Sylvester’s Catnip Crisis

Sylvester goes on a bad trip. Flaggle Claggle.
Beer diary jan you ever forced today is . officially the worst day of my lives my . human slave get out catnip to random. kitty and get eason but none for me when . i asked him why she was a total pig . about it can you for the last time no . hey look you already ate an entire bag . already remember kitty . yeah well that was enough hey look . you'll get some attentively right i . don't know maybe when you stop asking . daddy what . please stop it of course i had a whole . bag of catnip but that was like forever . ago this is not fair i watched those two . idiots eat can't hit fight and gag like . morons i've added my own little pile . while they weren't looking but . eventually i had no choice but to step . in and show them that they were doing it . the wrong way this is my cat . maybe you can both just go to hell once . i've gotten rid of them i caught my . breath gathered up what was left of the . catnip found some paper rolled it up and . did that the right way and it was . so nice then i sat down and stared at. the big dumb dog i mean just look at . that giant stupid face 90 pounds of . stupid all packed into one enormous ball . of it's hard to take it all in you . know you just look at it it's it's . insane the just happened . it's okay everything is okay you'll be . fine i've done catnip before this is . completely normal there's nothing to . worry about dear diary i gotta go that . was some really strong catnip but i'll . be fine. oh my god random kitty is a. rainbow on my head right now this is not . mine please diary help i am not okay . everything is okay . [music]. here you get ethan hey sylvester my hey . buddy i just wanted to you know . apologize for for earlier okay i know i . shouldn't have excluded you so deal do . you want some cabinet mm okay . [music]. .

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