Speak for Yourself with Ben Stiller and Fred Armisen

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Jimmy and Ben Stiller show clips from their short-lived '90s teen drama, "Speak for Yourself," where they had to voiceover each other's lines.
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Speak for Yourself with Ben Stiller and Fred Armisen
-a lot of people. don't know this,. but we actually costarred. in a popular teen drama. back in the '90s. do you remember . -yes, that's right. i forgot about that. it was, um --. what was it called . it was called, um. -"speak for yourself. ". -"speak for yourself. ". yes, that's right. -"speak for yourself". was the name of it. -yeah, yeah. -we played. two high school seniors. -right. -. who were in love. with the same girl. and the show was great,. but there were. some weird audio issues. do you remember . -yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. the director, this guy,. giovanni puccini -- right --. who was, like, this very intense. italian director. -was he italian . -he was italian, yeah. [ laughter ]. and i remember, he had. a very specific thing. he liked my voice better. for your character,. and your voice better. for my character. and so we ended up having to. lip-sync each other's lines. while, you know, the other. person spoke for us. and i spoke your lines. -yeah, and i spoke your lines. -yeah. -and you would have to lip-sync. it was a little weird. -but you know, it was puccini,. so, you know, you go with it. [ laughter ]. yeah. -you're not gonna believe this. -no. what . -i have a clip. -no. what . -yeah, i have a clip. here's me and ben stiller. in the first episode. of "speak for yourself. ". watch. [ cheers and applause ]. [ theme music plays ]. ??. [ cheers and applause ]. -[ fallon's voice ] hey, chet,. word around school is. that you got the hots. for jessica pinkus. but guess what !. there's only one guy. at hinsdale high. who's good enough for her,. and that guy is moi. [ laughter ]. -[ stiller's voice ]. oh, is that so . because last i checked, reggie,. i'm the only one of us. who wrote her. a rockin' love poem. -say what !. prove it!. [ laughter ]. -"violets are blue,. roses are red. you're the only thing. in my head. " . [ laughter ]. -huh . -"you're a total babe. ". -that's the most beautiful poem. i've ever heard. [ sobbing ]. [ theme music plays ]. [ cheers and applause ]. ??. [ cheers and applause ]. -i honestly have to. [ cheers and applause continue ]. i honestly have to say,. that holds up better. than i remember. -yeah. -it really does. -you could barely tell. that we were lip-syncing. -yeah, yeah, yeah. -do you remember. what happened in the, uh. '. sorry. i guess i got hot. -that's all right. you okay yeah, yeah. -i was a relief pitcher. in high school. -right, right. -you got to keep the arm --. -you got to keep the arm warm. -i hear you. yeah, yeah. [ applause ]. i'll massage that. for you, there. -got to keep that working. -good. maybe just lose. -tommy john surgery. a long story. do you remember what happened. in the next episode . -oh, yeah,. when i had to sing, right . -yeah. -yeah, we both had to sing. oh, man, glad you don't have. a clip of that, 'cause. -well. [ laughter ]. -no. no way!. -let's take a look. at the second episode. of "speak for yourself. ". [ cheers and applause ]. [ theme music plays ]. ??. [ cheers and applause ]. -hey, chet. you probably heard. that our mutual love, jessica,. is singing the alma mater. at this week's pep rally!. [ laughter ]. -you bet your face, i heard. and i'm gonna be the one. to sing it with her. [ laughter ]. -say what !. i'm gonna sing it with her!. you probably don't even. know the words!. [ laughter ]. -well, guess again. ? hinsdale high school ?. ? let's go, crows ?. ? from our heads. down to our toes ?. ? caw-caw ?. -? we won't stop,. we have team pride ?. ? sports are outdoors,. and class is inside ?. ? caw-caw ?. [ laughter ]. -[ sobbing ]. you. have. t-t-t-t-the voice. of an angel. [ sobbing ]. [ theme music plays ]. [ cheers and applause ]. [ laughter ]. -yes. that was a very intense episode. -not as intense as the finale. -oh. oh. oh, you mean, episode three. -episode three was the. [ laughter ]. that was the series finale. -yeah. -it was a three-parter. -i remember that. -we finally get to meet jessica. -right. [ audience whooping ]. -let's take a look. at the third and final episode. of "speak for yourself. ". [ cheers and applause ]. [ theme music plays ]. ??. -tonight's. the big homecoming dance,. and jessica can only choose. one of us to love forever. whoa! there she is!. [ cheers and applause ]. -[ high-pitched fallon's voice ]. hi, guys. you're not fighting. about me again, a-are you . [ laughter ]. -no way, babe. i'd never resort to violence. to win your affection. -he's lying!. you can't believe. a word he says. -stop fighti-i-i-i-ng!. i can only take one boy. to the dance, okay . -well, who's it gonna be . -yeah, who-o-o-o . -who . -what !. -he said, "who ". -huh . -who. will. it. be !. -the dance. who's going . [ laughter ]. -to the big dance,. i have decided that i,. jessica. super jess,. the coolest girl. in the whole school,. the best. of the best,. the upper crust --. you ever heard of french bread . i'm better than it. i'm better than it. better than it. better, better, better than it. better than "better than it. ". better than it,. better than it. than it, better. better than it. than it, better. better than it. than it, than it,. better, better. better than that. [ cheers and applause ]. and i've decided. that i, jessica,. will be taking both of you. [ all crying ]. [ cheers and applause ]. [ theme music plays ]. ??. -seems like yesterday. -oh, man. -what a finale. -memories. -my thanks to ben stiller. and fred armisen!. .
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