The Most Expensive Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

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We're actually kind of concerned about this movie's chances at success.
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You're a from monster trucks oh yeah i . can't wait i was a live-action i would . have thought cartina basically cartoon . now. well what is that a squid ya se mutated . radioactive squid. oh it's like a little buddy sighs your . company smart . it's a monster truck duke reach you . might say one of those like stress balls . that kind of feels like a boob . aren't you curious about working from. there's a bunch we were just score many . gather have another weird like monster . truck orgy . i guess the monsters are the engine with . a school and they know comfort food . that's gonna be a huge wake-up call when . you have to like he thinks he's learning . how to drive and he has drive a real car . and he's like once argo circuits with . another cup how come i have you haven't . heard much of this movie . no no one has it has been buried in . january that movie costs a hundred and . twenty-five million dollars to make no . way. yeah i think they figured they would . make it and then they'd figure out why . they were making it and that second part. just didn't happen i think it was . supposed to be like transformers but . monsters instead of aliens i guess in . the cars i would think like sometimes i . make me feel like--that's like we're . gonna make so many products i don't . think i would want a stuffed animal . lookin like that lookin out that monster . was guess like godzilla's dick willie to . according to the synopsis their . subterranean creatures had an oil . company woke up like cloverfield so it . could be a a prequel to go over field . clearly like this is just the baby. monsters so the parent monsters will . show up and be like oh that's cute. you're playing with our babies anyway . we're going to eat all of you now have a . lot of questions the most important one . being why and what gender is a monster . and do they come in like big like . especially all the time probably . the kid came up with this yeah how does . a kid . yeah when i said his kid do they mean . like his 30-year old are you . oh no it's okay monstrous was conceived . in 2013 by adam goodman often idea that . he bandied about with his then . four-year-old son i feel like it's like . that movie liar liar with a kid wished . dad you gotta make this a movie and then . now he has to do it i think they shot . like ninety percent of the movie and. they're like and then we'll get vin . diesel right i'd around the rock yeah . yeah i don't know who this movie is for . because right now it's it's the due to . played havoc and danny glover and rob . lowe so thats you got your reins world . fans lethal weapon fans got all of them . and then all the all the kids all the . kids were all lucas till they get in . class yeah they got a good demographic . cooking there i think it's made just for . me. really yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah . we're going on. yeah looking down but i bet what came up . with the title two decks did you think . it's so clever. yeah they took they took the rest of the. day all around with that title the . trucks aren't monsters their truck. monsters. yes your monsters not monster tracks. well ok there their trucks that are . technically monsters also so i guess . monsters don't have to be in the tracks . right that's true . hey guys thanks for watching that video . seems like you like watching stuff . that's the case please come to ucb . sunset theater and see me jack o'brien . and minot brother daniel o'brien and . other crafts people presumably along . with georgia heartstart and karen kill . gareth the hosts of the my favorite . murder podcast as well as guests all of . our most popular episodes of the . crackpot cat we're going to be talking . about murder. we're going to be talking about mayhem. we're going to be talking and serial . killers are going to be talking and . urban legends that happen to be true . we're going to those are mostly synonyms . i've just heard that listing things is . good for punctuating your sales pitch. anyways it is january 14-7 pn be there . or be murdered against it . .
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