Star Wars Whisper Challenge with Daisy Ridley

Jimmy and Daisy Ridley take turns guessing random Star Wars-related phrases while wearing noise-canceling Princess Leia headphones.
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Star Wars Whisper Challenge with Daisy Ridley
[ cheers and applause ]. -"whisper challenge. " . -all right, so here's. how the game works. one person will. put on headphones. with loud music playing. then the other person. picks up a card and reads. the random phrase on that card. the person wearing. the headphones has to try. and guess what they just said. and in honor of your new movie,. all the clues tonight will be. from "star wars. ". and we have some. custom headphones as well. all right, so --. [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. maybe you put these on first. -okay. -all right, here you go. -oh, my god, i can't wait. -yeah. and i'll play loud music, okay . [ laughter ]. is it loud enough . -[ loudly ] not the music choice. i was expecting. -oh. [ laughter ]. -[ shouting ] you're very loud. right now. -yeah. -okay, here we go, ready. ready . you look great with those, man. all right, here we go. [ laughter ]. a long time ago in a galaxy far,. far away. -something on the far, far away. [ laughter ]. -[ indiscernible ]. -a long time ago --. -a long time ago in a galaxy. far, far away!. -yeah!. [ cheers and applause ]. [ band plays ]. all right,. that first one was easy. that was easy. i knew you'd get that one. all right, good. -eventually. all right, ready . all right, so now --. -do i get to go now . -oh, wow. [ shouting ] whoa, whoa,. whoa, whoa, loud. all right. [ laughter ]. all right, yeah, yeah, yeah. ready . -i'm rocking, yeah. -lando --. -lactic!. [ laughter ]. -lando calrissian. -lactic acid. [ laughter ]. -lando calrissian. -lectro --. -lando calrissian. -lectro nitrogen. -lando calrissian. oh, they're "star wars" themed. -yeah. -say it again. -lando calrissian. -lando calrissian!. [ band plays ]. [ cheers and applause ]. i forgot it was "star wars". themed. i forgot it was. "star wars" themed. i'm like, "wait. ". for a second i thought it was. like a science theme to it. all right, here we go. -i love this game. -yeah, all right, ready,. okay, here we go. -[ as yoda ] do or do not. -no, that's hard!. did you start . okay. [ laughter ]. do you --. -do or do not. -oh. -there is no try. [ laughter ]. -no idea. -[ normal voice ] all right,. ready . do or do not. -do you want some ham . [ laughter ]. -what "star wars" movie is that. from again . do you want some ham . do or do not. -do you want to cram . [ laughter ]. it's your body language, too. -oh, oh, yeah, it's my. body language, that's right. oh, yoda!. [ laughter ]. -[ as yoda ] do or do not. -do or do not!. there is no--. there's no try. [ music plays ]. [ cheers and applause ]. -yes. -[ normal voice ] i got yoda. i was trying to do the voice and. i know you can't hear the voice,. yeah. what am i doing . -you were so nonchalant. -yeah. i do a good --. good yoda, i guess. all right, here we go. oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. yeah, yeah. [ laughter ]. whoa, whoa, whoa, the speakers. are banging on this. yeah, yeah, yeah. -ready . -oh, sorry. i have to look at you. -"star wars" themed, remember. oh. [ laughter ]. -are we going . -yeah. help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope. -stop. [ laughter ]. pick -- pickled -- pickle --. [ laughter ]. stop. -help me, obi-wan kenobi. -a licky --. [ laughter ]. licky pickle. you're my only hope. slow it down. -help me --. -elm. -um, help me, obi-wan kenobi. -elmo!. elmo says hi!. [ laughter ]. elmo say hi!. you're my only hope. -oh, my gosh, it's elmo!. i can't believe i'm watching --. i'm on "sesame street. ". help me --. -i love you!. -oh!. -help me, obi-wan --. -help me, obi-wan kenobi!. you're my only hope!. yes!. [ band plays music ]. [ cheers and applause ]. -come on. daisy ridley, everybody!. .
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