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Goodtimes's take on White Fang is faithful in some ways but really silly in a lot of others. Join us as we look at the wolf dog that tries to be nothing like his father.
All right all the snow from that storm . during my aladdin bevin field review . will actually be appropriate for the . background of this white fang review . [music]. mm-hmm . white fang is a rather grim story about. a wolf dog hybrid with a bunch of death . in it so naturally it's been turned into . a children's story quite a bit . [music]. when you need a doofy 40-some minute . cartoon of white fang who you gonna call. good tides entertainment well i've . talked about other good times releases . that work by jet lag or golden films . this is the first one i've seen not by . either of these companies that was still . a part of the cash-in coaster lineup . good times his white fang was made by . michaels spawn animation michael spoor . and worked on a lot of animated specials . and shorts including work on sesame . street. the website for michael's sporran . animation lists the two movies he's . contacted to make for good times white . fang and the 10 commandments this . animated adaptation of white fang does. keep a lot of the basic plot elements . from jack london's original tale but of . course it changes our glances over a lot . of the darker parts white fang is . animated and very similar style to the . 90s jet lag and golden films productions . so if you didn't pay attention you . probably wouldn't realize at first that . this wasn't from one of the usual good . times producers this dvd i got white . fang in a couple other movies on is used . 100% guaranteed i was really worried for . a second that it might be new the grand . yukon wilderness to me this is a place . where a great too many animal stories . aren't food . yeah it's truly the greatest of animal . stories like that of one eye the loser . wolf who couldn't even catch a rabbit . what are they wanting the children to . root for here exactly for the rabbit to . be torn apart i'm sure they didn't think . showing a wolf killing a rabbit would be . a very good way to open their children's . film but when you show this wolf. constantly flopping around and failing. you're just making him look like the . most pathetic wolf ever this is kind of . going beyond embarrassing here guys. i assume that was wolf or damn it or i . suck i told dad he should have taken me . with him two hunters are better than one . [music]. one day you'll be a great hunter just . like your father that's pretty harsh of . you there mom have you ever caught a . bear ted not intentionally i did catch a . cold whoa wow i really wish you'd stop . telling that one one i do you really . have to call me one i it's kind of rude . i'm your husband. don't i deserve some respect no not . really fair enough what's this wow . it must have been a big big good dad . they might as well have been a bear felt . more like a tree wait are they implying . you just got that scar over his eye his . name is one-eye though what oh i know . i never thought we'd have an actual . reason to call you when i cash . need food maybe we should get some peace . what do you think quiche . weren't you leaving don't worry i'll be . back soon that's what i'm worried about . dad white fang why am i so puzzled . saying your name white fang no son . nobody wants to go hunting with me he . kinda reminds me of me when i was young . ooh double burns real tough love roll . white fang it's your destiny . are you kidding me with this my little . one it's yours says . [music]. that's right white fang everything the . sun might as well be walking us . [music]. wow that barely a song kind of fell . apart there at the end didn't it . destinee he's still going never forget . who you are son the son of a loser you . are a wolf 3/4 wolf dead whatever . goodbye forever mom please tell me . that's not my real father . i mean he's brown you're light brown and . i'm great you cheated on him right oh i . wish oh come on one eye he couldn't even . take care of a rabbit what makes you . think that this is gonna work out a . mouse might be more up his alley. maybe he got mouse confused with moose . i sense a disturbance in the force . like an idiot cried out and stupidity. instead of trying to flee and was . suddenly silenced . so yeah that's seriously the end of one . eye he failed at hunting twice saying a . bad song and died wonderful character . this is one of the parts of the story . that they're sugarcoating pretty hard as . one i was killed by a lynx in the book . and the retaliation quiche goes out and . kills the lynx's kittens and the link so . that she and white fang can eat too bad . they cut that right know everybody's out . hunting me hey get a great idea i'm . stupid asha finally have only this . stupid rabbit had actually died instead . this traitorous bunny lee's white fang . over to a mouse a that he can kill it . maybe the mouse owes the rabbit money or . something and just to think is stupid . one i had tried to hunt this instead of . that moose he might still be alive then . again maybe not what i told you to stay . put in our caves . wait this awkward close up isn't close . enough suman any more kids . what was that where's dead your father . won't be coming back . so you finally kicked him out back time . mom your father was in an accident he's . more machine than wolf now twisted and . evil white fang i got a dna test done i . am your father. [music]. you'd be shooting blanks search your . hunting skills you know it to be true . [music]. quiche then decides to go back to her. old humans now that loser the wolf has. failed even harder than usual hen there. aren't any lynx kittens around humans. keep warm through their hate you will. never find a more wretched hive of scum . and villainy we must be cautious quiche . is that you i'm so surprised where have . you been well well look at this a wolf . pup running with wolves i see i love . that you ran off for me and made with . wolves i guess and what a fierce little . pup you are and look at your two big . fangs. they're so white let's call you white . fang . well that sure was lucky considering. that was already his name it's kind of a . lazy name - isn't it like wow white . teeth you're white fun though lazy names . seem to be kind of a theme in this story . well well well boys oh no it's the dark . bully's led by blue eye or blue nose or . whoever he is listen wolf. my name's lip lip kathy's got lips wait . does he sir the dog bully's led by . lip-lip were a thing in the book - and . what. thing eventually kills hot lips i'm . gonna shock you all right now by letting. you know that does not happen in this . cartoon i'm the meanest dog in town . [music]. though one could argue that this song is . a much more horrifying thing to subject . children to than white fang dispatching . his enemies seen here the dogs traveling . at liberty lips side anyway the dog . bullies plot is pretty much handled by . white fang running to mommy as he's safe . under the watch of those doofy eyes . there you go nothing it's cooked he . cooked it for the wolf dogs guess old . grey beaver here's got nothing but time . on his hands and i do not want to know . why he's named grey beaver he then ties . key shop which i suppose makes sense . considering she had ran away to wolf it . up before though you think you tie white . fang up too if he wants to keep him me . and the boys are here to bury the bone . as they say you know be friends what's . the catch oh apparently time is past and . white fang is his grown up voice now and . the greatest danger ever known to white. fang is back lip lip as he shows white. fang the brown dog sticking his nose up . his ass dogs never sniff each others . butts hauser steal us some food from . inside that tv why you have to be part . wolf to get fat around here oh . lip lip and crew don't actually need. food they were just setting white fang . up because they're racist dogs you . tricked me. what do you think. wolf join us don't forget dogs if you . can't be trusted white fang you will . have to live without your freedom. just like your mother i bet she's real. glad she came back here my good friend . did you have a good trip yes i've just . come for the dog who runs with wolves i . don't have time for your pleasantries . just give me the dog her name is quiche . she is well-trained as demonstrated by . the fact that i have to ever tied up or . shall run away and meet with wolves that . guy have a wolf dog magnet in his canoe . jet woof dog is now it's bad enough that . i've had to lose one dog i don't intend . to lose another did you oh that guy a . dog or something i don't want any more . trouble from you learn that you'll learn . the feel of this he's gonna beat him . with a stick what a wonderful owner good . spot they're taking your kid to their . key but it's not her problem anymore lol . i want the magic stick there's great . beaver only get the cheapest of ropes no. wonder he loses his dogs all the time . did white thing really need to jump over . them no . that's a good - second - am i glad they . had that really added something maybe . this wasn't such a good idea after all . do you my keys . hey who do you think you are anyway you . can i'm a bear. i'm red bear yeah they call me that . because i'm a bear and i'm red this is . me huh . well it's not anymore i've been sleeping . here all winter except for right now . because i'm awake for no reason . i'm a bear a very tired bear that's why . they called me tired . bear i thought you were right there . i just got renamed right now hey you . want to do this scene interupting bear . thing with me no i certainly do not . scene over get out hate bear i hate . myself too that's why they call me south . luzon bay now they don't . [music]. so yesterday . back to when i entered this crap son . i guess white fang is hallucinating due . to the extreme cold now as he starts. imagining the one-eyed monster like he. was someone to look up to so you've . chosen to come back it is good yes . indeed it is good now i can
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