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Hello everybody my name is markiplier . and welcome back to the try not to laugh . challenge it is time once again to test . our hilarious constitution against this . ensemble of hand-picked funny videos . from all across the internet can you . survive the challenge but there's only . one way to find out now oh and any of my . fans in new zealand or australia that . want to see me in person please go to . tour dot markiplier calm or click the . link in the description below to see if . we're gonna be coming to a city near you . my let's do this i don't like this . already i loved her for ages . nope cannot do two in peace oh i see . what's up there oh don't you . motherfucking barking me i'm taking a . shit not funny. [music]. what am i watching . [music]. what in the fresh hell is this and what. in the goddamn what was that pierson . decides to mmm try a maneuver called a . side slip practically unheard of on. commercial airliners but sometimes used . by glider pilots pierson has never in . only performed a song don't do this . but he's attempting one now not allowing . 767 wow. oh stop it good god . good hmm not a laughs not a laugh isn't . that funny that's not funny that's not . funny that's not funny i love dogs no no . stop what are you doing all right then . something happened that hugh says has . never happened to him in all his years . of climbing now one of hugh's legs fell . off. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. i've never seen or heard anyone try so . desperately to become a disney princess . and be. able to communicate with animals at that . one moment never seen . [applause]. [music]. [music]. no no no no no no no no no i'm gonna get . me with that shit yeah more that's made . of fucking burdick leathers and leather . seats . [music]. bitch who says she works. [music]. mother lives she's dead and i killed her . in the car what the fuck did i just . watch what the fuck i haven't got a . goddamn clue. i don't like those in the water . [music]. [music]. [music]. they're so good letsa let's check the . patch notes for the sims 3 the grim . reaper will no longer be prevented from . reaping souls due to pay and affiliation . fixed a tuning issues so that sims now . it is no longer possible to try for . babies with child with no longer appears . sims who are on fire will no longer be . forced to attend baby sims will no . longer become so no longer a secret wish . to skinny-dip with mummies i'm here can . hit a building which case everyone will . run out before the collision those who . do not exit the building will die sims . automatically leave if a meteor is. approaching unless it is a school just a. lot of smiling i was laughing i swear i . was not laughing you want to hear a . station for porn detected porno rito hot . chick amateur girl. no i pussy anal dildo ringtone lets us . stop. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. there wasn't laughing i was expecting a . poot all right fine . i know i know i've been like chuckling . through pretty much every single video . but i was trying really hard and i . didn't break fully until right there but . anyway this has been the try not to . laugh challenge did you manage to make . it through okay if you did and be honest . let me know down in the comments below . and if you have other funny videos that . you want me to react to let me know down . there as well and if you want to see . more check out the try not to laugh . challenge a playlist i'll link it in the . description and thanks again everybody . for watching and as always i will see . you in the next video . .
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