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Caption: Hey what's up you guys so today i have . kind of a storytime slash announcement . before i get into that today's video is . sponsored by barkbox and they helped me . do something really really cool and i'm . so excited about that i'm going to talk . about later in the video but basically . because of them i was able to really . help somebody out like i'll talk about . that later so the story starts in san . francisco i mean riley decided to go to . san francisco just for like a weekend . trip morning since terry and while we . were there we were walking down the . street and we saw this dog adoption and . i wasn't gonna stop and then i did and . then this happened i know i fell in love . with this dog i mean i was taking . pictures with the dog rylan was taking . pictures with the dog . we were snap chatting and instagram . storying i think we hung out at that . adoption for like three hours . but it was one of those things where i . just instantly knew like this was part . of my family then i texted garrett and . of course his response was get him get . him get him get him i loved him get him . get him then i texted my mom and she . sent me this video yes it's gonna be a . lot of work but you know me i have a . house full of pets and i love them all i . don't know what i would do without them . they're like my kids i love them more . than anything love you and then mean . rylan said fuck it and we just decided . to adopt her . [music]. but the problem was we're in san. francisco and we live in la but the . woman who ran the adoption offered to . drive the dog to us for free i told her . i wanted to pay her for it and she said . no that this is just what she loves to . do and she was happy that the dog was . gonna get a nice home so then we decided . to celebrate by going to a mexican . restaurant eating a lot of chips and . getting very drunk and going into a . group tm chat on twitter . we love you shane's pigs so we went back . to la and all week we were getting . updates from the woman who we dumped the . dog from jill and every update i was . like get me this dog i mean there was . videos of her at the groomer pictures of . her eating pictures of her playing with . her favorite toy which is a little bead . and just a million pictures of her and . looking like the sweetest thing in the . whole world. and then i woke up with a text from jill . and she said we're on our way and she . sent me this picture i think i actually . screamed when i read that so just a . quick little background on jill so she . runs a rescue organization called . bellavita rescue so her and her teenage . daughter travel across the country and . get dogs who have been abandoned or who. are gonna get killed in the shelter who . just needs some buddies they literally . travel around the country and do that . and they called me when they were on the . road and they were like hey we're gonna . be a couple hours late . we found a litter of stray puppies that . were abandoned on the side of the road . like angels and when i came home later . that night she was there okay you guys . the change just about to be home we've . got the dogs waiting lady are you ready . to see shane shane guess what's going on . telega . oh she remembers yeah oh my gosh so . they're getting along yeah they're . getting along great no i i think the . best part about that was i was extremely . excited ryland was excited but jill and . her daughter bella were like even more . excited than we were because they . genuinely loved finding dogs homes like . they drove eight hours to get this dog . to us and then she told us how she found . our dog which was just perfect she was . in a very rural area where nobody lived . so somebody had to have driven out of . their way to dump her so that she . couldn't find home to come back to . so she was found by herself and from day . one she was just very scared starving . but didn't really want to eat well you . know we'll bring that out at her so then . the daughter pulled out some shirts that. she made for us oh my god and then we . hung out and talked and took a bunch of. pictures one thing they did tell me off . camera was that they do accept donations . but they feel a little weird about it . and they never want to look like they're . like asking for money and that's not why . they do what they do so i forced them i . said start a gofundme page like start. one because you guys need help so they . did i'll put the link down there and one . thing they said they really wanted was a . fan now they're doing all of this in . their little car i asked him how much it . was they said it was like $30,000 so i . got a sponsor for this video . barkbox and with the help of barkbox i . was able to write her a check for 30 . dollars to get her now i didn't film . that whole thing because like that's not . what this was about but she was really . really excited and didn't want to take . it but i forced her to and you guys can . help too once again the link will be . down there for the gofundme they really . really need some help . and every dollar comes so later that . night it was time to hang out with our . new dog who we still didn't really have . a name for i think they temporarily . named her lady but i wasn't completely . loving that name so we still had to . figure that out so pretty instantly her . and uno became like best friends i mean . they were playing together they were . running together they were both looking . at my food together and they wouldn't . stop they slept on both of our labs i've . genuinely never seemed like two dogs get . that close that fast it was pretty crazy . she's so happy oh my god that was crazy . she like smiled . i'm a gbb why well then it was time to . introduce our new dog did she know now . jill told us that we had to take it slow . and that huskies sometimes don't get . along with cats but throughout the week . we have been watching a bunch of . different videos and researching a lot . about huskies and cats and there is a . big chance that they will get along and . then they'll be best friends but then . there's a chance that they might not . okay so what you need to do i need to . have lady back here and you need to open . the door and cheeto king shoes if he . wants to meet her oh my god i love a . dating show oh my god the cats lair huh . no okay okay . meet your new husband. [music]. oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god . she doesn't literally not i am actually . having a panic attack . oh my god oh my god oh my god cuz from . what i rule i don't know that looks like . that looks like she's thinking about . dinner uh-oh . she don't finally found somebody that. he's scared of really hey stomach oh i'm . hungry. hey be patient me what dinner's coming . does cheeto he's our friend we love him . i mean he was