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Yesterday i asked you you just got a. book deal what is your book about here . your best answers my book is called . clickbait and it would have nothing to . do with clickbait bravo you get the . first spot a book that goes deep into . the genius lyrics of rice gum and jake . paul's songs a book of your beautiful . beard. may my gay founding father fanfic cuz . that's what people want the emoji book . where all of the text is emojis and . apparently you've got a best-seller on . your hands good job my book would be . about johnny depp cool i'd make a coffee . table book that you put on a coffee . table with the coaster on top of the . cover uh so good enjoy your billion. dollars how not to wear christmas . clothes in november you want to fight . jacksfilms an american musical cool but . it's a book so i don't know if the . musical translates a book about why this . generation is so taken for granted in . that we can only realize that when we . actually lose everything we have that's . hilarious . diego pressed dora against the wall nope . nope absolutely not . no oh come on this is this is like easy . mode obviously i'm gonna include this . garfield shitposting is my kryptonite oh . my regrets and mistakes an autobiography . remember that jack asked remember when i . did jack ask i'll bring it back all of . the people that never got featured in . the i yes that would be a nice brief . read doesn't matter no one reads books . good good how to live with the huge . forhead the basics looks like this one . was a real crowd-pleaser how stupid can . people are and how stupid they can get . hey that reminds me if you want more . your grammar sucks episodes please tweet . me your terrible screen caps at my . twitter at jacksfilms with the hashtag . ygs why should i tell you you're a young . youtuber you called me young all the . shirt lines yes we all love the movie . shirt and that famous quote donkey it is . time to eat onions how to judge judy if . nothing else that's a great title i . don't know how you make a book out of . that though then alexander hamilton what . a cool book idea oh wait the best of . jack's films it's just 347 blank pages . boy oh boy a lot of you liked that one . huh my book would be entirely written in . lietz . do that one in braille this person wrote . i like books clearly not giving a damn a . book. about how i got a book deal mehta nice . and finally my book would be about how . this guy is just a promotion for your . book that you obviously wrote please . don't tell me you're writing a book. oops ii don't see i wrote me a book see . what i'm holding right now is proof of . my brand new book the guy book the real . thing will actually be a hardcover book . and look much more like this they're . being printed as we speak and will be . available just in time for christmas but . what exactly is the ibook the ibook is a . collection of fifty previously asked i . questions with brand new answers written . by me you guys have all the fun so i . wanted to take a stab at it and write . brand new answers to all these questions . would you look at that roses are red . roses are red violets are flowers the . greatest of films all-star austin powers . that's it that's all you get now in . addition to all of my original answers . each question also includes one . user-submitted answer from you guys that . you supplied before the book was written . for example roses are blue violets are . red never made it on y i let's try the . book instead by erin right one more . thing each question includes a qr code . that will take you straight to the . original yeah video and a space where . you can handwrite your own original . answer to screen cap and tweet to me so . that i can retweet it and show the world . just how funny you are . the book is gorgeous it's got all these . colorful images that really pop makes . for a great coffee table book to order . yours now and get it in time for . christmas delivery go to y book. com link . in the description oh and use the code . cyber monday to save yourself five bucks. honestly i am very very excited this is . really cool okay one more awful pickup . lines my brother says i'm a great kisser . again that's you book calm or just click . the link in the description below oh i . have a question for you who should time . magazine's person of the year be this . year leave your answers in the comments . below. i'll pick my favorites in the next. episode of yeah please subscribe if you . oh my god i wrote a book i'm sorry i'm . proud also click right here to see the . previous item so here's a clip what are . you thankful for the sweet release of . death the sweet relief of death the . sweet promise of death the inevitability. of death my impending death did anyone . say death yet i'm thankful for my . beautiful fat folds . .
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