Trump’s Christmas Gift to the Poor: Tax Hikes: The Daily Show

After President Trump called to reform the tax code, Trevor breaks down how a proposed GOP plan will affect low-income Americans.

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Thanksgiving is over leftovers have been. eaten that weird cranberry sauce has. been stuck back in the can for next year . and the turkey that president trump . pardoned has robbed a liquor store. killing two people you pardon the wrong . bird donald and with that all behind us . it's time to look forward to the next . big holiday we're going to give the . american people a huge tax cut for . christmas hopefully that will be a great . big beautiful christmas president you . promise that's a wall . i don't trump is such a divorced dad he . spends his whole year golfing breaking . his promises and then he thinks he can . just buy our love with one big christmas . present i hate you president dad but . that's basically the big plan for the . presidents and congress in just the . three weeks between now and their . christmas break they're planning to push . through a massive tax bill with almost . no debate and the question is what's in . this christmas package is it something . that everyone wants like fingerlings or . something nobody wants like super . gonorrhea and the answer depends on what . kind of person you are human or . corporates corporations and the wealthy . will see the biggest tax cuts while the . corporate tax cuts would be permanent . the tax cuts for american taxpayers . would expire after 10 years low-income . americans would start seeing their taxes . go up in 2021 and by 2027 . all individuals making $75,000 or less. would pay more than under current law. okay so it makes sense . corporations get to pay less forever and . poor people get to pay less for four . years and then they pay more yes which. sounds bad but it's actually fine . because once obamacare is repealed poor . people will all be dead so it works out . yeah yeah i think that's the logic i . don't know how this works. and by the way it's pretty convenient . that average americans won't be seeing . those tax hikes until after the next . elections that's really slick . right like how can they expect people to . vote before people know what they're . actually getting it's like having to . rate your uber driver before you get in . the car . it's just like give me five stars . man can you unlock the door hey there's . no puke in the backseat just give me the . five stars now of course those numbers . are merely the reality but what are the . bill supporters pretend will happen this . tax reform bill will spur economic. growth in our country if we are able to . lower the highest corporate tax rate in . the world from 35 to 20 percent and make . it permanent the jobs of the future will . be created here at home this is about . making the business tax system . competitive which is about creating jobs . and the first new job . will be frying my jaw open so i can . speak normally this is weird to me they . want to help ordinary people so they're . giving money to corporations because . maybe eventually it will get down to . ordinary people . that's so roundabout it's like saying if . you're hungry why go out to a restaurant . when you can just sew yourself to the . back of a human centipede why yeah why . waste your time now the other thing . about the republican tax bill is that it . would add at least one point four . trillion dollars to the national debt . and you may remember when obama was . president republicans constantly accused . him of increasing the debts but he was . spending america's money on jordans the . transcendent issue of our era which is . deficit and debt until we fix that . problem we can't fix america . washington's unsustainable spending is. driving the nation's permanent plunge. into debt we face a crushing burden of . debt which will take down our economy oh . it must be real because of the music . every single time this happens every . single time they say they hate something . and then they go and do the thing that . they said they hates all right because . now it turns out that what they're . secretly deficit freaks yeah it's almost . like how would you hear a conservative . going hard against gay people you know . and then it turns out he was going hard . against gay people it's the same thing . over and over again you know what it . makes me wonder what else have . republicans just been pretending to hate . like right now i wouldn't be surprised . if we find out that all republicans are . secretly black yeah. just like when the camera turns off . mitch mcconnell's like so now we're just . a few days away from this major decision . and here's the only way i think average . americans can stop trump from handing . massive tax cuts to the super-rich you . have to tweet directly to donald trump . and remind him that obama is super rich . so he's gonna get the biggest tax cuts . of all yeah and i promise you within an . hour of seeing those tweets trump will . be like destroy the rich socialism for . all me and bernie 2020 folks we're doing . it all. [music]. [music]. you. .
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