South Park – Where My Country Gone? – “Your Hero, Caitlyn Jenner”

Garrison complains about illegal immigrants, and Kyle finally meets his hero... Caitlyn Jenner. Watch the new episode "Where My Country Gone?" for FREE here:
Now. . . last week we were all reminded that. intolerance still exist in our country. . . it took a very special young student to. light up social media and we've invited. . . him to the white house today to show our. appreciation because never have there. . . been more tolerant more moving words. then kyle broflovski speech about his. . . hero caitlyn jenner. . . come on here , you see there. . . this is why it's happening everyone's. preach and openness and acceptance and. . . so now millions of god damn immigrants. are coming over the border and nobody. . . seems to care what we are going to go. and produce rollers like you can t would. . . say anything negative about illegal. immigrants. . . wow row that somebody over here say. illegal immigrants because the correct. . . term is undocumented immigrants all. right prob. . . it's like nobody cares and they just. keep coming. . . crossing the border with their families playing their stupid music. . . i mean look at him i'll bet not one of. them is here legally. . . i got there but it and what's going on. man. . . but it another move that we should have. put up a goddamn while but wait they're. . . still mark because this country was. built on dreamers and kyle. . . we want to make your dreams come true so. here is your hero. . . caitlyn jenner. . . i just want to say thank you kyle for. your beautiful words of support. . . now can we got another little surprise. for you we told you we were flying you. . . back home but the truth is you're. getting a ride back all the way with. . . your hero how do you like that. . . dr. buckaroo. .
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