I might delete this whole video too, lol. Watch it while you can! #viewz Deleted scenes from 2017! This is the most scressful lookin thumbnail I eva seen. Thanks for watching babes! Look cuter in my sweater here: https://lizakoshy.com/ And stalk my other social medias below! And have a happy new year! Wow! You have a lot to do.
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Caption: [music]. yeah hey guys what up it's a girl liza . coming down bloopers that's right today . i have a black purse and blue purse and . blue chair for you but i have failed and . i have messed up and i have had many . many accidents but today i want to show . you that i accidentally forgot to make a . fresh video here yeah oh discussing this . this is free lotion on the seat cool . seems the one need to think everything . legs means fun fact i do carry around . extra tampons looking for one or . friendship but i actually did going to a . party once and i was asked which is . typically a question they only ask guys . trying to get it but then my girlfriend . said oh he's with us and i got right in . good you don't we know i know everybody . look yeah sigma boobs . yeah i'm not single of single boobs now . i'm not single sigma boobs not i'm not . single yeah so is she single boobs. a rooftop party call roofie party okay . so i'm gonna be cooking so let's . something which is why i feel hella . attractive now today i have a super. excited personality. drinking cow milk you straight you stole . milk from a baby that's not even our own . species all right next topic is bert . trump have no problem with your toast . i'm not racist like white buns i got a . little tan kind of like my booty all . right bert it's still edible it's toasty . and it's flat so i have anxiety i also . have hairy legs and a beedi you thought . that breast milk wasn't be good . apparently it is because you're getting . the consent of the game does want me to . sell my breast milk and make great awful . videos yes there is your pleasure yes a . weird hat that doesn't have a name but. kind of looks like bitch you're the one . white girl that's super diverse dance . move run caucasian cuz i have a ballet . background but throughout the movie i'm. gonna learn how to hit my final . performance will be a combination of . both hip hop and ballet i may be white . but i'm gonna throw my butt in a circle . at the end of the movie and everyone's . gonna cheer you you're a pussy dude . that's all right . i'm looking for human contact have you . seen her anywhere somebody touch you i . saw down the labrador retriever clothes . both your eyes soft them sensitive a . loyal fan but he wants us to take me . home and give it a scooby snack i'm down . lady want to drop me take me home raised . me as their own and i'll die in 15 years . and burn me in the backyard i'm down so . that is all i have for you guys this . year they're new resolutions he'll never . keep it's not gonna make a revolution to . go on a diet i'm gonna convince my . friends to get off of there just gonna . start going to the gym . grunts the stock there's anyways i hope . you guys have a happy new year and thank . you guys for watching this year i'll see . you guys next year the brown girl is by . 2017 explained my bills we like . .

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