The New Cars Movie Looks Dark As Hell

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It's like Pixar looked at the opening of 'Up' and decided to see if they could outdo it.
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You ready to watch cars three i am so . ready to watch cars three the least good . pixar movie we should probably point out . that we've watched we watched the entire . series . what exactly are you here for this . trailer just so we could speak . intelligently about the cars universe . ok this looks like super realistic the . first two cars movies are like super. cartoony cartoony if you will but this . looks like days of thunder yeah like it . looks like a real movie shake it's . intense right here that's got shit yeah . like his is not have just exploded so it . seems like this movie is going to begin . with lighting mcqueen getting a horrific . crash during a race which is like ee . horrific in the cars universe because . you're really just watching a bunch of. dudes run really fast in a big circle . and all the sun 11 of them just his . kneecaps explode and he just go slipping . through her with pixar do they just . figured that like like okay we've had . fun parts 1 & 2 part 3 is we're going to . teach children about death and mortality. alright sit down everything you love is . gonna die . your parents are gonna die you're. probably gonna have to watch it happen. it puts you die first that's toy story 3 . apparently its cars through it's always . more horrifying in the pixar universe . because these are objects that could. potentially live in this decayed state. because machine death is a long . drawn-out process that can take years . the other thing is i don't know how . concerned i should be from a cleaner . mcqueen because we've seen them get . super messed up as soon as they like go . to the repair shop they're fine which i . guess in the personal one is like major . reconstructive surgery. it seems cars exist in a world where . humanity has died i guarantee that if . you dig like a foot down in the cars . universe it's just bones yeah a full . solid layer of just skeletons all the . smart vehicles we built have now taken . over and they're just kind of doing. their thing and the society itself is. completely insane. there's a queen there's terrorists the . terrorists are lemon cars and at the end. of cars to they almost like blow up the . queen so maybe cars 3 will be about the . horrible racism against lemon . hours from here on right because cars to . was like they're 911 what's gonna be the . next plane style spin-off boats . that's not bad i was thinkin roller . coasters and they're just going in . circles screaming to be killed one of . the things we've been trying to figure . out is how they have sex right because . these things definitely fun like in the . plains movies the animals in the . universe are also vehicles are just . smaller versions of them like but then . you see like a paper glider bird go to . its nest with tinier once so those . things fuck there's a couple in planes . to these two old campers that are going. to yellowstone on their honeymoon we . burned all the treads off our tires on . our honeymoon and then dane cook . airplane is like autumn likely awkward . like you mean like oh no i mean driving . so clearly fucking is a thing that . happens in cars and also has something. to do with just burning out your top . alternate theory the entire series just . play takes place in a coma victims brain. like the cars will be able to just zoom . out and i'll just be all right it wasn't . it was it was a guy who was in a . horrific car accident that's what cars 3 . is we're seeing the beginning of the . cars universe lightning mcqueen was an . actual race car driver he's a horrible . freejack accident instead of getting . pulled in the future by anthony hopkins . he goes into a coma and it just is . imagining the world the universe of cars. where everyone is a car because he has. like part of a steering wheel embedded . in his skull now or something. email that we may live around here did . it we specialize realistic with a great . everything will change from you alan is . going on. we're gonna we're gonna pull back the . veil we just solved come yeah we figured . out cars. hey guys thanks for watching our video . about cars. please like and subscribe and going on . the comments and tell us how you think . cars fuck yeah because they do lady car . in the first movie has a tramp stamp so . tell us where their genitals are ya how . does that how does that work. is it because they're hybrids to in this . universe is that a fuck how they look . let us know in the comments below. .
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