your teeth . jeffy okay what because i ate all the . toothpaste . jelly why would you eat all the . toothpaste sean wouldn't have to brush . my teeth what jeff you're not ready to . place is bad for you it's gonna make you. sick . well then why is your bubble gum . flavored huh yeah you don't know answers . now indeed god senator ben all right . jesse is there anything you need before . you go to bed time story danny a bedtime . story jeff you're too old for bedtime . stories. oh come on mario it won't take too long . well i don't know any bedtime stories oh . no why which one the little boy who . cried wolf . make it quick once upon a time there was . a little boy who took care of lots of . sheep and one day the little boy was . really bored so he cried wolf and all . the villagers ran in to come help just . to find out there was no wolf and the . little boy laughed and laughed and then . the next day and in the next day he did . the same thing he said there's a wolf . there's a rope and the villagers showed . up and said wait he's a lying little . there is no wolf and on the third . day if there actually was a wolf and the . kid said please help me dear god there . are clears the wolf help me help me and . the villagers said no we're not gonna . listen to him eli do it the first two . times so the wolf killed the little boy . that killed his sheep and that's all i . happened be damned winter push fart well . with the what your day a push bar why . are you i don't know just door bentham . good there good night jeffy . [music]. [music]. meet your monkey boy going on in the bag . oh mr. blinky . tell me what's wrong today there's a . monster in my bed . he took mr. blinky jeffie that's not a . must under your bed yesterday come on . mario i think we should check he sounds . really scared but if no such thing as . monsters not a mother's bed okay oh . we're so scared that you ship my band . what you share my bed today why would . you do that java and the pants for . some one day george how was it mean . mario i think we should go check but . there's no monster no such thing as . monsters come on mario come on one joey . your blankets right here . yeah jeffy i thought you said the . monster took it let's go to the bed for. the monster no jeff yeah i don't see a . monster at the bed was only do you see a . monster no monster jeff yeah i don't see . a monster jeff you don't know you're . talking about there's no monster under . your bed mario what if he's reenacting . the boy from the story what are you . talking about the boy who cried wolf . what if jeffy is saying he saw a monster. just to get attention . what are you doing that day i swear i . didn't even listen to this story i just . wanted to know what a please fart wise . which i don't fail you know what johnny . stop trying to cry he can say there's a. monster just go to bed go to bed oh good . night jeffy i always telling you true . helmet boy no one can save you now . sunburn it's oh boy i can't believe jeff . he said there was a monster under his . bed i think he was just influenced by . that story mario we're not gonna tell . him any more stories chevy there's no . moss on your closet jeffy you're just. looking for attention yeah chevy the . monster not so you can eat your butt . what chubby there's no monster here no . monsters jeffy yeah jeffy this is. horseshit there's no monster and you're . bubbling up there just want attention . daddy i saw the monster i know it did . you - no jeff you don't you go to bed . come on no there's not jeffy stop lon . jeffy you're the boy who cried monster . like the kid in the story try to be like . the kid in the story jeffy stop it's not . funny anymore you need to stop sick of . this. yeah jeffy we don't want to hear any. more about this monster you're just . making it up so just go to bed jeffy you . better not leave your room anymore . tonight you better not go to sleep . tonight because assert you to under each . chance . i don't know why jeff he had to act like . this maybe he needs to be medicated he . could be hallucinating mario hey die . jimmy what are you doing out of your . room . well i'm sleeping on the couch tonight - . no you're not jeff you're flipping your . room no i can't sleep in my room there . he told me he was gonna eat me in my . belly. when chevy there is no magis i don't . like a monster anymore no today i'm . sleeping on the couch and that's final . no jimmy no why are you so afraid of . this monster jeffy eat it there was a . monster why are you so afraid of it you . be at the bully at school you don't let . people pick on you so if there was a . monster where you just beat him up jeffy . you should use this bat next time you . see him you see the monster with you too . [applause]. [music]. hey guys i hope you enjoyed watching . this video if you did enjoy watching it . please hit