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Now that's what I call a "sticky situation"! This week we have a huge compilation featuring people in some very compromising positions! What' the stickiest situation you've ever been in? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to submit your video to

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Caption: [applause]. jesus christ . [laughter]. i am stuck in this table mom what do you . think i'm doing . i can't sit back any further mom of my . old back taught you to see aria what did . you do what did you do oh you did this . to yourself . did you did this to yourself. [laughter]. did you fall to hell with your soccer. [applause]. [laughter]. look what happened here holy smokes . and i ain't gonna be able to study for . about an hour i don't know how the hell . i'm gonna get this syrup off the floor. cuz this little one right here lucas . what are you doing hey what's wrong . what's wrong is there a toilet seat . stuck on your head how are you gonna get . it off is it a bad situation. mom do you want some scissors what's . wrong this a seat belt around you can . you just get out the truck real quick . take it out is there a problem . how are you i don't understand . do it you need to get a car seat for you . just get out. it's a seat belt come on you're a grown . woman. [laughter]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. .

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