Trump Gets Dictator-y with the Justice Department: The Daily Show

President Trump slams Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not protecting him in the Russia probe, and the Justice Department announces more Hillary Clinton investigations.
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I don't know if you've noticed but in . between his tweeting xand cheeseburgers . donald trump has been saying some pretty . dictator ii things and this statement . that he made recently is one that really . caught my eye the president tells the . new york times i have absolute right to . do what i want to do with the justice . department you see now that's a . dangerous idea for the president to have . the purpose of the justice department is . to enforce the law of the united states . according to what's fair not according . to what some guy wants even some . president guy but thanks to recent. reports we're learning that donald trump . doesn't quite see it the same way . president trump . attempted to stop his attorney general . jeff sessions from recusing himself in . the russia investigation the president . reiterating regretfully it seemed that . it was too bad sessions recused himself . from the russia investigation and in . perhaps a revealing comparison praised . former attorney general eric holder . because he protected president obama . totally protected him adding quote i . have great respect for that i'll be . honest the whole trump has one of the. most twisted minds i've ever come across . because not only does he think eric . holder unethically protected obama he . thinks it's the one good thing that . holder did he's like i know eric holder . burned obama's kenyan birth certificate. into ashes but you gotta admire how he . broke the law to cover it up folks he . did a good job good job . you see and in president trump's mind. the attorney general is his personal . attorney that's what he thinks . all right instead of recusing himself. from russia he wanted jeff sessions to . basically be his pint-sized johnnie . cochran just walk around like he's a . good dude he did not collude . if the sheets have no pee the man must . go free but unfortunately for trump jeff . sessions is a by-the-book kind of guy . and donald trump hates books the . president erupted an anger in front of . numerous white house officials saying he. needed his attorney general to protect . him mr. trump then asked where's my roy . cohn where's my roy cohn now that's not . the sequel to dude where's my car . it's actually an incredibly revealing . question for trump to have asked because . he's saying that his ideal attorney. general is roy cohn this guy roy coyne . was a horrible guy he would lie he would . cheat he was the right-hand assistant to . joe mccarthy he was single-handedly . responsible for naming innocent people . as communists without any backing. without any evidence cohn specialized in . this kind of savaging of enemies lies . slander character assassination threw a . cone humiliated people he made up things . he had no morals you couldn't even say . that he had the morals of a snake i feel . bad for snakes no because one snake . tells one woman to eat an apple and now . everyone hates snakes and women . so some longing for a lawyer like roy . cohn is disconcerting because what he . and what he admires in cohn is that he. worked to destroy his political rivals . by any means necessary . and that's exactly what trump wants the. justice department should do for him now . and it looks like he may be getting his . wish first this happened president . trump's openly called for clinton to be . investigated branding his former rival. crooked hillary and tweeting where is . our justice department and then this . happened the justice department is . taking another look at hillary clinton's . use of a private email server as . secretary of state. fox can also confirm that the justice . department is now investigating whether . the clinton foundation engaged in any . pay to play games while hillary was . secretary of state you see the president . called for the justice department to . investigate his political rival and now . they're doing it that should make you a . little bit afraid because whether or not . there are legitimate reasons to further . investigate clinton and her people if . the president can start criminal . investigations into any one that he . wants that feels less like a democracy . and more like a trump accorsi although i . will say this i feel bad for hillary . clinton because like she's always taking . the brunt of these things you know this . is never gonna end for her right like . she'll be in her grave and republicans . will want to exhume the body for more . investigations one more thing hillary. like she'll be in heaven and st. peter . be like welcome to heaven my child your . time yeah sorry what's that oh sorry the . republicans are they say they need to . investigate uranium one we're gonna need . you to wait outside . yeah sorry wait outside. [music]. you . .
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