TENNESSEE FAMILY FUN @ Margaritaville Island! Acrobats & Lumberjacks (Pigeon Forge Vlog #2)

We visited the Margaritaville Island in Pigeon Forge, TN for the first time and here is a look at some of the things we did including some Acrobatic Fun & Lumberjack Feud show! Thumbs up if you enjoy family vlogs!
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Note: This was recorded earlier this summer
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Who farted ok while looking at capital guys there's chaos is canceled this is our second place we're staying at right next to a ferris wheel well this is gonna be the coolest hotel we've ever stayed at because it's got all this cool stuff around the room but right next to a candy store we'll look at the felons and margarita boom all ready guys what do about this hotel room he fell down this is the nicest blender i'm here seen this is really got to be like it how do you turn this out look at you this is so weird we're like have like hotel rooms above shops caricatures you know i just ran into a spider web a little arcade down wow this place is really cool this place has a license oh can jump was that why it's one in the morning let's go down let's go check out this place will look at the ferris wheel it does smell like anything like this hulk this place is cool about last night yeah and the ropes course mommy wants to be here paula deen's channel yeah lexie loves to cook right right there followed being extremely hot fire wow you eat upstairs hi how long is the wait for a party of five hundred alice ok thanks bye like every time that's the blender that we have in our room isn't it whoa we got the airplane yeah is it part of the but no no look that's so cool as it gets filled up what is it better all right is it real football that's pretty cool he's that's dr. crane cases google we already ate like half the naturals and that's how much you still there ok yeah runner let's try to taste it makes that all what yeah yeah come on so he cut you can almost invisible bing bongs back there did see them all look thank you same screen time picture write it station three right here men you don't want to jump me bump on jackie don't eat a little what happened running up that something was like happening right now all right oh my god somebody stop her but to follow scared yeah i know alrighty in cinderella's coach come on chase me like that way that ambition with emergency let me jump because i care what you open you get this is not scary like this and do not forget to collect your personal blog well secure the most bears wheels are open so the great smoky mountain wheel hey look there's a mountain that i was smoking hey look there's our pool like a real bill for it me too pictures i like no nothing like that cheese with a friend thank you yeah member hey where does a derpy swing it was good really kind of short the skunk shoo shooting could you get chase choice for the camera here wow you're 38 238 pounds you ready did or you're going to jump high now hi ok do some tricks chase you got it i did i make going all right mike see how i'm like spotted a 2. 8 all that muscle ok no i notice you yet you are too fat what that man what's your name danny we're not dead funny but i don't eat it don't eat the frog got it what you get i'm going to you for headline who looks the best like to you you this one michael that one who wants to win i think i wanted i think they're gonna like my most know what is on me no no he'll be up to throw i'm going to show you guys that we're in a rush and you gotta check your home have to go like this yeah following in stitches turn the difference there's another escaping what are you doing kid because you're just relaxing on the stands on the car stands i'm sorry just elbowed him in the head come along and small oh my gosh oh yeah but this is the world's largest gummy worm three people toxic wings and it's a week with the cook monkey butt monkey boy what is it what is it and the other ella everyone say cheese with a guy 3g all those our mailboxes you why are you a little water guy can i want to see what is this castle of chaos what are you doing campbell is not food got everything what is that let me see together cookie autograph she can't eat it because it has writing all over what the bb so we can see yourself sound you can watch it as a car if you wanted to ok well their bare bottom i just because this one is bare cheeks your cheeks we won right tim mcgraw pilot wave goodbye well three arms three armed lumberjack that's why you didn't win the house kidding yeah yeah yeah ya ready to eat breakfast now come on the wrong with so much butter always think i'm gonna be red like what are you gonna be a blow like your purple chase i'm ready boom how do you got losing like how you feel about losing my kids and she told me to get ready he wasn't even on your team let's see how you're losing i'm ready i 113 everybody yeah mm-hmm like my cooking hit me in the head be right there face you got a tickets so you can get for lollipops or you can get two lollipops into twizzlers that's all three minutes and 22 seconds he could be mommy's was three minutes and 23 seconds now it's my turn already goes wish me luck yeah max our only good to say to me you can come over wow come on i gotta win we got a ring i mean haha i used to playing tricks on me i just got lost in there now that you've got to try to make we find you you're right there haha fine be yeah you beat me what was my time i was like six something wow no i should just turn on the flashlight again my flash like your face trick alrighty money and let's get going the lazy maze broken later haha lexi trip in that go into later yeah yeah yeah i did he bring out how to the road to leave this you guys from yeah all i this small laser about to be broken now mom's gonna break it yeah she on my gosh my vote real easy 13 lasers good job guys you guys have hit the high record pace is that your buddy little hi caro nice to meet you well that was fun we just kill godzilla how is that is only an awesome not really yeah well that's it for our trip to pigeon forge tennessee make sure you check out the other video we rolled down a gigantic hill and a waterfall say have a fun date yeah
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