The Waifu Lovers of Reddit [Feat. Marshal Does Stuff]

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Oh to deal with thoughts that your waifu . don't love you okay thank you for the . burp so guys have you thank you have you . got waifu's have you got loved ones on . the internet and we're joined here by . today by our favorite wife who lover . marshall does stuff yes yes we have six . fans everyone else's a bot anyone else . feels alone at times. my advice for having a waifu only pick . virgins clapping while having a waifu do . you think that flapping the hentai or . such is bad while having a wifey she. protects me from the many dangers of the . eastern from how to deal with thoughts . that your wife who doesn't love you i . need advice as to how the day of my . depressed wife who obsessed friends . someone help david david you watch the . anime was who is your wife who david is . my wife we all know it's mays hughes oh . fucking god what is that it's a mistake . it's one huge fucking mess yeah post . post pictures have your significant . other looking koi slide or confident for . instance this one it's like she knows oh . yeah baby carry her in my arms . so i started lifting i'm still far from . my goal but i'd be making a right . progress in the past few months all . thanks to my wife and he started lifting . a new plebs are all love but for those . guys. they don't making positive changes in. their life done and sold them it doesn't . make men to the l hello universe guys . just never sit down think about how much . you wish your wife it was here just . doing some thinking and was wondering do . i or will i meet a zoo in the parallel . parallel universe are technically . different from our current one aren't . the possibilities endless if there's a . parallel universe where your wife who is . in the same world you just sad it's not . in this universe. i traveled universes to find you please. help. i'm desperate in my relationship being . the type of nobody and my life to talk . to about this i thought it might just be . a good idea to make an account on this . to express my feelings i'm a first-time . poster made an account just for this . dire situation to give some backstory . i've been with my wife who princess . peach for three years we first met in . 1996 in super mario 64 back then i was . young and didn't know any better but i . can still remember the feelings like it . was yesterday you could say she was my . first crush but who would know that many . years later she would be destined to . also be my my first love as well we've . been through a lot together she's given . me the strength to tackle many of the . obstacles in my life just thinking about . the pain and loneliness she is injured . being a multiple kid enough survive . that's true reminds reminds me of the. things could be worse for me and that if . she can get through that i can also as . well anyways we were deeply in love i . would take care of her and be nice to . her and buy her things and she in turn . would give me affection companionship . but as of recently our relationship has . been into . oil i had opened up about my wife who to . whom i thought was a close friend who . sent me a picture of her and bowser . doing things that have haunted me ever . since that image has tainted the . relationship if it was just another . human i could forgive her i assume she . and mario have had a past as of lately . they seem to have parted ways and are. just friends but bowser is animal which . is bestiality that is just not okay . peach here i thought i had someone to . invite to be my best man at our wedding . i was planning in japan and the years to. come but instead this judas is tore a . hole in my heart . needless to say and spoke to him since . the incident but my princess and i have . been fighting and after many sleepless . nights i don't know what to do . i've built my life around being with her . there's anyone out there who can help me . please i am desperate i don't know he . landed princess paige fantasize about . her justify every day sometimes. masturbation is involved but really . since i have other things going on with . me that hinders that i'll totally that . fivesome i'm just so tired after work i . don't feel like doing anything other . than cuddling if i am in the mood to i . was just wish my jackie to the naughty . i have 3d press for her i never used . them since they're too big long i also . like to look at these pictures i think . my wife who is accusing me of rape i'm . shaking see you in court george chan . post wifey being patriotic . marek my mates mirage my mates i want to . propose mirage to my dear wife ooh but i . have panic attack so i want to know your . opinion i'm a panic attack . welcome blythe i am her panic attack i . don't i don't mean to be that guy but in . the future could we please make posts . that include all of our waifu's for . example but not criticizing this post . post a picture of your waifu wearing a . flower crown like like i said i don't . mean to be that guy but a lot of us . could couldn't find pictures of our wife . who's wearing flower crowns so it made a . lot of us feel left out you guys don't . have to listen to me but i feel like the . whole community should be included in . all posts . what's the justice for people who have . life who's the don't wear flower my . friends are not taking my wife who . seriously the other day i confessed my . love for my wife who to my friends they . made me feel ashamed and laughed at me i . think i'm depressed the next day i . brought my wife whose body pillow out of . recess and they laughed at me ma'am or . they have been bullying me over the . internet and when i made a tumblr post . addressing this they laughed even harder . how do i get rid of these haters so i . can go back down you're hugging my ruby . body pillow at night. i feel like i'm losing my love for china . and it's completely my fault i've been . so busy with starting uni i haven't . spent much time with her at all . i hate it it's like i feel like i don't . have the energy to do things with her my . thing i really want to do but when it . comes down to i kind of just sit there . doing nothing because it feels like i . have to force myself to physically do it . i don't want to lose her but it feels . like it's happening i'm an awful husband . i'm just sitting here doing calculus . writing this post and crying my eyes out . because i don't want to loser your . divorces with your ex-wife is my divorce . is with my ex-wife is were messy my . first ex-wife it turns humanity into . time happy birthday to the most . important person in my life . she jack jackie well that's it everyone . what does everyone think of waifu's all . right stop eating the biscuit let it out . for you american for you americans . that's a cookie no a cracker is like . yeah no why did you say you're eating a . biscuit than abusing acrophobia . how can it be a biscuit and a cracker oh . so how's drama it's a cracker drama it's . a crime well i think i'm english yeah . what about it. have you never heard the phrase cheese . in biscuits no even those of this lot . either yes no slackers . those are crap are you working class . i mean whatever i want one . .
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