Vlogmas Day 3- RIP Computermas

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Sorry this is such an absolutely boring vlog, probably the most boring vlog that has ever been posted to the internet I mean I've seen some boring stuff but this really is the most boring thing in the whole world I actually want to punch myself in the face it's so boring but you know I said I was going to do vlogmas and sometimes your life Is just a fucking snooze fest SNOOOOOZEEEE FESSTTT IS MEEEEE I AM ITTTTTTT also I'm adjusting pretty well to my dongle life I made a dongle bag for my dongles and I'm dongling around and dingle dongle it's not the worst its just kind of weird because it looks like your computer has tentacles like a small octopus with a flat face which is cool but also kind of invasive when you have a small work area or fucking lap and things are just all over the place also I noticed that the little peachy girl seems to be testing the waters of IF DONGLEZ AR AN TOYZ and ooooooggirlrllllglrlrllllll you better watch yourself because swear to fucking god if you try eating one of these dongles I will dongle you into another fucking dimension you don't even know they are NAHT toys FOR AN CERMETS and please keep your mouth to yourself I mean that's a general lesson that I feel like she's still learning which is annoying but hey her brain is the size of a lemon so can you really even blame her I can't its just what she thinks like even as human beings we used to think shit like the earth was flat lol fuckin dumbasses and that the sun revolved around the world lol fuckin narcissists or MOST HILARIOUSLY THAT ALIENS DONT EXIST HAHAH GET OUT OF MY FACE BOY THEY BEEEN HAD BEEN COMIN HERE FOR CENTURIES and damnit I am going to hug one before I leave and go chill in another dimension, the dimension where I bought the older Mac book pro and am not living dongle life so I can ask that self how her life is going sans dongles but anyways snooze away I hope you have a good Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow for vlog fuck
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Caption: It's crying it me to get up because he wants to party come on me haha felt i'm by car me like to encourage kermit even though use less teeth so he pulls less hard to do this real quick ki kardi good boy was like let them win it's so sweet good boy couldn't good boy it turns you hungry for breakfast god the bed was solid it didn't feel like a talk of all those order we were doing 60 know what is a fucking sad bed you guys it's sick all the above analysis i think today is finally the day that i say goodbye to this computer what's wrong i'm kind all day good morning gurney you have food on your face good morning that make you feel happy what is it you want to pet you wanna he won't let me get him about this blanket huh what about this blanket kermit all day every day this is my life seen a hog some attention same carbon become come here huh come come come tight you guys have seen up my like big computer and the other room that do the majority of videos and editing on that's a big boy i think i got that in i got this laptop in like twenty twelve i don't know it was a long maybe even 2011 i got this laptop when i lived in boston it was like the first big purchase that i made when i started like making money on youtube and as an adult and so it holds a lot of like sentimental value to me like there's nothing really wrong with it it's just old and slow and at this point julian and rome and everything making fun of me for having it it's like it's really big really happy like there's been multiple times where i'll carry my bag on a plane with it and it's like a solid brick with the charger in there it's so heavy like i've checked my bag and then i'll be like i'll put my laptop in there because i don't need it for the plane and you know make my backpack later and i'll try to check my bag it'll be like so overweight with a laptop and it all have to take it out anyways i think it's really finely made itself kind of useless but that's almost 2017 so i mean it's the least five or six years old so it's you done good kid the laptop that i had before this was like my first mac ever that's how i first started getting into youtube that the reason that died was because if it's just so dead and also did that thing where unless it's plugged into the power cord it just shuts off that laptop very quickly became desktop computer i've been trying to prolong this think we gotta get a viking funeral light it on fire and send it off to the ocean in a boat in a wooden ship and shoot an arrow cross till it explodes there's no real reason for me to not get a new laptop you you saw with my glasses and stuff like i'm so very much like if it's not broken like i'm not gonna replace it but i think it's finally like kind of broken i'm kind of sad i'm excited julian has in the past tried to like get a laptop for me is like a really kind gift because i was like that's too much into nice i really appreciate it also has secretly like i love my laptop how dare you could but today's the day i'm just gonna suck it up and spend the money i'm gonna do it in a really good run and i'm gonna put them in a nice soft grave in my cupboard next to my other laptop it's just so sad this thing's my baby you know you ever get like sentimental and emotionally attached to electronics like it's hard like it holds so many of your memories but like your outdated and suck i have to say goodbye to you because you don't serve me anymore you don't do your job anymore but it's so sad and no i'm not getting one of those new laptops with all the dangle dangle nonsense 5u ticket to help for you pack me one of those anything that i get is gonna be far more superior than when i have right now and we're going to come back and work on a podcast a little bit go to the mall what do you need to get at the mall besides coffee the new knick the subjects at the mall unique valley yes sorry haha like obg doesn't know i did it i pulled the trigger i got the new macbook i'm gonna have to adjust to dongle life dongle with me dongle dongle with me i'm excited but i'm also like sad instead of getting the older macbook pro like the one that julian has this one is like lighter and smaller so when i travel it's going to be easier guys fucking chill and one of the problems that i had with my macbook that i'm replacing was even though there's no dongles like it's nice having an sd card reader on the side that poor in there starts to wear down and sometimes i just spent five minutes jamming my sd card in and out of there to get it to read it so i mean dongles are fun but at least i you know i can pay twenty bucks and replace the dongle then replace the whole port on the outside of the computer and then wanna buy a new computer today but i'm happy about in your computer today because that was it was dead it was dying is on its last leg i'm gonna miss you forever though i love you such a good computer i think i have another one of these stickers i should put it on here you make good baby i love you i know this seems like an extravagant purchase that i promise you this has been so many years in the making right now and i'm just proud of myself for just finally do it like yesterday when i throughout that self-tanner sometimes you just gotta like be done with things you know just be done with it it's over like yesterday when i was just exporting my video from final cut pro it took like two hours not even kidding like not even uploading it just exporting it out of final cut pro dad little guy [music] [music] father sleep last night we hung out with christine and elijah and they're so fucking rad is your fun yeah it's fine it's really funny picture doing and took a peach scene and she tweeted a picture very with kermit that's so cute lazing around saturday to kurt i'll play out of the day help they are enjoying my super boring blogs people of boring blogs way to live your life because guess what like pretty boy term for today why is congress head smaller than this body and then some respondents said because everyone's head is smaller than that hit me in my good and we're gonna have a good day to day though get your blog and more watch it oh you're sure you're extreme down show your dream up being just 71 park at racing now why is my own pic please don't please don't please don't know it's small so why what the old one is that person nothing nothing oh my i bottle it and make it i center retweet if you love to smell your level suck whatever you're doing don't worry this world no not don't read the blog retweet this moment not as video block this moment block this moment on twitter and follow you smell like sorry for smelling don't act like you've never tried to smell someone you have maybe you have it good for you the amends a blog and also your mark happy block [music]

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