This Crazy Man Refuses to Wear Shoes

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[music]. you like video and write off guys . picturing the video you click again so . it's fucking 9am i'm like i woke up at . 5am jetlag not like looking for the only . place with shawarma that . i'm like communication right now they're . like it's not ready i'm just like ducked . figure it out so they decided off to . grilling it make sure i don't get . salmonella or whatever like figured out . three people working on the united other . you do this tent that means yes . what are you putting your penis just . said stuff i got cast . they work . ok . [music]. just like a metro don't care about . anything okay about the politics don't . care about the country i love your . family but i don't care about that stuff . down a little harsh but the joke is that. this is what i care about . still all over myself . shit shit shit man on the docks and will . accept does know where to go all the way . to try to make myself after this . [music]. [music]. today before we hit the street we want . to tell you about our fucking dough a . street where this is 2017 wintertime so . i want to give you all the inside we can . do those hot fresh a little dough little . funky looks now today i will be rocking . a baseball cap . i've lost all my hair so i look like a. fucking pencil eraser which is a great . look for me i love looking like a . fucking flathead pencil eraser goofballs . up keep that on there tight i got a . sweater and i'm too lazy to put on . anything else its cozy its nice i don't . fuck around guys you go down lower . elastic waistbands you know your boys . putting on those lbs and you've got to . be flexible at all times very. comfortable very cozy if there's a . button there's a problem you don't i'm . saying and go lower and salmon yellow . everyone that was interrupted next video . well you forgot something really . important. no talking to you oh and pocket on the . sweater is actually so critical. that's not even ironic good going down . lower you got the soft and the sandals . it's a whole day so i've got some hearty . good hearty winter soft middleworld this . is so important because this is for me . and all year round look if your self . sandals guy like myself. hey how you doing then definitely invest . in year-round socks so wintertime nice . and bc and woolly looking good feeling . good guys i am definitely be getting . stairs out on the street today and not . because people want to fuck me right . here what do you got not ironic in my . case you can sell it though so it so a . girl i got a jacket . oh yeah let's see that fucking leather . jacket we got four birthday tonight you . get into the layer so i get 0 players . and got you know another jacket you've . got the first ladies sweater with the . guys share it with a bunch of guys. varied oh wow selling it . also you gotta you gotta sometimes fold . the pants as so they have like some kind . of socks speaking out you the soft . because a fucking bomb a look now what . would you call it it . yeah would you call this is that it will . hear and call that carbon and the adidas . cap iconic as fuck ya blue chair and the . summer fired a spot that that is a . complete look second-class only to my . own healing get on my level but . regardless your number it back pages . advice and sue's already can you advise . students on this long . 30 why do i need to choose you or . uncomfort it's called guys if you want . to know what this look is called comfort. course. ok aesthetically you want it doesn't . matter what you look like . comfort is king so for me this is this . is comfort court sweater sox handled it . looks good. once you understand what you're looking . at but you know there's a lot of nuance . to itself comfort you look you'll . understand that look good when the . world's ready to embrace it because it's . comfortable you don't worry about how . fucking stupid look i don't i never have . and that's why i'm so comfortable . and we just buy you shoes no good i . don't shoot that i'm gonna get . everything you need for shoes i don't . need shoes find husband's care too much . about it you know what you got into . comfort cortex people wearing students . when i marry you. well i don't remember was i i think i'm . even wearing sandals i don't remember i . had dressed up on that's for sure. [music]. billy case against your event yeah you . got to do that and get that first person . shit that's the beginning to become a . blog master you pretend like you're . playing doom. that's a couple of city slickers did . waking up every morning walk around the . town apple juice the big city guy you . know naturally feel overly . but this is like the coolest kids bath . remember but i feel like a pedophile . like coming in here nobody okay . ya hear that little and almost got . caught putting a frog's mouth open shot . fucking off instantly pull the process . moving about scale i don't think we're . supposed to tell my children impressions . seems wrong. yeah like going out the recall doing . some shopping looking for . spider-man outfit but i'm bringing my . study outfit from home i want to do some . reading that means we're sean like . choking me out there and on a bit on my . fb street but we can't find any . spider-man outfit and all fucking throat . needs a number fucking 421 this country . sucks. spider-man outtakes not a holiday you . are not really good learning opportunity . available around the huge demand trust . me sean are sitting in this movie . theater right now and fucking thought is . that you've got a tiny square screen . door like must get a fucking hero . [music]. this is imparting three medicine isn't . i'm not parting save the public with the . world open to use because the . opportunity for you to page and every . area and many sand . [music]. coffee 911 it's a little fucking . insensitive guys don't you think maybe . about a 12-10 swell like a bomb . i'd over here you've got like a 4-1 . equal to frank just like a 911 . conspiracy charlie beautiful mind ship . it's not very sensitive guy from the . artistic bar where you play music you . don't you're supposed to turn out and . disrupt it . thank you . kind of where to walk my mind walking so . yeah i was with you always right behind . you always just trying to get a. cinematic shot . [music]. i wish you could see a picture about new . creative look around rs enough . [music]. [music]. .
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