Winter is Trumping

Armed with a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker, Donald Trump embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies.
Yeah yeah my friend we have travelled very far we have no food no water once i see my people fed i would be on enough we have a serious problem with radical islam we have a tremendous problem and we can't be the stupid the country anymore where i come from guests are treated with respect not insulted at the gates given the circumstances my lord i believe extreme measures are warranted the people that are with me a hundred percent are the people what the pope the pope was in mexico do you know that did everyone know right he said negative things about me dreadful the pope is being told the donald trump is not a nice person donald trump is a very nice person you do not live to see all of us will die i said temporarily i didn't see permanently i said temporarily we have no border we have no control people of flooding across we need to build a wall and it has to be built quickly the greatest builder is me and i would build the greatest war you have ever seen and in that wall we're going to have a beautiful big fat door where people can come into the country but they have to come in illegally yeah i don't think they like me very much this country needs somebody that's a deal maker giving you command of greyguard no deals no deals will make us now with anybody we don't make deals mistake me my load come out now excuse me just say instead we need people that know what they're doing we don't need babies you refusing to obey my order that by the way i never get i think you could say that you only bring me my sword they laugh at us our enemies laugh at us but they say what a morning and a chapel of heads they think we are so stupid you have no idea much like my head don't want to see it removed just yet i would bring back waterboarding and i'd bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding
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