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ps lol i'm Australian (parents are south african) for those asking about my fuked up accent ily
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Have you had any beef ever with . youtubers i was actually i this is what . i wanted to ask is it about me yeah . penis oh no penis i've talked to this . guy on grindr he just went by i'm not . gonna dance my little gang how many . times have you had sex last six months . oh so fugly and my stache you can't he's . a king i think i like ripped my mask . okay gaby wax toe massage . they don't recommend it i'm gonna stay. warm in the winter . so this vlog is about um i guess youtube . drama . have you had any beef ever with you to . booze only with all the ones i get it. jojo nothing where i'm sure there's . someone out there that just hates me and . i just think yes oh you look so tiny . compared to you tiny little head hey i'm . gonna vlog today because i have a lot of. stuff i'm sick because i love vlogs i . watched camis vlog i watched jack's . vault so much i have a g7x i'm a . youtuber i'm just a jack's house now i'm . gonna pick them up i just wanna i've . been up you know it's like a beautiful . thing so we're gonna go to target . because dang mama loves a target run and . so i will check in with you there bye . why am i always like i've been sick for . weeks. [music]. my pop blog take over no yeah you . tighten it all so i don't know how to do . things. gary push it in we can hop ina we can do . get antibiotics together cheer in camis . last vlog did you watch this i haven't . yet oh i'm sorry . camis last vlog i asked her to play the . penis day machine so you were just like . kids like right over that yeah but . that's half the fun it's corrupting the . youth oh my god oh my god oh my god my . queen my idols like noodle have you ever . had a beef with another youtuber i just . don't remind you that i'm a vegetarian . and i'm not scared of him . if they say you got beef what about you . do beef i was actually gonna talk about. what i was actually i this is what i . wanted to this is about me yeah . yesterday can i tell you what i think . happened yeah yeah yeah jack yesterday . and i couldn't because i was sick i was . like hey do you mind if i take a nap . because i feel so unwell and he was like . yeah now and then i was like how dare . you i really don't feel well but meg j . pan and chan are all there i said yeah . no but i said i read it like yeah now i . just feel really not well i'll probably . go get a haircut or something and i was . like how dare you i told you twice how . sick i feel and then you didn't even say . like can i help . i'm so sick i feel so sickening you're . like i'm gonna go get a haircut . i was assuming that you weren't that . sick and then sorry amen and this is why . i don't tell people i'm sick because no . one believes me one part was after that . then when you were like oh thanks i feel. fine and then i was like don't come from . i i know we weren't straight and i think . and then straight after we were like. good times yeah . trash bags here it is i mean i tend to. let go for bigger no cuz if it's too big . then oh . okay this game begins . okay penis oh no penis penis no okay . i've had enough i've talked to this guy . on grindr he just went by i'm not good . we told him you know him . seesee no what's his name he messaged . mean i didn't respond i mean excuse me . no i'm not going to my profile thing see . anything that on here wow there's right . now some hairy man we just stared each . other down we both knew i loved any . urban dock huh thank you the confidence . to dance my little game . [music]. bitch okay my hair is so flippy yeah is . it about your simpson yeah like a sim or . something how many terms of you in sex . last six months i can't i can't answer . that but not many my actual hair what is . that wendy's you know you have a hat . right but jack do i have a chin . yeah i don't know what's going on here . you're looking a bit bad different . really bad not like you'd normally look . your face shape looks different i hope . okay i don't have a chin it just goes . straight into nexus oh my chin is how . about that . yeah just four dimensional purposes . argument to me yeah okay 400 dirty truth . or dare question if you had to have a . threesome with the people in this room . bare oh yeah i love a good bear where . are you on the straight queer spectrum . beyond have you ever sexted anyone we're . disagreeing done i didn't say it . probably because i don't respond just . like sex some of the most recent ones . just from today all right can you get . into being a dominant top are you . looking for a blowjob at all at all . there's a lot of dick pics trying . oh no dixit like you oh huge definitely . not him do you think he's cute yeah . oh there's another one good they're so . bold with the dicks . he wants you to chop him yeah is he sure . and then you can do the real one yeah . i'll do a rewind and then i'll just copy. your dialogue do it just post people you . were in you did most i'm gonna put y'all . blog or post jack slug okay my name is . anne yavin iv videos every wednesday and . saturday so for that kind of thing . subscribing at the bell . that's county scott so subscribe to her . too and go watch the vlog that we did . cuz it was actually like way but it's. just funny don't watch your mustache but . but sometimes you have to know you don't . you never have to i have to oh sure next . but if you're gonna do it do it with . fries okay near-death experience . humming ida oh see it i was dying . okay new blog title camis got almost. died . [music]. i love that i can smell your burning . hair. [music]. .
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