Twins Vs. iPhone X Face ID

We hack the new iPhone X.
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What's up guys we have to do it at the. same time because we're twins what's up . guys we're back and today yeah i know . it's random day we're not supposed to be . back there like yeah but it's a special . occasion because the iphone tax just . came out yesterday so yesterday was . actually the first day that anybody . could get their hands on the iphone x . and i got one and you got two slimy . hands all over one the iphone x has this . new feature called facial recognition . where it allows you to unlock your phone . by just looking at it and it recognizes . your face and everyone's would sing . twins you're the same face unlike one . phone with both of your faces and see if . it works i honestly don't think that we . had the same exact face if you look . really closely our faces are a little . different a little different since we're . not completely identical we're gonna try . to be as identical as possible to see if . we can hack this iphone x boom identical . right i think so okay this is about as . identical as ethan and i can get so . we're gonna see if anything can get in . my iphone x using my facial recognition . setup my face id whoa . first face id scan complete continue . that's like a really satisfying i don't . know why your face id is now set up . alright so i'm pretty sure you just hold . it at your face unlocked boom and i may . just like that well it's not really . surprising because it was my face but . now we're gonna see if ethan space works . on my iphone by the way you can only use . one face to set up your iphone so . there's no so no tricks for playing here . you can't you can only use one face . moment of truth here we go should i do . it yes do it bitch i mean how did that . actually like different freckles and . stuff so and i would say even looks more . like a turtle than i do. yeah a little bit more like a turtle no . doesn't work if i make a different face . it doesn't even unlock my phone but it i . lost my phone with deep in space so it's . saying our faces are not different at . all it's still works when i'm smiling . according to apple ethan and i are the . same person . we are greased in why do we do this why . don't we try to look as not alike as . possible and see if it still works that . actually sounds like a good idea now . that we look completely fraternal we're . gonna try to unlock the phone. i'm gonna be surprised if i gonna love . my phone right now but let's give it a . shot it actually works . whoa i lost my phone hopefully even . cannot unlock my phone now we look . completely different this person with . this face should not be able to unlock . this phone that is true we do look . different now alright even i love my . phone if you can i don't think it's . gonna work oh it worked if you are a . twin and i don't even think this is . identical anymore if someone out there . kind of looks like you don't give them . your iphone it they might be able to get . into your iphone x i can't believe that . it works like this we don't look that . much alike i think you think it's saying . that were the same person i'm kind of . offended me too cuz i'm different i'm my . own person . i'm yes yeah if your twin out there i . want you to make a stand . apple hates twins this recognition hates . twins i am frustrated lily another . battery i'm heated right now in the . batteries lovely okay where are they . yeah dumbass man okay twitter well he's . an idiot i just tried to pick up my . dresser and sarted sharded in my okay . let's see how long it takes him to . realize that i did that well that was . our iphone x video i know it's very . different from all of our other videos . but everyone's been asking twins can you . get into twins iphone x and the answer . is yes yes yes you can if you're a twin . you got to put a passcode on that i . don't trust my twin for one because why . that's messed up why would you trust me. you think i'm gonna trust you with my . phone yeah i think obviously you . wouldn't trust me with your future trust . me with anything grayson i don't trust . you with half of anything but yeah that . was all right my next video thumbs up . for 2424 twins getting great combination . twin recognition because apple needs to . change the things and make sure that . they make fish like you do better so . that twin its twin proof that's it . nothing else bye . we'll see you guys on tuesday peace . [music]. we good we're gonna trying to be as . identical as possible to see if we can . hack this iphone x okay so we both get . naked mm okay . .
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