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Hey let's have you guys okay i am so . excited because today i'm starting a new . series that i've been wanting to do for . so long i'm so fascinated by people and . how they live their lives and how . different my life is from theirs and one . of the people that have been most . fascinated with for a long time is . trisha paytas forget you forget you yes . trish now not only is trish somebody who . i'm fascinated with who i've been. watching on youtube before years she's . also one of my best friends and honestly . more like family to me . she's been there for me through so many . things and just like a little background . on that i met trish when i was going . through a pretty hard time and i was . dealing with some eating disorder stuff . and i had pretty severe depression and. she was one of the people that really . helped me get through it and somebody i . could talk to about it she's also one of . the people that helped me come out and . told me that it would be okay and . because of that she is somebody who i . consider family and i would take a . bullet for her and i literally see her . being in my life until i'm 100 years old . and i just feel really lucky to have her . but with that being said she is still . one of the most fascinating people i . have ever met . i mean her apartment is covered in. pictures of herself she gets up at like . 6:00 a. m. every day to do full makeup . and glam she does eating shows where she . orders like every type of pizza from . every type of restaurant and dries them . out and talks about her life she has a . huge pink g-wagen that is custom that . she drives through mcdonald's like it's . everything she also makes music videos . and does dance videos and makes pop. songs and she's so open on camera . full-on crying and putting a bag over . her head eating nothing else to do but . it is so entertaining and i want to know . what it takes to be trisha paytas i want . to know if i can do it . so today i'm going to be switching lives . with trish i mean full on hair makeup . choreography music videos eating shows . driving her g-wagen it's gonna be insane . but what she doesn't know . is that part 2 of this video is her . having to live my life no showers no . glam eating boring healthy food dealing . with my animals living with my boyfriend . it's gonna be fucking everything alright . so here we go time to switch lives with . trisha paytas okay i don't know why i'm . so nervous like i know her she's my . friend but i i've never done anything . like this before i'm freaking out okay . let's go if i don't dress she's gonna be . in full makeup full glam okay cannot . wait let's sit down i hate everything . we're doing today which is my favorite . show ever which is not part of the plan . today but we can do it the part - oh my . god jason really really excited but also . nervous because your life is crazy like . you do a lot of things you have a lot . going on and i don't know okay this is . like a low heat because this is like my . normal so obviously like you know i go i . get my glam in the morning this is like . the first thing i see she's like three . hours back you might take longer because . you have a lot like your eyebrows your . beer. then we're gonna snap because i'm . starving already . definitely ah to eat drive-thru queen . you're not gonna drive routine but i am . i'm gonna drive the g-wagen yeah hunter . side drives are doing or you'd rather . for about have two cars . you have to eat you can't spit out today. then you're gonna go to the dance studio . and you're gonna learn my freaky routine . and you're gonna meet some of my dancers. and you're gonna perform before my fam . and me and everybody give me everything . all right all the box are quaking and . all the queen's are shit shut shake it . savage all of it all this it's like you . work up a sweat you burn all these . calories and then we can have this epic . move bomb my favorite they just come . home and it's ordered so much food so i . think we need at least like . calories or something like that you know . what i mean okay that's a lie i'm . excited before we get into all of that i . think you need to do an amateur . oh yeah there's some amazing shit i . don't think they've ever seen . i'm used to pretty um private but for . you and for the views we'll do an. apartment right now we are in the grand. living room this is ran because the high . ceilings because of the paintings it's . like the museum of tricks basically . everywhere you go it's trish trish trish. trish trish these are actual cum stains . and those are actual bulk bags if need . be but it's literally like from lube and . stuff i try to like get it out and stuff . like that but we broke up it's not a . thing anymore this is big . okay you need to see this hearing this . is her thousand dollar no it's $4,000 . wow and then of course of pink . rhinestone starbucks or the diamonds . swathi . that's crystals yeah okay so then we . have