The Daily Show – The Legend of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders closes in on Hillary Clinton in the presidential polls, so Trevor examines the Vermont senator's brand of democratic socialism.
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But maybe you should buy powerball. tickets this year because it seems . is when long shots just my payoff. bernie sanders is within striking. distance of hillary clinton in both iowa. and new hampshire sanders also. outperforming clinton and hypothetical. matchups against the republicans in the. last quarter. he raised 33 million dollars just four. million shy of secretary clinton despite. clinton raising 112 million dollars. she's worried about a surging sanders. yes a surging sanders. something tells me you want to search. that on urban dictionary you know. surging sanders it's when you come out. of nowhere as the as sanders catches up. with and even surpasses hillary clinton. in iowa and new hampshire polls are you. you might be wondering who is this. rising new yet old force in the. democratic party and so tonight ladies. and gentlemen we present the legend of. bernie sanders. bc sanders was born in brooklyn in and raised by his parents. a check of our poster and a scratchy. wool sweater turning points and sanders. life came as a teenager when he was. bitten by a radioactive senior citizen. giving him the power to be as grumpy as. 10 old men sandals soon moved to the. man's launching his political career by. running as an independent for mayor of. burlington he won that race and later. ran for congress and one that too. then he ran for senate and one that and. if he didn't get into politics. he probably would have won the voice as. well and you think this is a joke but. bernie sanders released an actual folk. album in 1987 titled we shall overcome. i went walking that ribbon of highway. i saw about me that endless sky way i. saw below me. that golden valley. this. land was made but you and me. that is amazing that is that and that is. real by the way that is bernie sanders. and that is a real song that he made. even if he does become president. i hope he doesn't give up singing no we. need more bernie sanders covering songs. okay just imagine hello from the other. side. hello can you hear me from the other. side where the buttons on this thing so. that's where sanders came from. now the big question is what is and is. believed in what is his vision for. america. well let's start at the beginning bernie. sanders described himself as a. democratic socialist a phrase that to. some suggest slave labor camps but. that's not what bernie sanders stands. for that is wrong because he's a. democratic socialist so he will let us. vote for who runs the labor camps. actually a sanders brand of socialism. means policies like breaking up the. largest banks to protect americans from. massive potential bailouts and also. allowing the post office to do some. basic banking services. now this is a great plan because this. would help lower-income people get basic. banking services from the government. instead of expensive check cashing. stores and it would also encourage. people to save because if they wanted to. withdraw their money they have to stand. in a 45-minute line behind people trying. to mail their jugs of kerosene in a. building that's only open from 11am to. what the hell's wrong with the post. office i'm never on time. probably the main reason for santa's. growth is the fact that he's outspoken. about wanting to help the middle class. at the expense of the rich. i want to expand social security and we. do that by lifting the cap on taxable. income for people earning above thousand dollars a year. rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. will be paid by doing away with the. loophole that allows corporations the. stash their money in the cayman islands. tax free. what wall street now to help kids in. this country go to college it is time. that wall street. corporate america and the billionaire. class understand that they are going to. start paying their fair share of taxes. it's weird that i can't picture bernie. sanders whisperings i just i want to. tell you a secret. so yeah that's the best he wants more. taxes for corporate america and the. billionaire's which i support unless i. win powerball then boo crew because i. worked for that money. so many on teams anders seem to think. that his social programs can be paid. entirely by the one percent but it's way. more complicated than that. the wall street journal calculated that. the cost of santa's social programs will. average 1. 8 trillion dollars a year and. in . the top 1% only made one point seven. trillion dollars although that's. according to a low-end estimate that. only includes people who filed tax. returns. since there's 20 to 30 million people. who don't file the returns that means. the top 1% would include more income and. also the 1. 7 trillion estimate only. accounts for adjusted gross income and. i've i feel like i've ever lost you guys. what i'm trying to say is bernie sanders. once rich people to pay more elephants. that's that's what i'm trying to say. although if you ask me personally i. think bernie sanders popularity has. nothing to do with policy. i think it's because he's opposite trump. you see the world craves balance. bernie is the into trump's racist yang. even their origin stories are the same. both grew up in new york city and both. inherited something from their fathers. my then wife and i we had a little bit. of money. my parents passed away left a few. thousand sol's i started off in brooklyn. my father gave me a small loan of a. million dollars. yeah it's exactly the same a small loan. of a million dollars and this is what i. love about american fathers they leave. their sons with some cash money. african father's leave you with nothing. but a bunch of dreams. there's also one other huge similarity. the issue is the huge amount of money. that it takes to run a campaign. i have a huge company huge issue i'm a. huge second amendment personal huge tax. break huge problem at the border. just think of it trump versus sanders. that would be magnificent enormous. humongous big so close. .
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