Tariq Nasheed Exposes Umar Johnson As A Fraud

All right because i'm recording this now . but i got to address this fat nigga . dr. o moussed . johnson now he just did a live video now . let me let me start over for those who . don't know almost the moist . walrus lookin nigga put up a post today . just disrespecting me taemin he gonna . address address me and boyce watkins . tonight and a lot of people too like . yeah yeah yeah this is not a good look . for the family but look look i don't let . this hoe ass nigga yeah i just saw the . livestream on instagram he's making . threats about what he's gonna do . physically if people got his name in his . if we got his name in our mouth talking . about me and arm boyce watkins nigga . boom boys your name is in my . mouth if you put you know this niggas . doing all that sniffing and blinking if . you put my name in your mouth it's gonna . get physical nigga . omar johnston umar bitch-made . johnson your name is in my mouth nigga . i'm sayin your bitch-ass name your name . is in my mouth you should say . imaginary goons clown ass nigga look . look look look dude umar johnson big fat . nigga bitch-ass khan ass nigga oh . this look let me first of all let me . apologize. jermaine shoemaker would have to . your name is nigga yeah he's gonna call . the phantom goons he's gonna call the . phantom goons this fat boy . been taking shots at me for a long time . if ya as you have noticed this kumar has . taken shots at me for a long time i've . done nothing nothing nothing . but help this nigga i help this nigga by . putting him in my movie do you know this . nigga just did a livestream talking . about i owe him a favor because of him . making he made hidden colors pop off . this niggas on livestream time out yeah . yeah to reach the head my back sniffing . in blinken's. story should i had my back because i did . him a favor with hidden colors i made . hidden colors pop off my. dude i've been so neutral with this hoe . ass nigga understand that boy you. ain't gonna do uh your name is in . my mouth i'm gonna keep saying it and . you ain't gonna do a thing . hehe the snickers been talking slick . about me for years and i've let it slide . i've let it slide he's a boy man . who mars the why i stayed people . man y'all don't start that man y'all . can't be doing this member how much. longer i gotta let this fake-ass con ass . fraudulent ass nigga just take shots at . me man enough is enough damn i'm . defending this nigga he he does there to . be a you tell my chino troll you didn't . have my back. who said charter to the game is omar . stole some i didn't say all that . you talking about nigga this dude . umar man he has been taking shots at me . for the longest i put him in my movie he . takes a shot at me i defend this nigga . again to the stripper when that . popped off i defended him he came out . on me put on some tweets . timeout when i went on my code of . conduct or he's like yeah cold the cons . i just keep my name out your mouth you . the bill he deleted the tweet . he'd been doing a little like that . for a minute man i'll let it slide . because i'm like if i go in on this . nigga that's gonna look bad for the . movement what we trying to do i don't . want it to be all crazy but this he's . going beyond subliminals umar has gone . beyond subliminals he's been taking. shots at me for years . i've let them slide i've let them slide. family i would like for you to find any . public comment that i made this a . hold on somebody said this is umar sneak . dissing me last year i mean that people . shouldn't see us all the time scholar in . the world about one of the most popular . voidform in turkey they wouldn't care . where i got it would be irrelevant it . only matters because they wish that they . were in my spot so i'll tell them like i . tell you if you want the top spot i'm . the best. this niggas sitting in struggle hotels. find out how great he is . damn nigga i'm the best i'm the top . scholar i'm the most requested i'm in a . motel 6 and i'm the cuss elements i'm on . the top. that is cold you sound like a . idiot dude and you've been . sounding like a idiot. that's why people back up off your ass i . ain't dis you're my god cosign in this . niggas so i just stay out of your . i'll let you self destruct . nigga talkin that stupid you've . been talking for years but this bitch . nigga this bitch nigga has been taking . little shots i remember he did one . lecture i think it was down in miami . who's like yeah i don't you weak . i don't you weak is gonna get some money . to those monkeys talking french douglas . cook as much money i didn't make him and . then he just got on the live ustream . time i hear the man hitting colors hot . that's that so beer bay was talking . that it don't think it's from north . philly is that like a north really thing . and i love feeling i got a lot of love . but feel the infilling and ran that . nigga about it i heard niggas on in . philly on the streets don't with . that nigga