Trump Is Becoming More Erratic and Working Less: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump continuing to prove that he's an increasingly erratic president who's unfit for his job and apparently working even fewer hours and neglecting urgent issues.
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Trump Is Becoming More Erratic and Working Less: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-every day, donald trump. continues to prove. that he's an increasingly. erratic president. who's unfit for his job. and now he's apparently. working even fewer hours. and neglecting urgent issues. for more on this,. it's time for "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. since the publication. of "fire and fury,". the explosive book about his. first year in the white house,. president trump has been. battling the growing impression. that even his closest aides. believe him to be dangerously. unfit for office. and they obviously. have a very strong case. since trump knows virtually. nothing about the job. but you would think that a man. who ran on a platform. of pure patriotism and who spent. months lecturing athletes. about respecting. the national anthem. would, at the very least,. know the words to the anthem. [ laughter ]. and yet trump seemed lost. as he tried to sing along. to the anthem. before last night's national. college football championship. -? oh, say, can you see ?. ? by the dawn's early light ?. [ laughter ]. ? what so proudly we hailed ?. ? as the twilight's. last gleaming ?. ? whose broad stripes. and bright stars ?. ? through the perilous fight ?. [ laughter ]. -oh, my god. trump sings the national anthem. the way the rest of us. sing "despacito. ". [ laughter ]. ? despacito ?. ? muh, na-na-na-na-na, muh-ito ?. [ laughter ]. seriously,. how can you be president. and not know the words. to the national anthem. that's like peyton manning. not knowing the words. to the nationwide jingle. ? nationwide. is somethin' somethin' ?. [ laughter ]. now just two weeks. into the new year,. trump faces a series. of urgent tasks. that deserve every ounce. of his attention,. from keeping the government open. to protecting daca recipients. to fully funding the children's. health insurance program. to providing electricity. to millions of puerto ricans. who are still without it. and yet he's apparently. spending even less time working. than he did before. the website axios obtained. trump's private schedule,. not the public ones that. his staff puts out, and found. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. i'm sorry. he starts his day at 11:00 a. m. [ laughter ]. is he the president or. a lunch waiter at olive garden . [ laughter ]. all i do is make fun of him,. and i still. have to be here at 9:00 a. m. [ laughter ]. just take trump's. private schedule from this week. as an example. of how little he works. oh, my god. trump might be. our first president. who works so little,. he technically qualifies. for unemployment. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. it's like trump. isn't even the president. he's more like mike pence's. out-of-work friend. who has to crash with him. for a while. till he gets back on his feet. he's the dupree. of the white house. [ laughter ]. deep cut. that's a deep cut. trump, of course, not only. defers all major policymaking. to his staff. and republicans in congress,. he's also so fragile and erratic. that he needs those same people. to go on tv. and lavish praise on him,. as senior policy adviser. stephen miller did on sunday. in this now infamous interview. with cnn anchor jake tapper. -the reality is, the president. is a political genius. who won against a field of. 17 incredibly talented people,. who took down the bush dynasty,. who took down. the clinton dynasty. all these so-called political. geniuses in washington,. whether it be. the big lobbying firms or --. -the only person. who has called himself a genius. in the last week. is the president. -which happens. to be a true statement. a self-made billionaire. who revolutionized reality tv. -and i'm sure he's watching and. he's happy that you said that. -i would be with the president. on a campaign plane. with a rally in 20 minutes,. and he would be able --. -you've already. made this point, stephen. -he would be able. to come up with material. in the blink of an eye. -you've already said that. -a self-made billionaire,. revolutionized reality tv,. and tapped. into something magical. that's happening. in the hearts of this country. -ugh. [ laughter ]. i'd say stephen miller has. a boner, but he already is one. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. seriously,. he looks like someone slapped. a couple of. googly eyes on a penis. [ laughter ]. seriously, is there anyone. creepier than stephen miller . he wasn't born. he just appeared after someone. read an edgar allen poe story. into a cracked mirror. [ laughter and applause ]. also, can we go back. to the first part of that clip. for a second . -the president. is a political genius,. who won against a field of. 17 incredibly talented people,. who took down the bush dynasty,. who took down. the clinton dynasty. -there's nothing worse. than someone. who pronounces it "din-iss-tee. ". [ laughter and applause ]. miller claims --. miller claims he's in touch. with the working class,. but he pronounces words. like a british dandy. what's next . you gonna tell us. trump checks his "mo-bile". for this "shed-yule". so he can have some "privicy". during his "le-zure" time . [ laughter ]. to borrow a phrase. stephen miller might use,. stephen miller is a wanker. [ laughter ]. with googly eyes. [ cheers and applause ]. obviously, with googly eyes. also, can i just say,. i'm tired of this talking point. trump and his toadies. keep repeating,. that he beat a field of incredibly talented people . he did not. let's not forget. the field he ran against. included a narcoleptic,. a malfunctioning robot,. a sentient butter sculpture,. and a guy who was almost. suffocated by his own hoodie. [ laughter ]. and when trump sycophants. aren't available to go on tv. and stroke his ego,. trump does it himself. yesterday, he flew to tennessee. to sign an executive order. and speak. to the american farm bureau. and at one point, he needlessly. lashed out at the media. and told the crowd. to look up his twitter account. -i will sign two presidential. orders to provide broader. and faster. and better internet coverage. make sure you look up. @realdonaldtrump, right . -i'm sorry, but it just. strikes me as unpresidential. to plug your. social-media accounts. he sounds like the end. of a youtube video. "if you thought. this speech was dope,. please like and subscribe. for more sick content. ". [ cheers and applause ]. one of the details trump's aides. have repeated about him. to show that he's mentally unfit. for his job is his penchant. for repeating the same handful. of stories over and over,. and yet again yesterday,. he rambled on. about his 2016 election victory. and reminded the crowd. of his position on guns. -we're restoring the rule of law. and protecting. our cherished 2nd amendment. [ laughter ]. -why are you. making the hand motion . they know. what you're talking about. the way trump abuses. the 1st amendment. makes me want to take advantage. of the 21st amendment. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. trump is like a guy. playing charades. who doesn't realize. he's not allowed to speak. "movie, two words --. star, wars. boom! we did it!. that was so fast!. [ laughter ]. but it isn't just that trump. is growing increasingly erratic. he's also becoming more lawless. after repeatedly hectoring. his justice department. to investigate hillary clinton,. it seems the doj. is now doing exactly that. and on top of that, yesterday,. the trump administration. announced that it was cruelly. ending the humanitarian program. that allowed 200,000 people. from el salvador to live here. for more than a decade. he's working fewer hours. and neglecting the basic. responsibilities of his job,. and yet he's still. desperate for praise. in his speech yesterday,. he railed on about the election. and his. administration's attempts. to roll back regulations. and insisted to the audience. that they were happy he won. -we're streamlining regulations. that have blocked. cutting-edge biotechnology,. setting free our farmers to. innovate, thrive, and to grow. oh, are you happy. you voted for me. you are so lucky. that i gave you that privilege. -ugh. [ audience groans ]. he's so --. he's so gross. i never thought i'd say this,. but bring back stephen miller. [ laughter ]. this has been "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. .
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