The Boys of Stranger Things Are Obsessed with High School Musical

Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard shows off his best impression of Zac Efron as Troy Bolton in High School Musical as his castmates Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp discuss their love of the Disney movie.
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The Boys of Stranger Things Are Obsessed with High School Musical
-welcome, welcome,. welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ]. -it´s so bouncy. =it´s always good to see you. and we´re not bouncing anymore. we´re not bouncing anymore. what . -these are bouncy chairs. -they´re very bouncy. yeah, mine don´t bounce as much. we can do the. whole thing bouncing. all right. all right, let´s settle down,. kids!. -jimmy!. -this is your first time, noah. i´ve met these dudes before. yeah. -but this is the first time. you´re here. -i´m very excited. -welcome to the show. -thank you. -i´m happy that you´re here. guys, i´ve said this before,. but i think you´re the best cast. in television right now. unbelievable. [ cheers and applause ]. i love --. every single person. on the show is fantastic. -thank you. -but you guys here have. such great chemistry together. and awesome. you guys won the s. a. g. award. for best ensemble, right . -yeah. -for a drama . [ cheers and applause ]. [ band plays ]. -what was that like, noah . did you have fun there . -that was crazy. i mean, we didn´t even,. like, expect --. -wasn´t that your, like,. first award show you went to. with us . -no. -or no . -no. -but it was --. -it wasn´t. never mind. -no!. -no, it wasn´t, yeah. -no but, like, now it´s so cool. that he´s like with us now,. so like, yeah. -yeah, but you guys didn´t get. to act together much. in the first season. -like three scenes, two scenes. -yeah. -literally two scenes. -yeah. -yeah. did you like going. to the s. a. g. awards . -i did three scenes with you. remember the bike race . -oh, yeah, that was fun. -oh, yeah. -no, i think it was four scenes. -yeah, you´re right. [ laughter ]. jimmy, you´re right. -thank you, i am right. thank you, i appreciate that. -yeah, you´re welcome. finn, i- love you said. that you were kind of shocked. when you look in the audience. and you see, like, meryl streep. and taraji and everybody and. you´re kind of freaking out. you´re like, "wow,. this is really happening. ". so you kind of blacked out . -it´s -- yeah, oh yeah. totally blacked out. it was surreal because, like,. i was hearing david harbour´s. speech and it was super. theatrical and amazing. and then i see, like --. i see emma stone. and meryl streep going,. "mhm. ". [ laughter ]. and i was like, "i made it!". -i made it. let me just show you a picture. this is a close-up. of gaten and caleb. -go for it. -look at the --. look at you guys. [ laughter ]. -i got the pray hands going on. -i know. [ laughter ]. -you had to pray. -whoo!. -i´m blessed. -thank you,. -yeah. are you guys all. real buddies in real life . -no, nah. -no, we hate each other. [ laughter ]. -but you did hang out. halloween night, though . -yeah, we did. we watched. "high school musical. ". -yeah. -it was weird. -wait, what . -we planned on watching. a horror movie. -i got a text from gaten saying,. "come downstairs and we´re gonna. watch a bunch of scary movies. ". and i show up, and they´re. watching "high school musical. ". i´ts the scariest movie of all. -sadie is a very big fan. of "high school musical". and so is my sister. when she was younger. like, she was there for when all. the movies came out,. so i would watch them with her. and of course, the music would. always be playing in my house. so sadie starts to sing it. and it opened a flood gate. in my brain, and all of a sudden. i start singing the harmonies. and the correct words. and i´m like,. "i can sing this back up. ". -he´s like, "i don´t know. the lyrics,". and he´s like, "oh, my god. i know it. ". and he would start singing. -i meant --. i don´t know the words. ? it´s like catching lightning ?. -i´m like, "what