a little bus that's what . i'm scared i don't know i just really . need them to like each other . hey she wasn't afraid she does like . what's not shane you're missing it . [music]. be friends please be friends . oh my god this is everything i'm gonna . cry coming meow seems like cheedo making . a peace offering. i know i've never heard that soft of a . meow from geo before it sounded like hey . can we be friends. cheetos like look at my a smile a block . away huh oh my god it's happening oh my . god so didn't go bad it didn't go great . like they weren't instantly best friends . and by this point we had already fallen . so in love with this fucking dog that . the idea of having to get rid of her was . just so we're trying to figure out what . we're gonna do oh she's so cute but if . she doesn't get along with cheeto i . don't know what we're gonna do . i mean look at this face it has to work . this was just trying it tomorrow so if i . know it's time for bed and jill told me . about the dog did not like stairs up the . stairs see he's afraid of activity just . like his dad and that was very true and . i ended up having to carry the dog up . the stairs myself hard . but then we all got into bed and it was . so cute ah coming on and of course i got . fucking creepy oh it's its target then i . had a moment of thinking she could . understand my mouth pops i just realized . something she only responds to my pops . ready then we all fell asleep in the bed . and it was just the best so then the . next morning we decided we had to figure . out a name . root beer no daniel peugeot lee i bitch . i like quiz. no let's go it's giving us thousands of . dollars wait let's see what she comes to . like shook no chucky i'm not walking the . dog and ssangshik e in public queen . bougie frosting starbucks star c hey oh . my god wait mouth pop not pop and then . for short this dogs never gonna have a . name i even got a video message from . garrett giving me some of his name ideas . jane you want dog names i'll tell you . what you came to the right guy . now listen i came up with 12 but also . don't look at my car it's disgusting . link molly brown bette pine kiss chris . panting straining sorry coupe sega uma . like the actress uma thurman earle . even though it's a girl sorry bren . trinity and croc as in laura croft but . here i'm gonna focus on the one that i . really like i think that the name of . your dog is going to be l the l driver . was the inspiration from kill bill the . woman would. patch-over her id thank you young master . your dog is eventually going to have a . patch over her eye as well because . remember when she doe scratch the shit . out of her islands face that's gonna . happen to not only your new dog but . every member of your household okay i'm . gonna go find a breakfast burrito it is . 2:35 p. m. after all by then the craziest . thing in the whole world happened we . were literally filming a video for. rylands channel and then he said oh this . is a brand deal i have to get something . and then this happened honey . so graciously decided to sponsor this . video which i'm so excited we honey . yeah oh my god oh my god honey oh my god . honey wait honey oh my god she looks . like honey honey oh wait like honey oh . my god you know i just had a psychic . moment what toy is she obsessed with her . favorite toy which is a little big oh my . god oh honey i know . we literally figured out the name and it . felt so weird and like right and she is . just so sweet . well then it was time for us to try . again and see him honey and cheeto could . be friends all right honey let's try . this again . i hear okay come say hi cheeto i'm . saying be nice be nice be nice . both of you be nice cheeto wait that . went good yeah that was great . oh see honey that's what it's like they . have cheeto hey . oh my god . just letting cheeto eat her food yeah . even i won't do that well you guys can . coexist be nice oh my gosh should i just . ate off her paw cutest thing i've ever . seen in metal sheet oh right they're . like so then i did what any other new . daddy does i wanted to spend some money . alright guys go so we're gonna do what . spent some money like ah so we ended up . going to target and we got so much shit . what the fuck are these cute gears it . doesn't make sense cuz they're still . right here we got dong toys we got . treats for the dog but mostly for me oh . my god there's new kinds of m&ms dogs . can't have chocolate . i know but pigs can and then for some . reason i don't quite understand a shit . ton of jojo so husky merch i'll never . know how to say that when jojo cures me . of my depression oh my god they also . have her hair bows oh my god dream huge. when this becomes a jojo brand deal it . is hair coming out the back oh that's a . dog toy for your own star when george . was menu therapist so then it was time . to come home so me and honey could do . our first brand deal together oh my god . you look keep talking that job come on . i'm trying to treat come on okay don't . run from jojo she's queen i'm jojo 30 . years so barkbox is awesome and i've . worked at them before in the past so . it's a monthly subscription service . where you give this bark box every month . and every box has two really cool toys . and two bags of all-natural treats all . right all right it's a lot happening and . something that you want all this stuff . is really high-quality and i'm not just . saying that because they told me to say . that it really is you get 40 bucks worth . of treats and toys and plans only start . it like 20 bucks a month all right jojo . posed with the box i was born for this . you can also upgrade to get an extra tie . every month and that's only an extra . nine bucks . you're doing great sweetie it's free . shipping anywhere in the u. s. in canada . they're really awesome company and i . really love them along also without . barkbox i would not have been able to . give jill that barkbox thank . you so please if you have a dog or you . know somebody that has a dog and you . want to gift it to them go to bark box . calm slash you know dawson so here we go . i am so excited to introduce to you guys . honey come on guys all right we have . another kid no i say that lovingly i . know that having another dog's a lot . more work but it's definitely worth it . well i'm just really happy that our . little family's growing and that her and . cheeto are now getting along and their . best friend well i hope you guys love . honey as much as we do we are so excited . and i don't know i feel like my little . family's gotten bigger yeah kids next . only i can name the ranch no all right . you guys hope you enjoyed this video i'm . excited about honey being a party to and . all the hair that's everywhere yeah it's . a lot see you guys later . [music]. .

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