Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump ordering the Pentagon to plan a military parade while his administration takes a harsher stance on immigration and insults Dreamers.
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Trump Wants a Military Parade, Lies About Immigration: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-president trump. has ordered the pentagon. to plan a military parade. while his administration takes. a harsher stance on immigration. and insults dreamers. for more on this,. it is time for "a closer look. ". ??. the gop tax plan will add. $1. 5 trillion to the deficit,. and now republicans are talking. about slashing. safety net programs. to make up for it. so, of course, president trump. wants to throw a bunch of time. and money at an active theater. that nobody wants --. a military parade. -looks as if president trump. will get the military parade. he wants in washington. -president trump's vision. of soldiers marching. and tanks rolling down. the boulevards of washington. is moving closer to reality,. and the pentagon and white house. where officials say they have. begun to plan. a grand military parade. -the marching orders. were this -- i want a parade. like the one in france,". said a military official. who spoke on condition. of anonymity. because the planning discussions. are supposed to remain. confidential,. this is being worked at. the highest levels. of the military. -that's right. trump wants a military parade,. so you're just going. full dictator now. just "dic" wasn't enough. [ laughter ]. if you are worried a tank. won't fit. on pennsylvania avenue,. don't worry. if it is anything like. trump's last parade,. there will be plenty of room. [ laughter, audience groans ]. so a rogue state is developing. nuclear weapons. russia is meddling. in our elections. the pentagon just warned that. climate change poses a threat. to half of. all our military sites,. and you have top generals. working on a parade. man, you a chance to be in. the military, and you dodged it. if you want to hold a parade. for something. you yourself actively avoided,. why not throw an irs parade. or a parade of personal. trainers . [ laughter ]. what's next . are you going to make. the chairman. of the joint chiefs of staff. plan your prom . but be careful if you do,. because if it goes. by popular vote,. you're not going to be happy. with who they choose. for king and queen. [ laughter and applause ]. if it's popular vote. on top of the fact that it would. be a waste of time and money,. there's also the fact. that the pentagon itself. doesn't even seem to want it,. because trump also asked. for a military parade. for his inauguration. and the pentagon. didn't seem too psyched. a pentagon official wrote. in an internal e-mail. at the time that the trump team. "is seriously considering. adding military vehicles. to the inaugural parade. ". later in response to an e-mail. confirming that the trump team. abandon its efforts, the. official wrote, "great news. ". the pentagon reacts to trump the. same way you react to a friend. who cancels a dinner. you didn't want to go to. "brad says he can't make it. because he has a kidney stone. oh, my god, that's great news. ". so, where exactly would. this parade happen . well, "the washington post". reported that the route. would pass by a location. close to trump's heart,. or rather, his wallet. trump has said he would. like it to proceed. along pennsylvania avenue. it would be the same route. as trump's inaugural parade. and pass by. his family's showpiece,. trump international hotel. i has always hoped. if the military was surrounding. trump hotel, there would be. a general with a bull horn. saying, "come out,. mr. president!. the game is up!". [ as trump ]. i'm only a mexican maid,. and i'm sorry to say he is. not here. gracias, go away. [ laughter ]. [ normal voice ] while he is. busy planning a military parade,. trump is supposed to be. working out a deal. with congress on immigration. now, trump claims he wants. to strike a deal,. but his plan calls. for massive cuts. to family-based immigration. in return for protections. for dreamers,. young undocumented immigrants. brought here as children. yesterday, trump insisted,. without evidence,. that our immigration laws. are much looser. than other countries. and claimed that he could give. specific examples. of the countries. he was referring to. -the world is laughing at us. because they can't believe. these policies. they don't have it. i could name 15 of them. right now. -no, you couldn't. [ laughter ]. -you couldn't name. 15 countries period. [ as trump ]. there's the u. s. , canada,. america, china,. china-da, the usa,. mexico, chinatown. i want to say australia,. but it turns out danny mcbride. just made that up for a movie. it's not a real place. [ normal voice ] in fact,. even if you gave trump. the name of a country,. he couldn't say that country. like say namibia. -nambia. [ laughter ]. -tanzania. -tan-zany-a. [ laughter ]. -or the united states. -the united shates. [ laughter and applause ]. -shates. [ cheers and applause ]. now, republicans and democrats. both say there's a deal. to be made. that would protect dreamers. while giving trump. money for his wall,. but trump wants more than that. his immigration framework calls. for a massive restructuring. of family-based immigration,. although doesn't call it. family-based immigration. he opts as usual for. a much more offensive term. -we must replace our current. system of extended family. chain