in. the world is happening ". -i love that you all --. -the reason --. no, the reason why i played. basketball was because. of zac efron. [ laughter ]. it was troy bolton. -troy bolton, absolutely. -do you want to see it . do you want to see my zac efron. impression . -yeah, let me see it. -sorry. can i do this real quick . -please, please. -kay. -zac efron in. "high school musical. ". -okay, it´s a lot of this. ready . -yeah. [ laughter and applause ]. [ band plays ]. -so good. -i want to grab him and --. -not bad. that´s a good impression. -sorry. -it´s more with this, like this. -it´s more like --. because he´s not actually. grabbing his head. it´s like --. -no, you don´t want. to mess up his hair. -yeah. -please. i got scenes to do. i got dancing to do. [ laughter ]. i heard a thing on set, finn,. that you were like very sneezy. do you have, like --. -oh, my gosh. -yeah. -yeah, caleb,. you were telling me. -okay, first season,. this is when we discovered this. whole thing about him sneezing. it´s the first scene where he´s. like, "the shadow walks --". what is it . -"grows in the wall behind you. ". -"grows in the wall behind you. ". so, this is finn. -swallowing in darkness. -he´s like, "[ sneeze ]. the shadow grows. on the wall behind you. ". i´m like --. -trying not to laugh . -a tear comes down. my eye like this. [ laughter ]. -the thing was is. i don´t, like --. -it´s so bad. -i don´t want to get out of. character to, like, throw off. the scene but that throws off. the scene even more because. i´m like, i don´t mention it. -yeah, and you tried to stay in. character but it didn´t go well. -yeah. -so he went --. he didn´t go, " [ sneeze ]. a shadow grows --". he went, [ sneeze ]. [ laughter ]. -yeah, i was wide-eyed. -he did it about, like,. 20 times this year. -what can you say,. ´cause no spoilers. everyone hates spoilers, but. basically everyone´s seen it. have you guys seen it . [ cheers and applause ]. i´ve only seen --. -it´s been out since friday. -i´ve only seen episode --. -catch up,. whoever hasn´t seen it!. -i´ve only seen the first one. [ laughter ]. -catch up. -no. i only -- only episode one. -only one . -yeah, only the first episode. -catch up, jimmy!. -i know, i´m going to catch up,. but i want to, like,. spread it out. i enjoy it. -he has a job, guys. -get the program. -yeah, thank you very much. i appreciate it. yeah. -i understand. -but what can you say. about this one,. about season two . there´s more of you. noah, you´re tight. [ cheers and applause ]. no, you can´t clap for yourself!. hey, guys, settle it!. [ laughter ]. don´t make me turn this desk --. turn this desk around, yeah. -we´re all doing. the interview like this. -see what´s behind my desk,. which is nothing. oh, you know,. i have a baby drake. -aw. -hey. [ laughter ]. -but, let´s get to season two. what is going -- i don´t even. know what you´re talking about. now, let´s --. [ laughter ]. -okay, okay, we´re ready. -okay, back. -mini-drake is a big fan. at the end of season one,. you threw up that slug. or whatever that was. -yeah. -or like a worm or something. and then it just went,. and then the credits came. and that creepy music. and it was great. this scene we´ll see. -okay. -you guys are dressed. as "ghostbusters" for halloween. -yeah. -it´s kind of set. around halloween. -okay. -at least the first episode was. -yeah. -i don´t know. -yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -okay. i want to show a clip. here´s a scene from season two. of "stranger things. ". take a look at this. -tt´s, like -- it´s like,. totally tubular. -totally tubular. -what a gnarly wave, dude. -totally, bro. [ laughter ]. -stop! [ laughs ]. [ bobby pickett´s. "monster mash" plays ]. -watch it, zombie boy!. -trick or treat, freak. -boo!. [ cheers and applause ]. -drake!. -you want to take care. of mini-drake . he´s a little nervous. take care of mini-drake. -oh no, drake!. -no. no!. -no!. -you guys, season two. of "stranger things". is available now on netflix. .
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