three bedrooms this one's kind of . storage area you can write out for clam . if you want if you want a glam robe you . can be internet princess literally you . though. shana oh my god everybody's everything . iconic okay so there's literally my . naked picture of her right next to the . toilet so every time i pee i stare at . her laughing at my small penis whoa . what's like your most expensive purse um . well you know i have two chanel's when . they got stolen truth pieces i had some . friends fuck my jenelle's went missing . along with a rolex . how much six thousand dollars those . ramones you guys have seen her on . youtube my rolex with twenty five . thousand dollars and they're gone so . those are the longer i think my jeep on . she's like a couple thousand which are . behind you they're like this perhaps up . here no this is fucking trash we hate . them hate for that little bit two . thousand dollars that's a lot of shoes . holy fuck and then my room is actually . really gross a trashy to what we feel . look at that wow you're naked . yes love a nicotine oh my god your . laptop ukulele ukulele. that's your house just right oh yeah . this is a compel for real this one rat . down there we have so much in common . really he does have to come holloway . right everywhere oh no you just grab i . like i'm got some actually use it on two . different guy who's probably not a good . idea okay i love this rope which one . rich bitch oh that's what you do all . that robes actually work for you i wanna . fuck myself i'm on my bisexuality - oh . [music]. wow my face is so fun not your fault . [laughter]. it's wig time oh i'm so fitted the wig . is what makes it right now i look like . manny anyway after i did i think you . look beautiful it looks like me we look . like twins but like i was in the womb . too long . no you skinny though i'm literally the . same okay why did we look so pretty . [laughter]. i've never liked looking in a mirror . really love it it's hair makeup . oh now we want to do the outfit which is . body body adi adi that's a lot of bodies . and i got them all so i like three . makeover trick position if you need any . help just holler but i am excited i . wanted to be like a reveal this is your . she's all that moment and we're gonna go . back to achieve alright good luck okay . is this it what is this. i need like more clothes i'm gonna . figure this out i guess and then have a . panic attack but i look hot update it . didn't fit like at all and my balls were . out it's a problem so we're starting. over . trish is gonna come show me some of her . clothes i'm gonna go through it so um my . ass is big okay so i need something for . a big ass they're american apparel . they're like extra large oh my god you . love aha now i am tana update it's . literally been an hour of me trying to . figure out what to wear these clothes . are so uncomfortable it's so hard to . figure out. i give trish so much respect as i. literally feel like i'm about to die . right now look how much was sweating i . sweated off my tanna now i look like . real tana oh my god and this is what i'm . currently working with this is not trish . oh i was like trish's dad oh fuck oh god . i think my dress falling off ow oh my . god it burns out 30 words oh my god if i . went blind and this was the last time i . saw myself oh my god my mascaras running . should i go to the kitchen floor . [music]. my boyfriend cheated and i'm fucking . exposing him. we love me okay so now what's next so . now they just let your own whole ordeal . it was a lot i always have my energy up . for when i record indiana so we should . get a little tiny snack maybe survive . through real quick since we are short on . time and we're gonna just be fabulous in . the pink g-wagen i also be smash it . honest iconic yeah i feel good i'm ready . let's drive. [music]. oh wow okay my tutu stuck in my ass . oh my god it's hardly an icon okay. mcdonald's here we come your security . guard and return of you okay rolling . through i'll be back . we're going to mcdonald's you want. anything okay i'll get him nugget just . for you he wants to fuck me . aha - reza should i yell at people the . other people in this wig i want to be an . asshole . because you're channeling gg you need a . channel trish hi we know okay so i'm . gonna have you coach me okay i was back . here because you wanted to literally . replace me i need to only be the pretty . one in the front always okay so i need . to like channel you more and channel . paris hilton laughs okay so ask me some . questions and i'll try to answer is you . i mean every guy i've dated has either . used me or big gay or tried to kill me . so currently yes i'm dating all three of . those let's see here are you currently . on any medication or drugs . yeah i kind of just keep like a. halloween ball like of candy out but it . medications you know what how true . sometimes it's candy sometimes it's . medication it's the fun game i
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