Trump Lies to Trudeau, Fills His Staff with Loyalists: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at Trump lying to Canada's prime minister, major news in the Russia investigation and rumors of more staff turnover at the White House.
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Trump Lies to Trudeau, Fills His Staff with Loyalists: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-president trump. admitted in a private speech. that he lied in a meeting. with canada's prime minister,. an admission that comes. amid major news. in the russia investigation. and rumors of more staff. turnover in the white house. for more on this,. it's time for "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. president trump met with the. prime minister of ireland today. and reminisced about. the time he used to spend. at his golf resort there, but. he offered a very weird answer. when an irish reporter asked. if trump ever planned. on visiting the country again. -i will. i love it. i love it. i have property there, and. i may never get to see it again. [ laughter ]. -why does he think. he'll never get to see it again . is robert mueller. gonna make him wear. one of those ankle bracelets . "i'd love to come,. but halfway over the atlantic,. that thing starts. buzzing like a son of a bitch. ". [ laughter ]. trump was then asked. if he played golf,. a question he turned over. to the prime minister. -i do play golf. you play golf, right . -i don't,. but i'm always willing to learn,. so if you can take me. for a few rounds. -a reporter asked donald trump,. "do you play golf ". [ laughter ]. where's that guy been . you get to ask. the president one question,. "oh, i got a good one. ". [ laughter ]. "oh, i got. a real stumper for him. ". what were his other choices . "have you ever. hosted a reality show . how about dating models . have you ever tried that ". i also love how trump. just assumes every head of state. plays golf. "you don't play . what do you saturdays and. sunday. and mondays . tuesdays, wednesdays,. thursdays, and friday ". [ laughter and applause ]. in a way, though, it was. at least a relief to see trump. making nice with an ally,. given his penchant. for instigating pointless. squabbles with some of our. closest partners, like,. for example, canada. today, audio surfaced. of a fundraising speech. trump gave on wednesday where. he admitted to outright lying. to canada's prime minister. justin trudeau. about the u. s. 's trade. relationship with canada. -at a fundraiser in st. louis,. president trump seeming to admit. he made up facts in a meeting. with his canadian counterpart,. justin trudeau. nbc news has obtained an audio. recording of those remarks. from a republican donor. -in fairness -- in fairness,. "i lied because i'm stupid". is the truest thing. trump has ever said. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. totally true. totally true. according to. "the washington post,". trump also made out of thin air. a very bizarre story. about how japan supposedly. uses gimmicks to keep u. s. cars. from being sold in japan,. and even his own advisers. have no idea. what he's talking about. here's the full quote. from trump. what are you talking about . [ laughter ]. are you sure they didn't drop. a bowling ball on your head . [ laughter ]. "no dent. ". [ laughter ]. "you should see. the bowling ball. ". trump's admission. that he just makes stuff up. comes amid an unprecedented. level of turmoil. in his white house. we've already seen a staggering. number of staff departures,. from omarosa and rob porter. to chief economic adviser. gary cohn,. communications director. hope hicks,. and the president's personal. assistant, john mcentee. the white house is turning into. that crappy restaurant. you worked at in college. do you remember that . you'd take two days off,. and when you came back,. there were four trainees. and a new manager,. and now there's. moussaka on the menu,. and you thought, "oh,. this place isn't gonna make it. ". [ laughter ]. apparently, trump's aggressive. reshuffling of his team. comes from a newfound confidence. in his ability to do the job. and make choices. without the constraints. placed on him by advisers. amid rumors of even more. staff departures coming soon,. one former white house official. told "vanity fair". and that is terrifying. that's like in "jurassic park". when the velociraptors. figured out how to open doors. [ laughter ]. one day, john kelly --. [ applause ]. one day, john kelly's. gonna be like, "all right. i locked him in the oval office. and put on fox news. there's no way he can get out. wait!. what's that noise !. clever girl. ". [ laughter ]. now, one of those decisions. trump has learned. he can make on his own. was his choice. for chief economic adviser. in the past, that position. has been held by academics. and financial titans,. but as usual,. trump went a different route. he chose a cable-news pundit. -another television personality. is joining. the trump administration. the president has now selected. cnbc commentator larry kudlow. to lead his economic council. -he has been a senior. contributor on cnbc. with a television show. -so trump is just filling. his administration with people. he sees on tv. i guess we should get ready for. white house chef guy fieri,. surgeon general mcdreamy,. and secretary of defense. the general. [ laughter and applause ]. but, hey,. just because someone's on tv. doesn't mean he's an idiot,. right . i mean. [ laughter ]. doesn't mean that, right . maybe larry kudlow. is a perceptive guy. who knows a lot. about financial markets. and is good at predicting. economic trends. let's see what he had to say. about the economy. in december 2007,. just as the great recession. and one of the worst. financial collapses in history. was getting under way. -the tech sector is up 15%,. and it does not look like. a recession to me. for 2007 as a whole,. we're looking at a 3. 