What’s Inside Bernie Sanders’ Pockets

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Yeah. i'm bernie sanders and here the items. like gary inside my pockets. this is a show on i purchased tell me. put on a certain shoes more easily. studies show very few people enjoy the. act of unwrapping and katie that. here is the tiniest piece of him data to. which i refer if i take a note on the. data that turns out to be wrong and. college i was known as party. hey kochi how many trees have to go down. so we can blow and i was ok. the penny is the one cent of the. ninety-nine percent. we have not seen the last of the penny. mark my words i carry the shirt in case. i get an opportunity to exercise. look at brooklyn college what i'm not. enjoying a minor league ball game. i listen for patterns in the static the. static is controlled by the top 1% i had. a tastefully pattern. dixie brand cup but it fell through a. hole in my pocket my second bag of where. this candy's come to the big fat stinky. joint because i also like to feel the. burn. i can always use this to calculate. statistics. sometimes i just use it to write poop i. never met a boob. i didn't like except for a donald trump. it's sick burn two things i like rolling. pennies and rolling doobies. i am sack from collegehumor. click here to subscribe or click here to. watch another fun video if you click. like right here you can pretend like. you're holding me and i'm a tiny person. well let me down let me down. .
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