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First Daughter Ivanka Trump gets a White House job, recently impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye is arrested, and Donald Trump fights with his fellow Republicans.

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There's so much news we've got to handle . it in another installment of ain't . nobody got time for that all right let's . get straight into it remember how donald. trump and ivanka promised they wouldn't . turn the white house into a mom-and-pop . store yeah no nepotism remember that . well keeli they don't breaking news . first daughter ivanka trump take down a. new official role in the white house his. daughter ivanka getting a new title. assistant to the president an official. though unpaid government employee the. move coming in spite of ivanka's. assertion last year that she wouldn't be . joining her father's team people think. that you're going to be part of the . administration ananka i'm you know i'm . going to be a daughter and a lawyer . i mean look we all knew we all knew that . donald couldn't stand to be apart from . ivanka you know and in his four-year. term he was eventually going to find. some way to bring her in but but two . months i'm shocked at like two months in . this guy of the patience of a toddler. like a smart man would go for the long. con you know trump is the guy standing. outside the jewelry store going and now . we wait till the guards go home and then . what screw it let's go in now and by the . way this story comes on top of the news . that eric trump believable of the. trump's admitted admitted in forbes that . contrary to what he said is dad would . still be running the businesses that's. what he told us yeah he like remember . how back in late februari i said i. wouldn't involve my dad and our . businesses well now i'm going to report . to him sometimes all the time now on any. other day this glaring new evidence of . the president blatantly putting family. over ethics would dominate our time but . then you turn the page and you're like . oh world news breaking news were. following out of south korea the ousted . president park geun-hye has been. arrested it is the latest in a. corruption scandal which soft heart. removed from office earlier this month. park is accused of bribery and abuse of . power letting her close friend explore. millions of dollars from companies. including samsung wow a president. impeached removed from office and thrown. in jail imagine that no no seriously . let's all close our eyes. [music]. the story of south korea's president. being arrested isn't just big news day . it also affects america you see the uss . station thousands of troops in south. korea just in case north korea baby man. has too much building juice but now with. south korea's president in jail no one. knows if her replacement is going to be . friendly to the us but let's be honest . who has time for the world when. america's own baby man is declaring war. back at home now today president trump . turned to twitter to threaten some. members of his own party here it is the . freedom caucus will hurt the entire . republican agenda if they don't get on . the team and fast we must fight them. members of the caucus are not simply . taking it on the chin far from it the. michigan republican justin amash tweety . today it didn't take long for the swamp . to drain donald trump no shame mr. president almost everyone's that comes. to the dc establishment nope now first. of all that was a good burn secondly . this is when you realize how extreme. american politics has become freedom . caucus guy is accusing donald trump. donald trump of being an establishment. politician yeah that's like conan. godzilla a city planner that is so . extreme and also and also donald trump. it's not enough that he's fighting with. the democrats the fbi the federal court. and mexico now he's also fighting the. republicans he's like a political jackie. chan that's what is like it's just. slapping everybody. i'm not going to my like i could spend . my whole life enjoying donald trump in a. twitter beef with the right-wing. republicans but but not today because . i've got carolina on my mind lawmakers. in north carolina have reached an . agreement to repeal the state so-called . bathroom bill which required transgender. people to use bathrooms that correspond. with the gender on their birth. certificate the move comes after college. basketball threatened to move more games. out of the state in protest wow i knew . college basketball was big in america. but big enough to undo transphobia. that's insane a man turning into a woman . that is sick but not as sick as that. dunk am i right yeah honestly i can't. believe this is still an issue north . carolina has become such a disgrace . south carolina has changed its name to. north georgia and while this sounds. while this sounds like great news for. equal rights it's not necessarily the. wind that it might seem lgbt activist . some critics they're not happy they . don't consider this a victory they argue . that the replacement bill still leaves. room for discrimination that house still. 142 it gives the state the final say. regarding multi stall bathroom it also. prohibits cities from issuing their own. non-discrimination ordinances until . now i'm sorry but it is just pure evil. because not only can north carolina. lawmakers still discriminates they've. made it illegal to block discrimination. that's as evil so now the infamous . bathroom bill is overturned but the. discrimination remains which means. luckily for tar heels they can keep. their slogan welcome to north carolina . the most confusing states to poop in . hey everyone before you click over to . another youtube contouring tutorial just. a reminder watch full episodes of the. daily show for free anytime with the. comedy central app or at the daily show . com now you can go on your way and it's. all about the cheeks lines. .
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