the like button but i want to . give a shout out to my friend nick tendo . he's the one who animated the boy who . cried wolf he was a really good . animation and he makes really good . animations on his channel so go check . out his channel if you want to see him . he animates the sml video sometimes and . they look really really cool i always . look forward to watching him when he . uploads them but thank you again nick . for making that animation it was at the. last moment i messaged him literally . last night and i said nick i need an . animation can you do it for me and he . came through so thank you nick tendo . you're awesome and guys if you want to . collaborate with me i'm really open to . collaborating with fans so if you have a . cool skill or a talent post a comment. about something you could do and maybe i . can even collaborate with you so thank . you again nick tendo you're awesome go. check out his channel i love you guys . i'm hoping to get back on schedule . uploading every wednesday and saturday . this week but i love you guys so much . the sml movies coming out soon and i'll . see you guys in the next video nice . costume what are you talking about i'm . not waiting the costume what you're not . oh that must be your ugly face that's . why you're scary . no idea i'm not going to the treating . with you for now all you have to go . trick-or-treating with us dad no i don't . i don't even have a costume junior we'll . go get a costume i'm not gonna wear a . costume to over that well then you're . not you get a costume please chef peepee . get it cause you no way don't you're the . treaty with dyes if i find a costume i . might put it on but right now just fill . another this bucket of candy okay oh man . i really hope chef eb goes . trick-or-treating with me who's that. hello . hey max we figure of six costume . terrifying well yeah that's why you . dressed up like oh god i hate that movie . hey cody does your friend have any candy . for us . you bought the cow listen lady you're. dressing like a cow you already look . like one good one . yo yo yo what's up fam what is that your . stepdad cody yeah hey what acadia kasam . one hungry zebra he's not a zebra think . within me i know . well kota you come inside the halloween . no my mom wants us to go . trick-or-treating as a family oh cody if. you want to go spend halloween with your . friends you can do that really but . thanks mom that's awesome . cody but do you want some milk before . you go you you can suck it right from my . tit because i'm a cow dad no no no mom. not in front of my friends . oh cody why do your mom you're here when . she dogs don't know junior let's just go . so cody are you ready. hello that's a really scary costume i . know right but what are you supposed to . be oh . obviously - gotta kill my mom well who . killed your mom i don't know i just . think he looks like this oh . so are we ready to go trick-or-treating . or uh uh well not really shut beep he's . not ready yet so i with the wave let me . get ready okay . come on side though so anything shifty . be is gonna be ready to go . trick-or-treating i don't know whatever . he gets a costume you didn't have a . costume you can't go trick-or-treating . without a costume i know right speaking . of a costume what do you guys think . about my thomas costume huh . that's hip dude i think that costume . shucks halloween why scared no i'm not . scared or anything this is me two years . my bob guys oh yes for two years said . his mom died like did she died the night . before halloween no actually it was the . night of halloween cuz she died at . midnight oh she dr. midnight so it was . halloween haven't been the same ever . since well you still don't know how she . died no man am i suck not knowing how . your mom died yeah just imagine you . waking up and your mom's dead you don't . how she died like someone could have . killed her yeah oh guys what am i . - i dunno how she died you know she died . but look look i didn't know how to tell . you originally because i didn't know if . you guys would still be my friends so . can you promise that you'll still be my. friend if i tell you the story yeah . probably. okay well it was actually the night of . halloween so us playing my xbox dude . just having a fun time then my mom comes . in and she tells me i had to clean my . room . clean your room now i wasn't gonna stop . playing my games dude i was busy i had . something to do so i complain and then . she comes back and takes my controller . it says i'm grounded something i told . you to clean your room now you are . grounded no more video games oh i was . finished dude i was so pissed but i said . i said to myself just calm down . go to bed and don't think about it and . that's what i did after i went to sleep . i don't reme
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