niggas in the street nice i . donated money to this non-existent . school i donated some money to . the school i've been trying to help this . for years and he didn't act . like he did us a favor he's acting like . he did me a favor. i made your movie hot i made the hidden . color series hush bitch nigga boom are . you better a whole bunch of . documentaries know them had . popped off nigga. are you listening fat ass nigga . none of them have popped off except mine . what are you talking about nigga you've . been in a bunch of films and . nobody never heard of them except mine . how you helped me you haven't done a . bunch of that don't pop off how . have you helped me i got two movies now . that's when the number one spot you . ain't in them how you help me is . you talking about is this nigga on the . narcotic you sound like a fat ho your . name is in my mouth what you gonna do . all that we can get the boxing ring . we gonna fight . stop tweet me and come fake stop over . the twitter baingan nigga and come see . me what the you talkin about nigga . i'm with the get off the internet . and come see me you know where i am ho . ass nigga i'm not nowhere that's i'm not . like you i'm not a little random motel . sixes and like that sucking my own . dick talking about how nobody nigga . you sound like a idiot . nigga you can come see me i met my. office every day in chatsworth i'm not . that hard to find if you want to come . see me bitch nigga you come see me and . get off the internet we can do . this i'm the bitch . i get you get me nigga come get me . umar johnson your fat bitch-ass . name is in my mouth come get me i'm . saying your name over and over again you . say my name again your name again kumar . the big fat bitch ass nigga johnson now . people are like man he's having a . breakdown he's going through some things . stalling out to eat him he's been . going through a breakdown for a couple . of years boom our look look look listen . to me family listen to his hottie . yeah yes i got my heater on this heater . is right on my throat mm-hmm but this . nigga is trying to present himself like . some kind of conscious suge knight nigga . i'm so weak for you ain't gonna do . a thing . umma i'm not steady i'm not brother . polite no disrespect to him or said he . i'm not voice i'm not these dudes and . i'm not saying anything negative about . them but nigga that's robot don't . work on me you gotta come see me if you . with the shits be with the shits and . stop all that gangster talk on the . internet nigga oh my i'm gonna tell you . if you ever step to me nigga i will tie . you a beer and two bantu . knots and make you my bitch like i said . they got snatched your dashiki . up and i'll slap your titties nigga i . put some nefertiti nipple rings on your . bitch ass you ain't gonna do my . nigga if you're gonna do it do it get . the off the internet you do that . my nigga you think you talking. chicks if you say my name it's . gonna be it's gonna be consequences . well let's get the. consequences popping and stop tweeting . bitch ass let's get the consequences . popping you ain't gonna do you . flabby and sick and i'll slap your . cufi off nigga fake ass . bitch ass nigga then you've been eating . off me for what five years when . i put the first hidden colors out you . know what the problem is with this man . this is the problem with this bitch-ass . nigga omar this is what he been taking . little shots because the umar and every . group of people in every group and we . talk about the hidden colors group in . every group there's always the david . ruffin . and every group there's always the bobby . brown and every group there's always the . any king jr. it's always that one nigga . who think the is really all about . him is that one insecure ass nigga . wounded emotionally unstable nigga you . give them a little shine you give them a . little shine and they don't know how to . take any kind of notoriety or any kind . of praise so what happens they get on . some ego and don't know how to. handle it and when people give them . compliments and praises they take that . to another level and start riding . their own dick. that nigga's the david ruffin of the . hidden color series nigga this is my . johnson and the hood colors this david . ruffin and the temptations no man look . this niggas on some boys he's. a fat boy your name is in my mouth . umar do something your name is in my . mouth fat boy jerome wasn't named . um jermaine was what his name is . do something don't make threats . umar don't make threats to me i want you . to do what you're going to do don't make . threats to me my nigga don't sit on the . internet with your little hat on and the . ball on top and you're talking to . imaginary games nigga get up off the . internet and come do something nigga i'm . in the same spot my office out here. chatsworth i'm there every day nigga i'm . that hard to find. do something fat nigga do something do . so
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