Trump Calls Non-White Countries “S**tholes”: The Daily Show

During a White House meeting on immigration, President Trump questions why people from "s**thole countries" like Haiti and African nations are allowed to come to the U.S.
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Today we were planning to talk about how . south korea's presidents credited donald . trump's aggressive rhetoric for getting . north korea to the negotiating table all . right that's what he came out and said . and i was gonna be like wow . donald trump it looks like you did . something right yeah i swear that's what . we're gonna do and then he did something . trump the washington post reported . minutes ago that today in the oval . office. president trump grew frustrated with . lawmakers discussing immigration when . they floated restoring protections for. immigrants from haiti el salvador and . african countries as part of a . bipartisan immigration deal the post . reports that according to two people . briefed in the meeting the president. asked quote why are we having all these . people from shithole countries come here . referring to african countries and haiti . the president then went on to talk about . how they needed to bring in more people . from places like norway guys i don't . know how to break this to you but i . think the president might be racist no . no wait wait hear me out i know i sound . crazy i know i sound crazy they know it . personally as someone from south . shithole i'm offended mr. president okay . i'm offended. because because not only does he think . brown countries are shit holes he thinks . what we're never gonna know what he said . i mean don't get me wrong it might take . a few weeks but as soon as the news . donkey reaches our village we'll be so . mad so mad what do you think hey you . know i know that everyone's focusing on . him calling country shit holes and. whatever i'm like whatever you can say . whatever you want but you know what part . really put it over the line for me is no . way yeah when he said where he wanted . immigrants to come from he didn't just . name a white country he named the . whitest country yeah he didn't even go . with like a more subtle country that . might leave it up in the air you know . like we need to let in more people from . portugal like mm what does that mean no . he goes with no way people super white . so white they were in moon screen that's . how white they are it's almost like. yesterday when trump mets with the prime . minister of norway he was like what do . you guys do with your black people and . she was like oh we don't have any it was . like wow . [music]. you. .
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