The Truth About Trump’s “Pocahontas” Slur: The Daily Show

Trevor explains why President Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" at a ceremony honoring Native American veterans.
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I don't think donald trump was actually . trying to offend those native american . war veterans and i was crazy to say it . but he doesn't care about them he saw an . opportunity to feud with massachusetts . senator elizabeth warren because he's . been calling her pocahontas long before . he met with these heroes pocahontas . that's this elizabeth warren . massachusetts is represented by. pocahontas right and pocahontas is not . happy she's not she's the worst . i call her pocahontas and that's an . insult to pocahontas wow trump says. pocahontas or lots which is weird . because his favorite disney movie is . definitely finding nemo you know yeah . it's the story of a father who's lucky . enough to lose his son now obviously . obviously elizabeth warren doesn't like . being called pocahontas which is why . yesterday she hit back . it is deeply unfortunate that the . president of the united states cannot . even make it through a ceremony honoring . these heroes without having to throw out . a racial slur look donald trump does . this over and over thinking somehow he's . going to shut me up with it it hadn't . worked in the past it is not going to . work in the future . wow. allas powerful and i know i know that . elizabeth warren thinks that's a rebuke. but i bet donald trump just sees that as . an invitation you know it's just like . say all the racist slurs you want donald . trump yeah but but you know this whole . beef between donald trump and elizabeth . warren is is a tricky one to process . because all the other nicknames that he . uses on other people are . self-explanatory right like low-energy . jeb man doesn't excite anybody little . marco he looks like a little boy lying . ted he says he's human . right you see you fish boy but but when . he says pocahontas you might be thinking . wait trevor i'm confused is elizabeth . warren native american and you see . that's the question because for a long . time she said she was warren came under . fire in 2012 for claiming without any . proof to have native american heritage. from 1986 to 1995 she lists herself as a . minority in the association of american . law schools directory in fact when . warren was a harvard law professor the . university was criticized for not having . enough diversity on the faculty so the . school defended itself by touting . warren's lineage wow how white's is your . college that when you get called out for . being too white your responses nah ah we . got her your elizabeth come on out here . and show these white folks what it is . now now okay now the way warren tells . the story is that it's been part of her. family law for decades that they have . some native american ancestry and while . listing it in the law school director . who might have hypothetically helped her. career there's no hard evidence that . warren used it to get any jobs though . it's not like she got no benefits out of . it in 1984 elizabeth warren contributed . recipes to a native american cookbook . called powwow chow claiming she was . cherokee wow okay if you're contributing . recipes to a book called powwow chow . you better be comfortable in your native . american identity . the problem is in 2012 new england. historical genealogical society looked. into it and they found no proof of. warren having native american lineage . which is problematic because she wrote. for powwow chow i mean that would be . like finding out i'm completely white . i have no african blood and yet i wrote . the book snacks for blacks which is a . bestseller by the way please . garden buyers garden bias so is is . so the question i'm struggling with is . is donald trump racist is donald trump . racist yeah yeah but but in his own way . he's hitting elizabeth warren for saying . she was native american when she wasn't . something she's never apologized for or . owned up to and and look i mean it's not . like she's committed a crime right i . mean lots of white families from . oklahoma think they have some native . american blood it's one of those things . people both genuinely believe and also . don't question enough because let's face . it being part native american is cool . right so it's just but just part native . american like enough that you're . interesting at a party but not so much. that they build a pipeline through your . house you know what i mean just enough . but still like elizabeth warren did . something problematic. all right the kind of thing that we . rightfully call each other out for every . single day so as weird as it is to say . in his own racially offensive way donald . trump was being woke yeah and that's. unfortunately the truth and like a . bernie sanders pop album the truth isn't. always something we want to hear . [music]. [music]. you. [applause]. .
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