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Snatch app Hack , Snatch App Parcels and Coins generator
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SNATCH is the NEXT BIG smartphone game and will steal players away from Munzee and Pokemon Go, so when you download the app and it asks you for a referral code, please add code: DFPBNL
If you are a lover of winning prizes and if you love playing Pokemon Go (or that Munzee rubbish), this app is for you! Snatch is the 7th most popular download on the Apple Store at the present moment and its popularity is increasing!
What is Snatch?
Snatch is an app which allows you to explore your local community and pick up boxes on the way. Inside each box you pick up, you can find coins and diamonds that will help you on your Snatch journey in play.
You are also able to find prizes which make a fantastic treat. The aim of Snatch is to walk. run and cycle around your local area and collect boxes that can be seen on a map. Once you have collected up to 10 boxes, you must hold onto them for 6 hours. However as easy as that may sound, people in your local area will be able to snatch any 10 of your boxes from you.
If you make it to 6 hours with your boxes, you can reveal prizes inside your box. Prizes change regularly however you can find coins and diamonds for in game purchases, NOW TV 2 month entertainment passes, Cash, PlayStation 4, Flight vouchers and many more different prizes.
How can I try to win prizes?
You are able to find Snatch either on your Play Store if you use Android or you are able to find it on the Apple Store if you have a Apple device. Once you find it all, you simply need to do is download it to your phone. Once downloaded, you need to set yourself a profile up on the App, I found the easiest way of doing this was connecting to the app via Facebook.
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