Try Not To Laugh Challenge #14

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DON'T LAUGH!! Whatever you do just try not to laugh!!
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Hello everybody my name is markiplier . and welcome back to another try not to . laugh challenge now this one's gonna be . a little different because the content . they're in is from a very different. source you may know about this playlist' . called instant regret clicking this . playlist parenthesis means so these may . be good they may be bad they may be . funny they may be horrifying i honestly . don't know i've never checked out the . playlist so let's see if any of these . also we are still coming to australia . and amsterdam again if you haven't . gotten the ticket yet go to tor dot . markiplier comm or check out the link in . the description below to see we're . coming to a city near you i'm ready my . loins have been girded which is a phrase. that i'm pretty sure applies to this . situation oh please let me in please . please please that begin value oh daddy . why won't he listen to her why why won't . he open the door what do you know there . you got scissors give me those scissors . no don't run with sister . the animal ones are always the ones that . all scare me but not this time . not this time not this time . [music]. oh god you can see this too . [music]. not funny. none of those none of those are funny do . you like any tommy all right . [music]. [music]. we got biggles wow who is that that's me . hit me hit me hit me you can't reach me . with that hand reach me with that hand . reach me with that you cannot reach me . with that hand reach me with that you . cannot. [music]. not funny loud noises in explosions not . funny. [music]. [applause]. [music]. yes . [music]. [music]. wow. since pilots couldn't see out of the . plane because of angled landing . engineers put together a solution the . concorde featured a droop snoot droop . snoot no the snoop would droop the snoot . true the concorde featured a droop snoot . droop snoot yeah the snoot would droop . thus new truth that's not funny . there's nothing funny about droops new. troops new there's nothing funny about . droops new groups new there's nothing . funny about droops new the snoot there's . nothing weird funny about droops nudists. new truth that reminds me of like um . listen to to the dollop this is episode . 323 it's about the race to paris from . new york done in 1908 is one of the . funniest things i've ever listened to i . recommend listening to it i'll provide a . link in the description to it but this . part in particular is so damn funny and . i don't know why he a two inch thick . steak while people stood around and . watched masters questions this bogs down . into a freak show when not racing you're . just kind of road tripping so who i not . eat a great sis roberts the driver of . the fire you're the reporter oh he's the . he's the like good-looking athletic yeah . watch me eat a steak and i'll make this . fat reporter salivate over yeah . i wish i could get out of the car . [laughter]. to get the full context of it i . recommend what okay back to the other . videos you probably say it a million . times a day . [music]. who are you oh fuck . hmm totally fun . superduper extremo bonanza fast anymore . adjectives or lupin not funny . why is someone getting ahead in the face . so funny it's not it's mary goats oh . karl karl music wait . better luke the bag says it makes three . dozen cookies why did you make a new . what was coming i knew it i knew i was . coming i didn't expect it to be such an . elegant pass about seven eleven getting . gas right let me insert my card release . card one moment . boneless chicken uh-huh is that our card . roll it up. [music]. do you like the snow why not can you say . snow. [music]. my mom tried to be cute make these . little thanksgiving snacks here she saw . on pinterest this is what they actually . came out with that's fine what is he . doing he's beginning to believe he . discovered jesus and then he started. doing things and he made a hot air . balloon you know he had a passion that . sandhill that way he wanted you know he . had a passion and this is so beautiful . 28 years of dedication tried dedicating . 28 minutes to something nowadays . realistically i think about that and so . i volunteered more then eventually they . had me be like a greeter and i would get . it out it ah then i was like all kind . well agreed oh yeah go ahead ad it out . uh next thing you know i'm the caretaker . and i've been living here a year and a . half. ah that was enough funny ah not funny . maybe card andrus is tougher than you . think we're not gonna win this today . [music]. [music]. no that is a cute ass bird . [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [laughter]. [laughter]. [laughter]. shit so the playlist is good the. playlist is good but there's a lot of. like repeat offenders in that so there's . a reason why i skipped so many is . because a lot of the times it'll be like . 50 videos in a row that are all about . the same exact meme and it's kind of . like going through memes of history in a . way because you know what was the most . trending topic of that moment because . everybody made a video joking about that . one topic cuz it's not that bad anyway . so thank you everybody so much for . watching . i lost as usual but then again i try to . go until i lose no matter what happens . so thank you everybody so much for . watching let me know what you thought . down in the comments below and yes i'm . going to australia and amsterdam if you . haven't gotten tickets yet check out . tore down markiplier comm for tickets if . you liked this let me know in the . comments below and subscribe for more . cool videos like this so thanks again . everybody for watching and as always i . will see you in the next video . .
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