migration. with a merit-based system. legislation that would end. chain migration. and switch our country. to a merit-based. immigration system. -it has to be a bill. to end chain migration. -stop calling it. chain migration. you're talking about families. don't make it sound like. there's a new applebee's. too close to the old applebee's. chain migration. is an insulting way. to refer to families. staying together. when you hang around. with your family,. nobody calls it chain mutation. [ laughter ]. look at them, they look like. the three middle figures. from the evolution of man. [ laughter ]. -trump has proposed. a radical shift. that would cut legal immigration. by 44% annually. which democrats and even. many republicans oppose. now, it won't surprise you. to learn that trump has no idea. how our current immigration laws. actually work,. but apparently neither does. his staff. his director. of legislative affairs. marc short was. on "face the nation" recently. and tried to justify trump's use. of the phrase "chain migration". by saying this. -what's happening right now. in our visa system. is you're providing visas. for aunts and uncles. and siblings. that continue to go on. hence it's called. chain migration. -sounds good,. there's just one problem --. aunts and uncles. can't be sponsored. for family-based green cards. under current law. oh, my god,. do you guys have any idea. what you're doing over there . i bet the white house. is like a cvs after midnight. [ laughter ]. "excuse me,. where's the toothpaste ". "uh unh-unh-unh. ". "how about the deodorant ". "unh-uhh-unh. ". "do you want me to leave ". "uh-huh. ". [ laughter ]. and on top of that,. there are already limits. on the number of visas issued. per year per family category. for some relatives,. the wait period for a visa. is over 13 years, but even. longer for some countries. with heavy demand. siblings in the philippines. have to wait at least 23 years. for a visa,. and mexican siblings,. at least 20 years. 20 years!. can you imagine. what would happen. to a child who was unsupervised. for 20 years . oh, right, right,. oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ]. right. yep. now, in return. for those massive cuts. to legal immigration,. trump has proposed protecting. about 1. 8 million dreamers,. including some. who did not originally. sign up for the daca program. now, many of them might not have. signed up because of fear,. cost, or because they weren't. sure if they were eligible. but on tuesday,. trump's chief of staff. john kelly offered a different,. more insulting explanation. -there are 690,000 official. daca registrants,. and the president sent over. what amounts to be. two and a half times that. number, to 1. 8 million. the difference between. 690,000 and 1. 8 million. were the people that. some would say were too afraid. to sign up,. others would say were too lazy. to get off their asses,. but they didn't sign up. -they were too lazy . you work for a guy who watches. eight hours of tv a day,. tweets until noon,. eats cheeseburgers in bed,. can't read a piece of paper. unless it has pictures. with his name on it, won't walk. down a flight of stairs,. and his preferred mode of. transportation is a golf cart. [ laughter ]. trump is so lazy,. i wouldn't be surprised. if he had one of those grabbers. so he could reach his diet coke. without getting off the couch. [ laughter and applause ]. now trump keeps pretending. he wants merit-based immigration. when he's already made clear. many times what he really wants,. an immigration system. that takes in more white people. from countries like norway. and fewer people. from what he infamously called. [bleep]hole countries. like those in africa. obviously those comments have. prompted accusations of racism,. but don't worry --. trump's son don jr. came charging to his defense. this week claiming his father. can't be racist. because he knows rappers. -it's been terrible to watch,. because i know him. i've seen him my whole life. i have seen the things. he has done. it is amazing,. all of the rappers,. all of the this,. all his african-american friends. from jesse jackson. to al sharpton. you know, i have pictures. with them, my whole life. we say, "hi,". always been friends. it was only till he got into. politics that, all of a sudden,. "oh, he's the most terrible. human being in the world. ". -if someone mentions. black people,. and the first thing. you think of is rappers,. you're probably racist. [ laughter ]. that's like saying, "women . women, sure,. i know lots of secretaries. ". [ laughter ]. but that's right,. trump can't be a racist. because he knows rappers. he even has a rap name. [ laughter ]. so you got a white house that's. splitting its time. between planning. military parades,. lying about immigration,. and insulting dreamers,. and yet according to polls,. republicans seem. more enthusiastic about trump. than ever. a new poll this week found that. while trump's overall approval. rating is just 40%,. his approval rating among. republicans has soared to 90%. and that illustrates a key point. about our current politics,. which is that donald trump. is very much. the president republicans want. he's not an outlier. he's the culmination. of the modern gop. trump is massively. and historically unpopular. in general,. but among republicans,. he is exactly what they want. in a president of --. -the united shates. -this has been "a closer look. ". ??. [ cheers and applause ]. .
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