1% rate. that is so far, and it doesn't. look like a recession at all. -so trump just hired. his chief economic adviser,. a guy who couldn't even. recognize a recession. when it was already happening. that's kudlow's worst take. since his live commentary. on the flight of the hindenburg. -here comes the hindenburg. look at her fly!. and those beautiful flames --. such a nice touch!. as everyone knows, the fire. helps keep it in the air. what a well-designed aircraft. looks like she's coming in. for a landing. go! the humanity!. -of course, all of this. was touched off. by the abrupt firing. of secretary of state. rex tillerson. trump's relationship with. tillerson has always been tense,. but the low point. was that infamous report. that tillerson had called trump. a moron behind his back,. and tillerson seemed. to rub salt on the wound. anytime he was asked. about that report,. like going out of his way. not to deny it,. like in this "60 minutes". interview just last month. -why didn't you deny. calling the president a moron . -you know,. that's a really old question. -do you understand that,. by not answering the question,. some people thought you were. confirming the story. -i think. i've answered the question. [ laughter ]. -you think. you answered the question . -i've answered the question. -did you call the president. a moron . -i'm not gonna. dignify the question. [ laughter ]. -you may not be dignifying it,. but you're. definitely answering it. [ laughter ]. interviewing rex tillerson. is like having a conversation. with a bullfrog. in fact, a bullfrog would. probably be just as forthcoming. -did you call the president. a moron . -[ ribbiting ]. [ laughter ]. of course, when he. first nominated tillerson,. trump pretended. to be very excited. about his secretary of state,. and now he's doing. the same thing with his proposed. replacement for tillerson,. cia director mike pompeo. trump specifically. praised pompeo. for having opinions. that are very similar to his. -i've worked with mike pompeo. now for quite some time. tremendous energy,. tremendous intellect. we're always. on the same wavelength. -if pompeo has tremendous energy. and intellect,. then you're not. on the same wavelength,. because in regard to energy,. you walk like you're dragging. an iv stand with you,. and in regard to intellect,. this is how you spelled. marine corps earlier this week. [ laughter ]. also, i'm sorry,. but i don't believe. trump even has a wavelength. trump's inner thoughts. probably sound like. an fm radio station. during a zombie apocalypse. if you can hear. what he's thinking. during meetings,. it would sound like this. -they're working on it. right now. go ahead. -but we need to get started. [ static ]. -help us!. we're -- we're all alone!. [ laughter ]. -so, why does trump. like pompeo so much . well, for one thing,. pompeo has a record. as a trump loyalist. and hardline conservative,. he published. his own benghazi report. when the republican committee. found no wrongdoing. by hillary clinton,. and during the campaign,. he actually tweeted out links. to hacked e-mails. posted by wikileaks. he's also said. that the intelligence agencies. have concluded. that russian meddling. did not affect the outcome. of the 2016 campaign,. when, in fact,. they found no such thing. and one especially. foreboding moment. during his confirmation hearing,. pompeo was asked. about russian hacking --. and this is true --. out of nowhere,. the feed just cut out. -as you know,. chairman burr and i. have committed. to conduct a review. of the intelligence supporting. the intelligence committee's. assessment that russia,. at the direction --. -that happened. the feed just cut out. right when they started. talking about russia. who was the cameraman . [ laughter and applause ]. now, if trump really. [ applause continues ]. if trump really is firing people. he doesn't like,. that's very troubling. there's already speculation. that he might. try to fire mueller just as. the russia probe heats up. in fact, just this afternoon,. we got more major news. when "the new york times". reported that mueller. this investigation is so slow. it's like watching. a porno in realtime. -all right, i ordered the pizza. now we wait. [ laughter ]. i think i speak for everyone. when i say. just get to the good stuff. and slap that baby. on trump's ankle already. this has been "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. .
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