WE FINALLY DID IT! Everyone, meet Carl (:
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That's about all the best everybody has . no yeah she has no ideas zero okay one . two three . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. so guys today is the daddy day we are . adding another member of our family . villa brand family to our family today . we're so excited we're going to get a . puppy today we're gonna get a puppy this . is our first time seeing the puppy . everybody has no idea right now no idea . i believe that dance with my mom we said . no to puppies forever whenever we met we . actually kind of bonded like on the fact . that we would be promising we would . never ever get a dog because they poop . and pee and smell you might as well just . like happy yeah but then they see like . cute dogs into where and like over time . we've been like yeah we came and i think . i really is gonna be super excited i . think she's gonna do this thing where . she gets like super awkward when she's . like so excited about something whenever . everything it's super exciting she is . super awkward like yeah i like it . the only thing that we are in control of . is your name the dog carl carl see ya . boy this is carl cuz you need another . man in the house yeah and carl just a . funny me so it's like when we name like . our vacuum carl we saw pictures and it's . like i can't wait to show you guys what . it looks like my family's were the same . as well they got in last night so . they're going to be going with us so . don't be confused on that but uh but . we're gonna build this anticipation up . for this video you guys have to wait you . guys have to watch the whole video and . at the end we're doing some cool . shoutouts for you guys so stay tuned see . emily's reaction to a surprise so we . just got here. we're super excited we're about to walk. in and get our doggy got to see him for . the first time . walk it inside again our puppy babe . fifth guy holding first no . hey good whatever reverse okay here we . go. we're so excited you got my little party . here with it but it is gnarly surfer . here yeah she has no idea zero . miss carl is carl back there is carl's . here. oh baby you guys do honey online sleep . of your life. babe i just don't i don't want us to i . know we gotta wait were even don't worry. really more excited that never lose . gonna be and we know that they don't. coming . okay . [music]. he cannot be cute look karla brown . hey you all ready to go surprise . everything you want to go surprise . everything yeah so what home really . almost here she's at dance right now and . my mom we got a puppy so we're gonna see . like we're gonna let him free a little . bit . [music]. [music]. [music]. so eva's on her way home from dance and . what she's gonna do is she's gonna come. inside and she think that because she . was good all day that she has a prize . that we have for her no i need to take . the second toy like usual she has zero . idea well your first surprise is that . your family's here so jack's here take a . peek okay okay you don't get it keep . your eyes closed that okay say hey okay . i'm kind of three turn around okay okay . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. name's carlo we got him for you today . [laughter]. [applause]. [music]. what do you think about them the whole . time i already me that you're getting it . no no bobby we didn't get it we got it . from a breeder did you have like happy . tears in your eyes i saw that you were. both leaving back on her did you expect . the puppy did you think that that was . gonna be a surprise . [music]. [music]. got you an early birthday really small . little puppy . [laughter]. oh my goodness is hungry is hungry i got . i got on a snack . he chowpatty he go hey nobody hears you . say yummy ok got you nice and big and . strong just kid so that's all for this . vlog that's not like we had a surprise . in have he's like a puppy did you love . it you excited i think i think that . laura likes our family but thank you . guys so much for watching this video be . sure to give it a big thumbs up . subscribe to our channel for work for . more videos and be sure to subscribe to . every toy channel you guys rock winners . shout outs again on instagram because . you haven't done shoutouts in forever so . shout out to mel g17 thank you for . following us on instagram liking our. pics and every pose and shout out to . baby dot underscore jade 12 thanks for . following us on instagram . i like our pictures if you guys want to . be like we just shot off balls and ice . cream right here and wolf oh carl to sew . all color yes carl's instagram we create . obviously we created a dog instagram to. follow carl. all right see you guys next block . [music]. .
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